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You Wont Get Scammed If You Know What To Look Out For

You won't get scammed if​ you know what to​ look out for!
You have all heard and​ seen of​ the​ scams when it​ comes to​ work from home money making methods such as​ paid surveys .​
You can avoid them if​ you look carefully as​ they all follow a​ certain pattern so once you know what to​ look out for​ you won't fall victim to​ these scams.
After careful studies of​ these known scammers I​ can tell you the​ certain features to​ watch out so you don't give them the​ satisfaction of​ thinking they have fooled another gullible person .​
The first and​ most important thing to​ look out for​ is​ do you need to​ pay for​ this service? if​ you do have to, why? When you get a​ normal offline job do you pay your boss to​ have the​ privilege to​ work for​ him? I​ didn't think so .​
However there are the​ few exceptions when it​ comes to​ paying upfront but these are rare occasions .​
Some companies charge a​ fee so you don't have to​ search the​ internet for​ the​ best resource…

Working From Home Scam Or Dream Come True

“Home-based business.” the​ name itself either leaves you with a​ squeamish feeling that has its roots in​ words like shyster, huckster and​ con or​ it​ has you thinking you may have found the​ answer to​ financial difficulties you may be facing.

Many home-based job opportunities are simple investment opportunities. the​ primary difference is​ a​ job isn’t really a​ job unless you are paid. Most home-based ‘jobs’ require an​ investment on your part to​ participate. This doesn’t mean the​ opportunity isn’t worth looking into, but it’s incorrect to​ refer to​ it​ as​ a​ job in​ the​ traditional sense of​ the​ word.

“Me a​ skeptic? I hope you have proof” – Author Unknown

It is​ understandable that many individuals are hopeful that there is​ a​ simple answer waiting for​ them. They will search for​ information on home-based businesses and​ cling to​ the​ hope of​ something life-altering when they stumble across ‘opportunities’ that offer hundreds of​ dollars per hour from home.

There are a​ m…

Work From Home Stuffing Envelope Is A Scam

Many years ago I started looking into the​ income opportunities that I saw advertised in​ the​ back of​ certain magazines. These ads were intriguing to​ me because I was young, and​ didn’t have a​ lot of​ money. the​ idea of​ making good money while doing something extremely easy was very tempting.

So, I bit.

I sent away for​ the​ information (back in​ those days it​ was a​ flyer or​ sales letter you got via snail mail). the​ ad’s title probably said something like this: Make $200 to​ $500 a​ week stuffing envelope from home.

Since I’d had experience stuffing envelopes while doing office jobs, I knew this was something I was qualified to​ do in​ my sleep. Oh boy, was I excited about receiving that information. When I got my Make Money at​ Home Stuffing Envelope kit, it​ consisted of​ a​ set of​ instructions, and​ lots of​ other flyers for​ get rich quick programs.

The instructions told me that all I had to​ do was have a​ stack of​ copies made of​ the​ very same flyer that I’d just receiv…

Work From Home Plans System Or Scam

Work From Home Plans: System or​ Scam?
More than likely you have seen them cropping up all over the​ internet: work from home schemes promising participants vast sums of​ money for​ selling a​ product, stuffing envelopments, clicking ads, making phone calls, etc .​
The plans are as​ varied as​ they are innovative .​
Unfortunately, many are scams meant to​ extract cash from your wallet and​ certain to​ leave you feeling miserable and​ stupid .​
So, just how can you make sure that a​ work from home plan is​ legitimate? By continuing to​ read on for​ some suggestions to​ help you avoid being cheated .​
Better Business Bureau – Check with your local Better Business Bureau {BBB} to​ determine whether the​ company has had any complaints levied against it .​
If it​ is​ an​ out of​ state concern, check with the​ BBB in​ the​ area [state] where the​ company is​ based.
State Attorney General’s Office -- Every state has an​ Office of​ the​ Attorney General and​ in​ most cases it​ is​ this office t…

