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What Is A Multilayer PCB

What is​ a​ Multi-layer PCB?
A Multi-layer PCBs consist of​ multiple layers of​ electronic components placed over each other.
Through-hole construction was the​ technology that was used to​ deal with planting the​ electrical components through the​ holes on the​ Printed Board Circuit and​ then soldering them together .​
When this technology was found wanting in​ complex cases, Point-to-Point construction technology evolved .​
This proved to​ be better than its predecessor, but in​ no way is​ it​ comparable to​ a​ multi-layer PCB .​
The development of​ multilayer PCB has allowed electronic companies to​ drastically cut down on the​ cost and​ size of​ their products.

The functionality of​ a​ multilayer Printed Board Circuit depends on the​ internal connections between the​ various components that make up the​ entire device .​
Until and​ unless these components work in​ tandem, the​ device is​ non-functional .​
In the​ case of​ most technology, the​ urge to​ improve product perform…

Youth Connect Communities With New Technology

Youth Connect Communities With New Technology
From blogging to​ podcasting to​ creating online videos,​ 4-H youth are leading the​ way,​ using new media and communication tools to​ share breaking news,​ event coverage and educational information with their community.
For example,​ the​ 4-H News technology club in​ Jefferson County,​ Wash.,​ provides on-the-spot reports through video clips and podcasts posted to​ their 4-H Network News Web site .​
Club members have covered a​ fire in​ an​ historic hotel and a​ Red Cross disaster training exercise and conducted interviews with local business leaders .​
The youth are hands-on in​ every step of​ putting together the​ one-to-two-minute news segments .​
We get ideas about what we'll do and who we'll interview,​ then we​ take the​ camera,​ tape footage,​ put it​ on​ the​ computers and edit it,​ 15-year-old Sophie Gilbert said.
Gilbert first created a​ video about a​ school reunion but quickly saw the​ educational value for her community…

Your Swing Which Technology

You may imagine that a​ ‘golf equipment fitting session’ is​ all about dimensions and swing speeds. But actually it​ is​ taken up with much more discussion around your swing type,​ the​ results you currently achieve on​ the​ golf course and the​ improvements that you would like to​ see.

Much has been talked about getting the​ Loft,​ the​ shaft type and the​ shaft length fitted for you with your new Driver for 2007. at​ this stage,​ I know you have a​ brand and even probably a​ model in​ mind (in fact some people have already picked out the​ head cover).

But making sure that the​ technology delivered in​ the​ Driver you are about to​ purchase will deliver on​ the​ benefits and improvements that you want is​ probably the​ most important step.

Never going to​ remove that “over the​ top,​ out to​ in” swing shape? Then let’s look at​ the​ different models that have offset faces designed to​ reduce the​ chances of​ sidespin on​ the​ ball.

If you struggle with your hands to​ get the​ club square…

With Auto Sound Systems Newest Technology Isn

With Auto Sound Systems Newest Technology isn't Necessarily Greatest Technology
We live in​ a​ world where music is​ our constant companion .​
We take it​ with us to​ the​ beach,​ to​ work,​ to​ exercise,​ even while riding bikes or​ talking on​ our cell phones .​
It only makes sense that in​ our cars we​ would like to​ have the​ best possible auto sound systems our hard earned dollars can buy .​
The problem is​ that new technology is​ being introduced to​ the​ market each and every day and many of​ us feel as​ though if​ we​ hold our breath just a​ little bit longer something even better and more spectacular will come along .​
We know that we​ will absolutely want to​ kick ourselves if​ we​ buy in​ to​ this or​ that company's auto sound system that was phenomenal yesterday,​ just before the​ next great thing hits the​ market .​
The truth is​ that superior auto sound system technology exists already and the​ question isn't if​ it​ will hit the​ market but rather when .​

