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Why It Is Important To Enable End Users In Project Management Software

By: Lawrence Calmus

Choosing the​ Right Business Path

Technology advances at​ such a​ rapid rate that with each passing day it​ seems to​ only go faster. Business professionals strive to​ choose the​ best tools to​ efficiently manage and​ execute projects. With technology moving so fast, there is​ no time to​ go down the​ wrong path. Once on a​ familiar path, one can continue with confidence. the​ biggest fear is​ starting off on the​ wrong path. There is​ a​ simple guideline for​ determining the​ correct path and​ it​ is​ this – empowering the​ end user. End users are their own experts, so the​ more ability you give them to​ control their tools the​ more they will feel comfortable with any given product.

The Current Situation

We live in​ a​ time of​ technology when access to​ tools has exceeded political boundaries. the​ Internet and​ the​ World Wide Web are part of​ a​ user-driven force that is​ affecting everything in​ society. Entertainment has become decentralized. We can downl…

Tips To A More Effective Project Management

Tips To a​ More Effective Project Management
Gillian is​ at​ the​ end of​ her wits! They only have less than three months to​ finish the​ project and​ yet all things seem to​ be going wrong .​
And to​ top it​ all, there's little financial resources left to​ finish all things that needed completion before d-day!
To an​ expert's eye, Gillian's problem all boils down to​ improper project management .​
She may have started the​ project without evaluating all her resources and​ whether or​ not these resources will be enough to​ meet all the​ requirements of​ the​ project .​
She has also failed to​ make a​ doable timetable for​ the​ project, the​ reason why she is​ on a​ panic stage.
Project management is​ the​ process of​ applying one's know-how or​ knowledge in​ overseeing and​ managing a​ project of​ whatever magnitude .​
Do not think that project management is​ required only by big projects .​
Small projects can also benefit from an​ effective project management .​

The Value And Reality Of Implementing Better Project Management

It has now well been accepted that the​ implementation of​ project management practices adds value to​ any organization. One recent study showed a​ 28% ROI1 from project management initiatives in​ it​ organizations. However, what is​ the​ reality in​ developing and​ following such practices? Are the​ returns on investment so easily shown? What are the​ key steps or​ processes for​ these returns to​ actually occur? Experience and​ examples from the​ field, points to​ the​ following critical steps in​ becoming a​ better project management organization.

Set clear goals and​ establish benchmarks. This allows the​ organization to​ prove the​ value of​ the​ PM investment as​ well as​ change practices to​ achieve higher returns. if​ your organization is​ lacking hard, historical numbers on projects there are other tools that can be used. Customer satisfaction forms can be used for​ evaluating success on previous projects and​ can be continued for​ all future projects. Even if​ project base…

The Project Management Mindset

The Project Management Mindset
Though there is​ no panacea to​ these inevitable outcomes, it's important to​ take a​ look back on the​ cornerstones that define effective and​ success-prone project management.
Ultimately project management like most disciplines, requires just that-discipline .​
This discipline of​ mindset far outweighs any single tool, or​ management fad with a​ catchy name .​
The PMBOK or​ the​ Project Management Body of​ Knowledge is​ a​ good reference guide to​ begin, refocus, or​ sharpen your project management mindset.
Here are some key attributes of​ the​ Project Manager mentality:
1. A solid understanding and​ vigilant re-education in​ the​ discipline, the​ science, and​ the​ are of​ project management and​ it's key knowledge and​ practice areas.
2. The experience and​ wherewithal to​ not attack a​ project with everything and​ the​ kitchen sink and​ instead being able to​ pick out the​ appropriate tools for​ improving implementation and​ the​ planning of​ the…

The Project Management Method Curse Or Blessing

The Project Management Method – Curse or​ Blessing
Project management is​ an​ area of​ expertise that has undergone some significant development in​ the​ last decade .​
a​ business project can have a​ far-reaching effect on the​ business and​ result in​ either tremendous improvement in​ the​ businesses ability to​ function in​ the​ marketplace or​ a​ significant setback to​ that business entity.
The idea of​ a​ formalized project management approach has been around for​ quite some time .​
So it​ was not uncommon for​ any manager to​ find themselves learning the​ discipline of​ a​ structured project management system .​
That project methodology takes any given business or​ IT project through the​ same standardized steps from conception through implementation .​
Those steps would include…
* Project definition
* Needs analysis and​ requirements definition.
* Cost benefit analysis.
* Project scope.
* Project schedule and​ budget.
* Detailed specifications
* Development
* Testing
* Training
* Depl…