Work At Home Scams

Work at​ home has become such a​ rage with the​ advent of​ internet that it​ has evolved into an​ industry on its own. as​ with almost all other industries, this too has been infested with scamsters trying to​ con you. in​ fact, this devil is​ more at​ work in​ this industry due to​ the​ basic demerits of​ the​ functionality. These demerits are actually the​ merits - no physical presence. the​ reason the​ online or​ work at​ home industry elevated to​ this level is​ because you don't need to​ arrive at​ a​ particular place called office, and​ still work can be executed with equal productivity and​ efficiency. This has been exploited by the​ conmen to​ their advantage. Here is​ a​ list of​ things you should keep in​ mind while trying to​ enter into the​ world of​ work at​ home.

Don't pay for​ the​ membership or​ subscription fees at​ the​ first glance. You will come across thousands of​ websites claiming instant work and​ profits. Remember, it​ is​ not so easy when practiced. Se…

Work At Home Scams To Avoid

Just as​ there are great opportunities to​ work at​ home, there are also work from home scams that you need to​ avoid.

The Internet has given way to​ a​ wide variety of​ opportunities, which include the​ chance of​ being able to​ work at​ home and​ earn good pay. However, the​ Internet has also given way to​ a​ lot of​ opportunities to​ dishonest people and​ fraudulent companies. There are now a​ lot of​ work at​ home scams, in​ particular, so you need to​ be more careful when choosing which ones to​ work on.

The key to​ avoiding work at​ home scams is​ to​ recognize them right away even before considering joining in. Be very wary of​ those that offer you easy money, with ads telling you that you can earn thousands of​ dollars a​ month working part time in​ the​ comfort of​ your very own home. if​ the​ site promises this much but are hazy in​ providing details of​ the​ nature of​ the​ job they are offering, then start getting suspicious. if​ it​ sounds way too good to​ be true, then it​…

Work At Home Scams Dont Become A Victim

Work-at-Home Scams - Don't Become a​ Victim
The ads are so tempting, and​ just think -- what if​ you could make hundreds of​ dollars a​ day working from home? Unfortunately, people are losing money every day to​ work at​ home scams .​
Don't become a​ victim .​
Here are some ways to​ make sure you don't become scammed!
You know you're just about to​ get scammed by a​ work-at-home ad when...
· the​ very first line states you can make hundreds of​ dollars a​ week working from home .​
· There is​ no experience needed .​
· You can work just a​ few hours a​ week and​ still make a​ bundle of​ money .​
· There is​ lots of​ CAPITALIZATION and​ !!!!!! used in​ the​ ad .​
· You read an​ extremely vague ad .​
You haven't a​ clue what the​ business is​ about; but boy, could you be making the​ bucks .​
· You're asked to​ call a​ 900# for​ more information .​
· for​ a​ fee, a​ company will send you a​ list of​ businesses that are looking for​ home workers .​
· You are forced to​…

Work At Home Employment Scams

Work at​ Home Employment Scams
This article is​ not aimed at​ discouraging people from starting Home based business through the​ Internet, but to​ guide the​ people about the​ Business opportunities available on the​ net that are bogus and​ illegitimate .​
These are more popularly termed as​ Scams .​
There are numerous opportunities available on the​ Internet for​ starting a​ home-based business successfully .​
Some of​ these opportunities are really success oriented .​
However all these business strategies require hard work and​ dedication besides thorough knowledge about the​ market.
Some of​ these opportunities are quick and​ easy way of​ making money .​
Before getting involved into any business opportunity through the​ Internet, people must make themselves cautioned against the​ fraudulent scams .​
They should not get carried away by people who try to​ fool others using fake testimonials, documents, guarantee cards, and​ offering huge income potentials in​ short period of​ time.

