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Jewelry Christmas Gifts That Sparkle And Shine

Jewelry Christmas Gifts That Sparkle and Shine
The joyous season of​ Christmas is​ steeped in​ tradition,​ and gift giving is​ one ritual that is​ inseparable from this holiday .​
Who hasn’t had difficulty at​ one time or​ another in​ choosing a​ suitable present for a​ beloved family member or​ a​ dear friend? Fortunately,​ jewelry Christmas gifts are widely available and there is​ an​ endless variety of​ styles from which to​ choose .​
Twinkling and shining,​ they reflect the​ nature of​ that season to​ be jolly.
Sparkling and glittering are two words that would describe diamonds .​
Browse through the​ World Wide Web and you’ll see a​ plethora of​ online stores that showcase jewelry Christmas gifts .​
Imagine a​ woman’s pleasure at​ the​ shimmering sight of​ diamond snowflake dangling earrings or​ a​ glittering diamond bracelet adorned with traditional symbols associated with Christmas .​
Men,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ will surely appreciate flashing yet tasteful diamond cuff links .​

Jewelry Cases And Your Jewelry

Jewelry cases or​ otherwise known as​ jewelry boxes are important because they safely store our precious jewelries. a​ typical jewelry case is​ usually rectangular in​ shape though we can find them in​ a​ variety of​ shapes nowadays. it​ may or​ may not have a​ mirror on​ the​ inside of​ its upper lid. the​ lower half is​ usually made up of​ specialized compartments or​ trays to​ store different types of​ jewelry like necklaces,​ earrings,​ bracelets,​ anklets,​ rings,​ bangles,​ etc. the​ interior is​ usually lined with velvet and it​ has either a​ clasp with lock,​ numbered combination or​ any other form of​ lock to​ ensure the​ safety of​ the​ contents.

Jewelry cases come in​ a​ variety of​ colors usually in​ simply shades. Others are even designed with beautifully crafted embellishments. There are new ones and vintage ones as​ well. There are different box styles for women,​ men and even children. Little girls just love jewelry cases with music boxes and ballerinas dancing …

Jewelry Blinging In Style

Jewelry – Blinging in​ Style
If diamonds are a​ girl’s best friend then jewelry is​ her soul sister! Jewelry is​ such a​ powerful accessory that many choose one fabulous piece and build an​ outfit around it .​
You can ruin a​ perfectly great outfit by wearing the​ wrong jewelry .​
Before we get into what and how to​ where jewelry there are some no-nos that you​ should be aware of .​
Relax – these are too tough to​ follow!
Don’t overdo it​ with jewelry .​
Keep it​ simple .​
Wear no more than one big piece such as​ earrings or​ necklace.
Don’t wear an​ ankle bracelet or​ toe ring with a​ dressy outfit .​
It can look trashy.
Limit the​ number of​ rings .​
Wear chunky rings alone.
For after hours events,​ replace your basic day jewelry with more festive pieces.
Now for the​ good stuff .​
Here’s what you​ can do with jewelry.
It’s takes a​ confident person to​ wear bold jewelry .​
Going bold is​ great and screams I’m okay with standing out in​ the​ crowd and I​ want everyone to​ know it! What it​…

Jewelry Becomes An Instant Classic

Jewelry Becomes An Instant Classic
Fine jewelry is​ the​ perfect way to​ update and accessorize this season's fashions .​
Eyelet dresses,​ Edwardian-inspired blouses and white clothing,​ all hot trends this season,​ provide the​ perfect backdrop for fine jewelry,​ says Helena Krodel,​ spokesperson for Jewelry Information Center .​
Regardless of​ your style or​ budget,​ there is​ a​ piece of​ innovative or​ soul-proclaiming fine jewelry to​ perfectly suit you.
Marvelous Medallions
Medallions will be on​ the​ top of​ shoppers' lists .​
Look for versions with floral motifs,​ intricate carvings,​ filigree work or​ personal engravings .​
Grand-scale medallions pair well with long thick chain-link necklaces in​ gold,​ platinum or​ sterling silver .​
More petite medallions look fresh suspended from brightly colored gemstone necklaces,​ chains set with diamonds,​ diamonds by the​ yard or​ a​ strand of​ pearls à la Chanel.
One,​ Two,​ Three's a​ Charm
Charms are back .​
Women may choose…

Jewelry As Beautiful To Women As You Get

Jewelry as​ Beautiful to​ Women as​ you​ Get
Jewelry is​ the​ name given for any adornment of​ the​ body,​ usually made of​ precious metals such as​ gold,​ silver,​ and platinum,​ and set with precious stones like sapphires,​ emeralds,​ diamonds etc. Costume jewelry is​ made of​ artificial materials such as​ plastic or​ glass. Any sort of​ jewels enhances the​ beauty of​ a​ person.
Our ancestors used different types of​ jewelry made from various materials,​ even when these precious metals and stones were not discovered. in​ those days,​ it​ was made of​ animal teeth,​ shells etc. Shells were strung together and worn around the​ neck or​ around the​ wrist. Like with everything else,​ this makeshift arrangement of​ making jewelry finetuned itself with the​ passage of​ time,​ and man discovered more elaborate ways of​ making ornaments. Beads were extensively used.
The various cultures of​ the​ world were famous for the​ different types of​ jewelry used. While the…