Wireless Networking The Cutting Edge Of Technology Part 2

Wireless Networking: the​ Cutting Edge Of Technology,​ Part 2
The new technologies that are available to​ construct,​ and connect to​ wireless networks is​ unbelievable .​
You can connect to​ a​ wireless network with a​ laptop through Wi-Fi,​ GSM,​ and even through satellite data cards .​
Many businesses are creating free hotspots that allow their patrons access to​ the​ internet to​ conduct business,​ or​ just send a​ friend an​ email .​
Many car manufacturers are now offering satellite broadband internet access from within a​ certain distance of​ the​ car,​ so that people can get an​ internet connection while they are traveling .​
Many new types of​ cell phones and PDAs will allow you to​ check your email,​ get your contacts,​ your calendar,​ and even access certain web pages right from the​ phone .​
Right now many web pages are not easily viewed,​ or​ fully functional on​ a​ cell phone or​ PDA,​ but many programmers and web designers are working on​ making their web sites more …

Wireless Networking The Cutting Edge Of Technology Part 1

Wireless Networking: the​ Cutting Edge Of Technology,​ Part 1
One of​ the​ fastest growing and most exciting technologies these days is​ devices that use some sort of​ wireless network .​
Wireless networking has allowed almost anyone to​ use many different devices in​ a​ way that not too long ago was unheard of .​
the​ most exciting thing about wireless networking is​ that the​ development of​ new technologies is​ only just beginning .​

A new wireless protocol,​ 802.11N,​ should be released later this year,​ which will allow wireless networks to​ connect over longer distances,​ and at​ faster speeds .​
With this new advancement companies will be able to​ allow all of​ their users to​ connect to​ the​ network wirelessly .​
This new protocol,​ coupled with recent advancements in​ secure connections to​ wireless networks,​ will allow businesses to​ perform tasks wirelessly that they have never been able to​ do before .​
Companies utilizing this new protocol will also be able to​ save…

Wireless Broadband Overview Of Ieee 802 11 Wireless Lan Technology

Wireless Broadband: Overview Of Ieee 802.11 Wireless Lan Technology
Wireless LAN (WLAN) is​ a​ wireless broadband technology that utilizes radio frequency (RF) to​ transmit and receive data through the​ air,​ minimizing the​ need for wired networks.
There are two competing RF technologies in​ the​ use of​ Wireless LAN,​ the​ IEEE 802.11 standard and proprietary technologies .​
Both fall under wireless broadband technology .​
Broadband means the​ ability to​ transmit high-speed voice,​ data and video traffic using a​ wide range of​ frequencies on​ a​ single wireless medium or​ device.
This page aims to​ give you an​ overview about Wireless Broadband -IEEE 802.11 standard commonly called Wireless LAN .​
802.11 is​ a​ standard agreed by the​ IEEE (Institute of​ Electrical and Electronics Engineers,​ Inc.) the​ world's leading professional association for the​ advancement of​ technology .​
802.11 is​ the​ standard adopted by IEEE to​ define an​ over the​ air interface between a​ wireless…

Wifi Technology Get Connected With Wi Fi Technology

Wifi Technology - Get Connected With Wi-Fi Technology
Wireless communication is​ one of​ the​ fastest growing technologies .​
The demand for connecting devices without the​ use of​ cables is​ increasing everywhere .​
Wireless LANs can be found on​ college campuses,​ in​ office buildings,​ and in​ many public areas.
Wifi (wireless fidelity) has brought a​ new dimension in​ the​ field of​ wireless networking .​
The transmission of​ data is​ done through the​ radio waves in​ the​ free space .​
It cuts down the​ cost of​ laying down the​ cables for network connections .​
The systems which are wifi enabled are mobile and can be used anywhere in​ the​ range of​ the​ network.
Wireless router.
Router is​ a​ connecting device,​ which receives the​ data from the​ source and route the​ data to​ its destination .​
Wireless routers refer to​ the​ devices in​ the​ wireless network,​ which receives the​ signal from a​ source and rout the​ signal to​ its destination by examining its SSID .​
Routers are g…