Wholesale Dropshippers Scams Revealed

Wholesale Dropshippers Scams Revealed
If you want to​ acquire products to​ drop ship or​ wholesale, where do you look? There are all kinds of​ wholesale and​ drop ship list for​ sale on eBay. Theres likely to​ be lots of​ decent companies right?
Not true, according to​ Chris Malta, the​ Product Sourcing Editor for​ eBay Radio
When you see all these Incredible lists and​ books and​ packages of​ wholesaler suppliers and​ drop shippers for​ sale on eBay and​ the​ rest of​ the​ Internet, for​ anywhere from $5 to​ $50 or​ more, what you’re seeing 99% junk.
There are thousands of​ scammers, snake oil salesmen and​ con artists on the​ Internet who are just lying around waiting to​ AMBUSH you when you begin looking for​ REAL wholesale suppliers to​ do business with. Believe it​ or​ not, there is​ a​ whole niche industry built up on the​ Net around this kind of​ scamming! the​ folks who run these scams have all the​ moral fiber of​ a​ box of​ hair, and​ the​ only reason they even recognize …

Wholesale Drop Shipping Scams Revealed

If you want to​ acquire products to​ drop ship or​ wholesale, where do you look? There are all kinds of​ wholesale and​ drop ship list for​ sale on eBay. There's likely to​ be lots of​ decent companies right?

Not true, according to​ Chris Malta, the​ Product Sourcing Editor for​ eBay Radio:

When you see all these “Incredible” lists and​ books and​ packages of​ wholesaler suppliers and​ drop shippers for​ sale on eBay and​ the​ rest of​ the​ Internet, for​ anywhere from $5 to​ $50 or​ more, what you’re seeing 99% junk.

There are thousands of​ scammers, snake oil salesmen and​ con artists on the​ Internet who are just lying around waiting to​ AMBUSH you when you begin looking for​ REAL wholesale suppliers to​ do business with. Believe it​ or​ not, there is​ a​ whole niche industry built up on the​ Net around this kind of​ scamming! the​ folks who run these scams have all the​ moral fiber of​ a​ box of​ hair, and​ the​ only reason they even recognize the​ word ‘Scruples’ is​ from the​ T…

Who Are The Scamsters And Who Are The Victims

Who are the​ Scamsters and​ who are the​ victims
Current scams that are in​ vogue in​ UK include companies that are:
• Persuading the​ investors to​ invest in​ fraudulent schemes;
• advertising buy to​ let properties in​ poor condition and​ make claims about unrealistic rental returns;
• offering the​ chance to​ make a​ profit from buying up debts;
• Targeting the​ low salaried people about to​ retire.
Apart from the​ above there are quite a​ few practices that are wrongly termed as​ scams .​
One such business is​ the​ land investment business .​
These companies persuade the​ investors to​ buy greenbelt land in​ anticipation of​ the​ huge profit they are expected to​ rake in​ the​ future .​
UK has already heard of​ Kent Land Scams, Sussex Land Scams & primarily London Land Scams but can this be termed as​ a​ scam?
Who are the​ scamsters?
Land banking companies? Definitely not as​ they are using the​ statistics and​ facts published by the​ Government and​ the​ other research organizati…

What You Must Know About Scams


The world is​ ​ full of​ ​ all kinds of​ ​ people. if​ ​ we just examine the​ family and​ friends we are close to, we'll see a​ ​ wide range of​ ​ values and​ behaviors and​ different levels of​ ​ integrity. While it's unfortunate, every profession has its bad seeds. This is​ ​ particularly true of​ ​ psychic and​ astrology scams. Let’s face it. When you’re happy and​ fulfilled, you have little need to ​ delve into why things are happening to ​ you the​ way they are. When a​ ​ relationship is​ ​ not fulfilling or​ you have a​ ​ run of​ ​ bad luck, that’s when it’s easy to ​ get taken in ​ by scam artists who claim they can help you – at a​ ​ price of​ ​ course.
Additionally, the​ world of​ ​ psychics is​ ​ a​ ​ much unregulated one. Therefore, there is​ ​ no real way to ​ check a​ ​ psychic's qualifications, or​ experience (everybody seems to ​ have 20+ years of​ ​ experience), or​ morals. Consequently, anybody can get up one morning and​ declare themselves psychic wit…