The Basics Of Project Management

The Basics of​ Project Management
Any project can only be successful if​ the​ people behind the​ project implements proper project management skills or​ hire a​ reputable and​ dependable project management group.
Project management may sound like a​ complicated term and​ it​ really is​ as​ it​ involves the​ process of​ organizing the​ different factors involved in​ creating and​ completing a​ project.
All projects should start out with a​ good plan so that the​ project creator would know the​ things required for​ the​ project to​ proceed as​ well as​ the​ necessary timeframe within which these requirements must be accomplished .​
The project plan should identify the​ scope of​ the​ project and​ the​ people accountable for​ the​ various aspects of​ the​ project.
The plan should include the​ costs involved in​ managing the​ project including the​ costs involved in​ hiring human resources and​ materials for​ the​ project .​
a​ good and​ realistic plan will enable the​ project manager to​ ful…

Strategic Project Management A Competitive Advantage

Strategic Project Management – a​ Competitive Advantage
Recently, a​ number of​ the​ world's leading project management organisations have taken major initiatives to​ enlighten executive management about the​ strategic importance and​ benefits of​ project management .​
The focus is​ to​ move from individual project management to​ organisational project management, which these organisations maintain is​ a​ strategic advantage in​ a​ competitive economy.
In this article, Ed Naughton, Director General of​ the​ Institute of​ Project Management and​ current IPMA Vice President, asks Professor Sebastian Green, Dean of​ the​ Faculty of​ Commerce and​ Professor of​ Management and​ Marketing at​ University College Cork (formerly of​ the​ London Business School), about his views of​ strategic project management as​ a​ vehicle for​ competitive advantage.
Ed: What do you thing strategic Project Management is?
Prof .​
Green: Strategic project management is​ the​ management of​ those projects which…

Project Management You Give Me The Feature Creeps

Project Management - You Give Me the​ Feature Creeps
The caliber of​ the​ project management you have merged into your job or​ department can mean the​ difference between holding out and​ flighing high in​ a​ very no holds barred industry that you serve .​
It's very crucial to​ understand the​ evolution of​ a​ project management lifecycle and​ avoid skirting or​ skipping important upfront issues from the​ outset .​
It's also very important to​ understand the​ concept of​ not over analyzing a​ problem or​ being paralyzed to​ a​ point where further action is​ not being carried out .​
a​ dreadful opponent to​ you in​ this case would be Feature Creep where individuals from the​ department keep changing their minds on requirements or​ have new ideas on better ones.
Beware of​ feature creep as​ it​ will rear it's ugly head at​ every step of​ every stage you encounter of​ your project .​
Things such as​ that, as​ well as​ losing focus on the​ core objectives will typically result i…

Project Management Winning The Project

Project Management - Winning the​ Project
The big day has arrived, the​ day on which your customer decides which of​ the​ competing bidders has won his new project .​
as​ the​ Project Manager, you may or​ may not be the​ first to​ hear the​ news .​
Customers work differently .​
Sometimes a​ member of​ the​ customer’s staff, or​ more than one, will whisper the​ news to​ his opposite number in​ the​ bidding company and​ sometimes full protocol will be observed, with a​ formal communication being sent from the​ customer’s Contracts Manager to​ your Commercial Manager .​
Either way, the​ Project Manager will be one of​ the​ first to​ hear the​ good news that your bid was considered to​ be the​ best and​ that the​ job now starts in​ earnest.
Bearing in​ mind that a​ large part of​ the​ Project Manager’s job is​ man management, one of​ your first duties should be to​ arrange a​ celebration for​ all the​ people who worked on the​ bid .​
This sign of​ appreciation will do wonders for​ staf…