Who Knew That Modern Technology Would Eliminate Landlines On Campuses

Who Knew that Modern Technology would Eliminate Landlines on​ Campuses?
Montclair State University is​ mandating freshmen have a​ cell phone .​
This gives the​ school the​ opportunity to​ determine where the​ student is​ at​ any time .​
When this process began,​ the​ students were not really happy but,​ now,​ the​ students realize that this voluntary tracking system provides more safety .​
This gives the​ school a​ better way to​ contact students and maintain a​ line of​ communication.
Some schools are eliminating lines and jacks from their dormitories .​
Previously the​ schools were making money on​ these services .​
Since more and more students don’t connect the​ phones,​ this effectively eliminated income and became a​ cost for initial installation .​

The University of​ Cincinnati has a​ voluntary program offering all incoming freshmen a​ free mobile phone .​
the​ phone features the​ school mascot,​ Bearcat,​ on​ the​ welcome screen .​
Some colleges are sticking with tradition…

Who Knew Cable Technology Turns Thoughts Into Actions

Brown University has developed a​ computer system that allows a​ paralyzed person to​ use thoughts to​ become actions. a​ cable is​ plugged into electrodes in​ Matthew Nagle’s head. This allows him to​ image movements which then occur. He has moved a​ computer cursor,​ opened email and turned on​ a​ television. This was done with imagination and a​ computer program.

The results have been reported in​ an​ issue of​ the​ journal Nature. Image the​ significance of​ this. Many people are paralyzed and unable to​ function on​ a​ daily basis. So many spinal cord injuries exist. Christopher Reeve made this his life’s work after he suffered a​ spinal cord injury.

This new technology holds out hope for many. at​ this point,​ the​ patient is​ in​ a​ cart loaded with electronics. a​ cable plugs into the​ skull for the​ final connection to​ the​ patient. Brown University is​ hoping to​ create a​ wireless implant device. the​ current implant sense brainwave patterns when the​ patient thi…

Where Did Led Technology Come From

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) were an​ accidental discovery at​ first. at​ the​ beginning of​ the​ 20th century,​ it​ was discovered that when electricity was applied to​ the​ semiconductor Silicon Carbide (SiC) it​ produced a​ light. This light was too dim to​ be of​ any use so the​ research was never distributed. This could have been the​ end for the​ LED,​ but it​ wasn’t content to​ die out.

Nearly 20 years later Russian and German scientists revisited the​ idea of​ light produced this way. the​ light was still of​ such poor luminance that the​ idea nearly died again. a​ report published in​ 1936,​ which helped to​ invent the​ term electroluminescence,​ revived the​ research for light from this source. the​ science of​ electroluminescence languished in​ obscurity for a​ while. it​ began to​ gain favor again in​ the​ 1950s when some British scientists started experimenting with it​ again. This led to​ the​ first infrared LED. From this technology came the​ first visible spec…

What You Should Know About Voip Technology

What You Should Know About Voip Technology
You have heard it​ all-everyone is​ talking about the​ VOIP technology and how it​ is​ outpacing the​ telephones companies and even the​ cellular companies .​
So what is​ all the​ talk about?
VOIP allows you to​ make your entire local,​ long distance and international telephone calls over your high-speed internet connection .​
All of​ this for just one low price that can be rolled up into your monthly internet cable invoice .​
the​ technology is​ changing rapidly and there are a​ lot of​ new features available to​ people savvy enough to​ get in​ on​ the​ ground floor for this new technology.
So,​ what should you do? How different will your VOIP technology be over your regular telephone company? If you listen to​ the​ advertisements,​ you will realize that they are a​ lot alike,​ but there are also some benefits that VOIP technology now offers.
For your VOIP telephone phone,​ you can have voice mail,​ 3-way calling,​ speed dialing,​ call fo…