What You Dont Know May Hurt You Avoid Offline Gambling Scams

What You Don’t Know May Hurt You: Avoid Offline Gambling Scams
With commodities escalating to​ greater heights, more and​ more people are continuously are getting poorer each day .​
Here, there, and​ everywhere, people can be found seeking ways to​ sustain their daily lives.
Hence, getting into fraudulent activity is​ another way of​ combating the​ hard times .​
No wonder why people are experiencing scam-related activities these days, especially those who are into gambling activities .​
This is​ because in​ gambling, more people are easily enticed to​ engage into activities that will give them an​ easy way to​ win.
The Common Offline Gambling Scam
Contrary to​ most popular belief, gambling scams do not just happen in​ the​ Internet .​
In fact, surveys show that there are more people who get victimized by scammers off line than online.
One of​ the​ common gambling scams is​ the​ identity theft .​
This is​ so prevalent because most of​ the​ people who play in​ the​ casinos use their credit c…

What Are Living Trust Scams

A. Living Trusts

As you know, a​ living trust is​ a​ legal arrangement where a​ person, called the​ "grantor," places his assets into a​ trust during his lifetime. the​ trust is​ administered by a​ "trustee" for​ the​ benefit of​ the​ trust's beneficiaries. the​ grantor may be a​ trustee and​ a​ beneficiary of​ the​ trust. Living trusts are a​ widely recognized and​ legitimate estate planning device. Because assets transferred to​ the​ trust are no longer owned by the​ grantor, at​ the​ grantor's death, the​ assets are not part of​ the​ grantor's estate and​ do not have to​ be probated. Accordingly, a​ living trust can avoid what could be a​ costly, lengthy process. Whether or​ not this is​ a​ major advantage varies by the​ size of​ the​ estate and​ by state and​ locality; for​ small estates, many states have an​ informal probate process that minimizes cost and​ delay. Whether a​ living trust is​ an​ appropriate estate planning tool depends upon an​ ind…

Web Site Promotion Scam Site Submission And Search Engine Lead Times

Web Site Promotion Scam site submission and​ search engine lead times Has your inbox been flooded with emails from online promotion companies shortly after you submit your web site to​ the​ search engines and​ Yahoo? Be very careful how you proceed, because these companies could be online scam artists. Here is​ why.

First, all search engine and​ directory submissions have lead times. What this means is​ that your web site or​ web page is​ submitted to​ the​ search engine, the​ site has been recorded by the​ search engine spider, but it​ will take some time before your web page is​ added to​ the​ search engine catalogue.

For a​ directory, your site must be reviewed first, accepted into the​ directory, and​ then added to​ the​ catalogue. the​ time between submission and​ addition to​ the​ catalogue is​ called the​ lead time. Lead times vary from a​ few days to​ a​ few months. in​ fact, most web pages are not added to​ a​ search engine catalogue for​ at​ least 2 weeks following submission,…

Web Hosting Rebates Or Scams

Web hosting rebates or​ scams
Web hosting rebates are offers make by hosting affiliate partners and​ not from the​ hosting companies itself .​
Can you trust these people? and​ how to​ identify the​ real hosting rebate provider.
I had been years in​ web hosting industry and​ now running web hosting reviews for​ a​ year plus .​
Its always the​ same thing, there is​ always new individuals come up with new website and​ offering incredible hosting rebates and​ up to​ $50 or​ $65 or​ $80 dollars or​ even more.
Although the​ hosting provide only offering $65 dollars, they can claim the​ rebate offers of​ up to​ $60 or​ even $63 dollars .​
Lets think about it, when he got the​ $65 dollars, will he return back the​ $63 dollars back to​ you and​ himself keep the​ $2 only? Definitely not.
That’s one of​ the​ biggest concern about web hosting rebates, its offered by individual that you not even know .​
Or someone at​ web hosting forums that offering you a​ 90% cash back if​ you sign up with them .​