Project Management The Plans

Project Management - the​ Plans
When you put the​ bid together, one of​ your most important pieces of​ documentation was the​ Project Management Plan .​
This document will be your bible from now on, in​ particular the​ programme plan, which will take the​ form of​ a​ bar chart or​ similar and​ which you will probably want to​ pin onto the​ wall of​ your office .​
This will show you the​ state of​ the​ project at​ a​ glance, including all the​ important dates and​ milestones, especially payment milestones .​
if​ your plan was formulated using detailed activities for​ each milestone, you will need to​ check with the​ milestone owners that these are still valid .​
if​ you didn’t use detailed activities, you might want to​ start now .​
I​ firmly believe that the​ secret of​ successful Project Management is​ attention to​ detail .​
In a​ complex project, it​ is​ all too easy to​ lose track of​ some seemingly insignificant little job or​ item which turns out to​ be vital to​ the​ con…

Project Management Success With The Top 7 Best Practices

Managing a​ project can be daunting. Whether planning your wedding, developing a​ new website or​ building your dream house by the​ sea, you need to​ employ project management techniques to​ help you succeed. I'll summarise the​ top 7 best practices at​ the​ heart of​ good project management which can help you to​ achieve project success.

Define the​ scope and​ objectives

Firstly, understand the​ project objectives. Suppose your boss asks you to​ organise a​ blood donor campaign, is​ the​ objective to​ get as​ much blood donated as​ possible? Or, is​ it​ to​ raise the​ local company profile? Deciding the​ real objectives will help you plan the​ project.

Scope defines the​ boundary of​ the​ project. is​ the​ organisation of​ transport to​ take staff to​ the​ blood bank within scope? Or, should staff make their own way there? Deciding what's in​ or​ out of​ scope will determine the​ amount of​ work which needs performing.

Understand who the​ stakeholders are, what they expect to​ b…

Project Management Performance Metrics Matter

Project Management: Performance Metrics Matter
A study has shown that many project managers do not sufficiently keep track of​ the​ performance metrics of​ their teams .​
This results in​ consistent cost overruns, going over schedule, failing to​ meet expectations in​ quality, and​ seeking new employment elsewhere .​
Think about it, what are you managing really if​ you don’t even know the​ metrics? is​ management merely a​ process of​ simply checking off to​ do lists for​ you? It shouldn’t be .​
Here’s why.
In order for​ management to​ make decisions, data is​ critical .​
Data shows helps you define your benchmarks, and​ also define forecasts for​ improving upon baselines for​ continued company expansion and​ growth .​
Things such as​ Total Quality Management, Improvement Teams, Standards and​ Measurement departments, Process Management, Quality Circles, Six Sigma, etc are not just buzz words people .​
Pick a​ system for​ measuring and​ quantifying your data and​ quickly measure the​ li…

Project Management Of A Global Team

Project Management of​ a​ Global Team
The world is​ getting smaller .​
Well, it​ isn’t physically getting smaller but that is​ one way of​ saying that global communications have become so fast paced that the​ world is​ really one community in​ a​ lot of​ ways .​
With the​ advent of​ the​ internet, email, instant messaging and​ VOIP, it​ is​ entirely possible to​ do business with trading partners around the​ globe without ever leaving your office .​

For many businesses who are on the​ cutting edge of​ new business paradigms, the​ concept of​ a​ geographically isolated business is​ becoming obsolete .​
It is​ entirely possible to​ put together a​ business consortium or​ a​ project team made of​ subject matter experts spread across all time zones and​ from around the​ world .​
In fact, this kind of​ decentralized management of​ business projects is​ becoming more of​ the​ norm than the​ exception in​ the​ twenty first century business environment.
So just as​ those in​ marketing, produ…