What Is Voip Technology Doing In The Boardroom And In The Airport

What is​ VoIP Technology Doing In the​ Boardroom And In the​ Airport?
Is there a​ call you want to​ make without the​ extra cost? With your computer in​ tow and an​ Internet connection,​ you can make calls over the​ Internet in​ the​ middle of​ everywhere,​ even in​ busy airports .​
What is​ VoIP technology? That’s what this is​ all about.
Calls On the​ Go
Say goodbye to​ costly telephone bills .​
You can make a​ call from your computer when there are pressing business reports to​ make,​ even in​ a​ crowded airport or​ a​ cafe .​
Times have really changed and you have to​ know what is​ VoIP,​ or​ voice over Internet protocol,​ and how it​ gives you calling convenience.
If you’re a​ frequent traveler,​ business or​ otherwise,​ you’ve spent the​ best part of​ your life waiting in​ airports,​ from small domestic airports to​ massive international ones .​
a​ call here and there is​ inevitable,​ especially if​ you have to​ give those last minute and often urgent instructions that seem to​ come…

What Is The Best Technology To Stop Spam

Legislative measures failed stop Spam up till now. Since Spam is​ basically a​ human problem you can do something about it​ using anti-spam technology. Anti-spam software is​ the​ only thing we​ have now to​ block undesired messages. It’s not a​ foolproof method however. Let’s see why.

Most anti-spam software use inspection techniques to​ detect Spam emails. the​ anti-spam program analyzes incoming messages and checks the​ message content against a​ known profile of​ Spam. Something like it​ asks a​ question “Does this message look as​ Spam?”,​ and based on​ that analysis the​ anti-spam program takes the​ final decision to​ allow the​ message or​ block it. at​ best this approach can delete most of​ the​ Spam emails allowing only a​ few ones getting through.

The analysis method is​ not as​ reliable as​ it​ seems. if​ you slacken the​ rules,​ you’ll get much Spam in​ your inbox. if​ the​ rules are too strict,​ you’ll stop all the​ Spam with the​ risk to​ block quite legitimate messages. a…

What Are The Advantages Of Bluetooth Technology

What Are the​ Advantages Of Bluetooth Technology?
The Bluetooth technology is​ a​ wireless communication that operates as​ radio waves,​ using a​ band set at​ 2.4GHz .​
This frequency is​ available at​ no charge .​
The Bluetooth technology allows two devices to​ connect wirelessly with each other,​ and incorporates the​ use of​ Centrino chips .​
These chips are available easily in​ most standard electronic devices such as​ laptops,​ cellular phones,​ computers,​ headsets,​ etc.
There are many advantages of​ using Bluetooth wireless technology .​
The most important is​ the​ fact that any two devices can be connected with each other without the​ use of​ any cables or​ wires .​
Added to​ that,​ is​ that using Bluetooth devices is​ very safe and also convenient.
Now you can get rid of​ the​ cables and wires that connect your computer to​ other devices .​
Often you need to​ use cables to​ connect your computer with the​ keyboard,​ the​ mouse,​ various cradles for electronic equipment such as​…

Weighing Technologys Offers The Pros And Cons Of A Cnc Job

Weighing Technology's Offers: the​ Pros and Cons of​ a​ CNC Job
Are you good with computers and looking for a​ job? Well then,​ consider being a​ CNC machine operator .​
It’s usually easy,​ full-time and the​ name isn’t intimidating,​ right?
If you think that being a​ Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine operator may be a​ bit out of​ your reach,​ think again .​
You don’t have to​ be a​ math wizard or​ a​ programming genius to​ get that position .​
But don’t jump in​ just yet! There are a​ few things that you have to​ know (and consider! ) before applying for the​ job.
The first thing that you have to​ understand is​ the​ abbreviation CNC .​
According to​ an​ online encyclopedia,​ CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control,​ and refers specifically to​ a​ computer controller that reads G-code instructions and drives a​ machine tool,​ a​ powered mechanical device typically used to​ fabricate components by the​ selective removal of​ material .​
CNC does numerically directed interpol…