Top 10 Tips On Avoiding Sports Betting Scams

The online gambling world is​ filled with predators that are waiting to​ yank your hard earned money right out of​ your pockets. Even in​ today’s Internet and​ its higher communication level, there still exist a​ good number of​ sports betting outfits that you want to​ stay away from. Today, we are going to​ look at​ ten tips that can help you stay away from danger and​ bet more safely online.

Tip One: Who Are They?

The first thing you should do before spending even $1 at​ an​ online sports book is​ research. Look for​ their company information and​ see where they are located. Do they have a​ phone number? if​ not, move along. if​ they do, give it​ a​ call.

Tip Two: Search Engines

Before spending any money, take a​ moment and​ visit one or​ two search engines like Google, MSN and​ Yahoo. Type in​ the​ name of​ the​ site and​ see what comes up as​ well as​ the​ company name. if​ you find blogs and​ forums of​ people condemning the​ place, find somewhere else. a​ good place to​ start is​ …

Tips On Avoiding Work At Home Scams

Working from home can be a​ perfect opportunity for​ any person looking for​ a​ more flexible schedule. Many parents, both moms and​ dads alike, love the​ idea of​ being available for​ their children when they need to​ be there. Working from home sure beats driving to​ and​ from the​ office in​ rush hour; wearing uncomfortable suits, ties and​ heels; and​ dealing with the​ boss.

Finding the​ right work at​ home business can be frustrating if​ you do not know what you are looking for. if​ you are lucky, you might already have a​ job where your employer will allow you to​ take your office to​ your home. This is​ an​ ideal situation for​ those who are already employed. However, if​ you are looking for​ work, or​ you want to​ stay at​ home with the​ kids, then you may need to​ look harder to​ find a​ home based job. While there are many reputable companies out there looking for​ people to​ work from home, there are just as​ many that are scams.

How do you avoid falling into the​ trap of​ a​…

Tips For Recognizing Work At Home Scams

If you have ever thought of​ beginning a​ home business, then you should first make sure that you are good at​ recognizing work at​ home scams. if​ you especially want to​ start an​ online business you had better keep your guard up! Certainly not every work at​ home opportunity is​ a​ scam but many of​ them are. it​ would be well to​ consult the​ Better Business Bureau on the​ Internet for​ advice. Ho can you tell which business opportunities are legitimate and​ which are not?

According to​ the​ Better Business Bureau people who are the​ most vulnerable are often targeted by scammers. This includes students, the​ disabled, stay-at-home moms and​ the​ elderly. All are hopeful that they will be among the​ fortunate to​ earn some money from home. However, most people end up spending money up-front than they do with making money with the​ company that they signed up with. These work-at-home jobs appear in​ national magazines and​ newspapers all across the​ country. Some of​ the​ b…

Timeshare Buying Scams

Do you feel excited when thinking about buying a​ timeshare. Are you thinking about all the​ wonderful places that you can go on vacation? Going to​ vacation spots that can be secluded and​ quiet. How about sitting by the​ pool, looking at​ the​ mountain scenery. Thinking of​ seeing the​ wonders of​ nature. Take care. There can be trouble ahead. You want all the​ best but you may not receive everything that you are entitled to. and​ you could end up having to​ pay more money then you wanted to​ and​ not get what you deserve. Listen to​ this...

I was minding my own business when one day I was run over by the​ timeshare express. and​ what did that express cost me - how about $10,000. You would think for​ 10 grand I would have gotten exactly what I wanted - not so. When you go to​ a​ timeshare presentation all you are thinking about is​ the​ free weekend and​ a​ few gifts. Don't make that mistake!! the​ timeshare industry is​ growing faster then ever. They are selling more units and​ …