Project Management Design And Development Projects

Project Management - Design and​ Development Projects
There’s no getting away from it, design and​ development projects are a​ nightmare to​ manage successfully, particularly the​ development of​ software .​
Nonetheless, in​ these days of​ customers requiring ever increasing functionality and​ ever more sophisticated technology, they are sometimes necessary.
Your company almost certainly has procedures in​ place such as​ Make or​ Buy (do you design/build the​ item yourselves or​ do you sub-contract) and​ Design to​ Cost (you’ve estimated how much it​ will cost, now make sure that it​ doesn’t run over budget .​
the​ Make/Buy procedure should have been used when compiling the​ bid and​ the​ advantages and​ disadvantages in​ terms of​ capability, price, programme and​ risk between procuring from internal or​ external sources analysed .​
the​ availability of​ required technology should have been ascertained .​

The Design to​ Cost process should also have been part of​ the​ programme from…

Project Management Dealing With Information Overload

Project Management - Dealing With Information Overload
You probably are aware by now how critical project management is​ for​ your bottom line .​
Organizations all over are tuning in​ to​ the​ effect of​ project management to​ meet it's defects in​ the​ face of​ astronomical demands posed by the​ digital age.
Right now professionals are required to​ perpetually learn the​ bleeding edge project management techniques including perhaps pursuing the​ project management professional status or​ PMP for​ short .​
This identification involves a​ rigorous examination process as​ well as​ grueling course of​ study .​
Experience levels within the​ actual field of​ project management itself is​ also critical to​ attain this coveted status .​
Once a​ professional has arrived at​ it, he or​ she must retake certification updates it​ every now and​ then in​ order to​ be able to​ continue to​ use that designation.
This certification was created by the​ Project Management Institute which is​ considere…

Managing Your Way To Personal Success With Project Management Techniques Part 1

Managing Your Way To Personal Success With Project Management Techniques– Part 1
Project management is​ generally thought of​ as​ a​ business or​ organisational term, and​ it​ is​ true to​ say that project management techniques are normally applied to​ major projects within an​ organisation .​
For example, the​ installation of​ a​ new computerised accounting system would (or should) be managed as​ a​ project; the​ design and​ build of​ a​ new aircraft would be managed as​ a​ project; a​ major restructuring of​ a​ company or​ organisation should be managed as​ a​ project.
Before I​ had my own business, I​ was involved in​ project management in​ some quite different types of​ projects .​
Those experiences were invaluable, with each project being quite complex in​ its own right, and​ affecting many people in​ many departments and​ disciplines .​
Their daily working lives were to​ change; their working practices were to​ be changed .​
As well as​ the​ technical, administrative, organisation…

Managing Your Way To Achieving Personal Success With Project Management Part 2 Project Success

Project management techniques play an​ important role in​ the​ world around you. Many of​ the​ most visually imposing features of​ your life would not be there without effective project management.

Let us just consider one example: the​ aircraft you fly away on for​ your vacation. That aircraft is​ an​ end result of​ a​ highly complex project, probably covering several different locations and​ even countries. Design, engineering, manufacturing; all these could be spread around in​ different offices and​ buildings. Each of​ those elements is​ complex and​ may involve several professional disciplines, with safety and​ comfort a​ feature at​ all times.

Take away the​ management of​ that aircraft project, and​ then try to​ imagine how the​ resulting aircraft may have looked. Without the​ co-ordination provided by good management, what you would end up with, if​ anything, may not even look like an​ airplane at​ all. Components may not fit, or​ may not arrive; the​ wings may have been designe…

Key Measures Of Success For System Implementation Project Management

Key Measures of​ Success for​ System Implementation Project Management
Have you ever wanted a​ short list of​ of​ items to​ keep in​ check as​ you are managing projects? This short list would contain key measures which, if​ always kept in​ check and​ balance, would lead you to​ project success? Sure it​ is​ important to​ follow industry project guidelines from the​ Project Management Institute and​ within the​ Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification, but it​ is​ important to​ always keep these key measures at​ the​ forefront of​ my mind ALL the​ WAY through the​ project - from beginning to​ completion .​
Sometimes these factors can be overlooked or​ forgotten, or​ thought of​ as​ not needed in​ the​ rush to​ get a​ project underway .​
Stand Up and​ stop the​ madness, make sure you have a​ clear path before trying to​ get to​ your destination... .​
Or you will get lost along the​ way.
Key Measures:
1. Before even looking at​ business requirements or​ spending much time on a​ p…