Websites New Technologies Open The Door To The World

Websites,​ new technologies open the​ door to​ the​ world
Since first hints of​ internet around the​ years'90,​ in​ a​ few years the​ development and growth of​ the​ web was extremely fast and has established itself as​ communications system for both the​ private and the​ professional use; today many companies are born precisely through the​ network .​
Use the​ internet allows to​ have the​ entire world at​ your fingertips,​ there are no boundaries and within seconds you can have on​ your computer any information,​ photos,​ details and anything of​ a​ state from end to​ end of​ the​ planet .​
The website has become the​ new shop,​ the​ new showcase essential to​ who is​ running an​ activity,​ from the​ small shop that sells clothes for children to​ the​ great company that has an​ opportunity to​ bring its services directly into home's computers .​
The first websites created only through what is​ the​ basis of​ language network,​ html,​ have been gradually developed and implemen…

Website Technologies On The Go

In your web browser,​ Client Side technologies use HTML,​ XHTML and CSS in​ order to​ create web sites. HTML is​ short for Hyper Text Markup Language. This is​ a​ manner of​ labeling text so that the​ computer can understand what it​ means and what it​ wants.

If we​ are to​ trace its humble beginning,​ HTML was created by Tim-Berners-Lee in​ the​ year 1990. This creation was acknowledged by the​ W3C or​ the​ World Wide Web Consortium. the​ use of​ a​ series of​ ‘tags’ is​ the​ function of​ HTML. to​ emphasize a​ word,​ say to​ make the​ word ‘mike’ bold,​ here is​ the​ right tag - mike. the​ result of​ which is​ this - mike. in​ order to​ come up with a​ whole site,​ series of​ appropriate tags is​ indispensable.

After HTML came XHTML. This technology means eXtended Hyper Text Markup Language. it​ is​ foretold to​ constitute a​ big part of​ the​ world wide web’s future. the​ project of​ the​ W3C called “The Semantic Web” will be utilizing more of​ XHTML as​ well as​ other latest techn…

Website Copywriter Tips Write Web Copy For People Not Technology

Every website copywriter faces a​ trap – Search Enginitis. Writing web copy with technology makes sense,​ but writing web copy for people makes the​ sale. Here are two ways to​ connect with people across broadband and create web copy that sells.

Your website looks great: solid words,​ easy navigation,​ graphics just so,​ and maybe even a​ bit of​ flash with some multimedia. But customers are not buying.

The Technology Trap

You wonder if​ it’s the​ web copy itself. How can that be? You remembered the​ two key mantras of​ powerful web copy - “write for the​ search engines” and “write for the​ medium.”

Your web copy used appropriate keywords to​ help search engines find you and traffic is​ up. Surely,​ customers enjoy reading your content because your web copy is​ laid out with the​ internet in​ mind using:

short sentences
brief paragraphs

Customers might be reading your words,​ but they still are not buying your product.

Chances are your web copy has been optimized for technology not peo…

Webcam Technology Beyond Just Entertainment

Webcam Technology – Beyond Just Entertainment
The online entertainment of​ web tools the​ like of​ webcams,​ music and movie transfers and voice changer software has indeed been given an​ amazing boost with the​ development of​ virtually unlimited global bandwidth and high-performing computers; huge volumes of​ videos and audios are quickly downloaded to​ personal laptops,​ while softwares that require significant disk space to​ operate like the​ voice changers could run smoothly like never before .​
In the​ scope of​ this article,​ I​ would like to​ focus on​ an​ emerging,​ or​ rather renewed,​ aspect of​ web-based entertainment,​ the​ webcams .​
The old days of​ delayed webcam images of​ low resolution via congested telephone wires have long been replaced with high-quality pictures personalized with on-screen animations of​ texts and icons transferred through submarine fiber optic cables.
Beyond the​ entertainment sensations of​ teenagers exchanging good explicit,​ as​ well as​ bad ex…