Jewelry Appraiser Services

Jewelry Appraiser Services
Jewelry appraisers can provide valuable services to​ people who own diamonds and jewelry or​ are in​ the​ process of​ buying diamonds and jewelry.
First,​ the​ jewelry appraiser can identify your jewelry as​ to​ the​ material,​ quality,​ workmanship,​ condition and other characteristics that influence the​ item’s value .​
For example,​ diamonds that appear similar to​ the​ eye can vary in​ terms of​ color,​ clarity,​ cut,​ fluorescence,​ measurements and durability .​
These are all factors that uniquely identify one diamond from another and can cause the​ value of​ one stone to​ be more than double that of​ another even if​ they are identical to​ the​ unaided eye.
Second,​ the​ jewelry appraiser can estimate the​ value of​ the​ jewelry item .​
the​ definition of​ value can vary depending on​ the​ purpose of​ the​ appraisal .​
For example,​ an​ appraisal value could be quite different if​ the​ purpose is​ 1) selling the​ item,​ 2) purchasing an​ item from a​…

Jewelry And The Darkside Fashionable Gothic Jewelry

Jewelry and the​ Darkside: Fashionable Gothic Jewelry
No,​ by jewelry and the​ darkside,​ we are not referring to​ Darth Vader’s dark side of​ the​ force .​
However,​ the​ idea of​ jewelry inspired by Anakin Skywalker,​ the​ Sith and his Emperor sure is​ tantalizing .​
Here,​ if​ you​ think more about the​ likes of​ Morticia Addams of​ the​ Addams family,​ then you’re on​ the​ right track .​
Gothic jewelry is​ the​ type of​ jewelry that the​ likes of​ her would wear: mysterious,​ brooding,​ yet elegant .​
Viewed this way,​ jewelry and the​ darkside certainly can go hand in​ hand.
Gothic jewelry,​ or​ darkside jewelry,​ as​ opposed to​ ‘light,​’ evokes images of​ the​ macabre and the​ preternatural: vampires,​ the​ dead and undead,​ spirits,​ black magic and the​ black arts .​
As such,​ artisans craft items that would appeal to​ a​ person’s dark or​ gothic side .​
There is​ an​ abundance of​ e-commerce websites and specialty stores whose emphasis is​ on​ jewelry and the​ darkside .​
In t…

Jewelries For Different Occasions

People choose multi-gemstone accent pins for sentimental reasons on​ many occasions. the​ stones may reflect the​ birthday month of​ each of​ their children or​ a​ favoritism they show for stones that have a​ particular shade that is​ their favorite color. These accent pins are fashion essentials that can offer many rewarding memories to​ the​ wearer at​ any time of​ the​ year.

Perhaps a​ lavender jade butterfly pendant that is​ accented in​ small diamonds will remind a​ woman of​ spring time and make her feel young again. This is​ a​ brilliant gift choice for anyone that is​ affirmed and recuperating in​ a​ hospital. a​ sapphire and turquoise onyx bird pin would make an​ excellent gift for someone that has a​ fondness for feathered creatures no matter where they live.

Some accent pins are quite suitable for younger children because the​ stones reflect the​ bright colors found in​ balloons at​ a​ carnival they recently visited,​ and the​ dainty flow of​ ribbons encased in​ pure gold und…

Jade Classic Quality Jewelry

Jade - Classic Quality Jewelry
If I​ had unlimited funds I​ would spend a​ large proportion of​ it​ on​ objects made from jade,​ both artefacts and modern pieces .​
The subtle shades of​ green and lilac are what appeal to​ me .​
Jade jewelry is​ understated,​ rather than the​ in​ your face obviousness of​ many other stones.
Jade is​ an​ incredibly tough material,​ stronger than steel,​ and in​ pre-historical times was used for axe-heads,​ knives and weapons .​
It is​ only more recently that Jade's beauty has led to​ its use in​ jewelry and fine ornaments.
There are two forms of​ jade,​ jadeite and nephrite .​
The two have very different structures,​ but exhibit similar properties .​
The structural differences do not affect the​ uses to​ which the​ jade is​ put,​ they are only significant to​ a​ collector of​ gems.
Jade comes in​ a​ range of​ colors,​ from the​ highly sought after emerald green of​ Imperial Jade to​ delicate pinks and lavenders .​
The emerald green color occurs because…

Its Madonna Vs Bullock In Jewelry Styles

It's Madonna vs .​
Bullock in​ Jewelry Styles
When it​ comes to​ bling,​ it​ seems it's Madonna vs .​
Sandra Bullock .​
More than any other celebs out there,​ they personify what experts say are two of​ the​ major trends in​ jewelry today: the​ Glam Goddess Look (Madonna),​ notable for the​ truly spectacular Platinum necklaces and bracelets worn to​ accentuate the​ most elegant evening gowns; and the​ Denim Chic Look (Bullock),​ a​ more laid-back style-think funky Platinum jewelry with skinny jeans-that's a​ whole lot easier for women not making $12 million a​ movie to​ replicate .​
Jewelry is​ a​ vital part of​ any ensemble,​ said jewelry and style expert Michael O'Connor .​
Celebs love Platinum jewelry because its natural white luster enhances the​ brilliance of​ diamonds.
Madonna and Bullock aren't the​ only celebs that add luster with Platinum .​
Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria might wear a​ simple black cocktail dress but add a​ pair of​ statement Platinu…

Italian Designer Sterling Silver Jewelry

Italian Designer Sterling Silver Jewelry
Jewelry,​ is​ the​ art of​ ornamental adornment of​ the​ body and nowhere on​ earth can you​ find more dedication to​ the​ heart and soul of​ the​ jewelry design than in​ Italy .​
While many countries produce jewelry,​ few can compare to​ the​ rich history of​ Italy and the​ passion that Italian people have for beautiful design .​
In times past,​ jewelry was used to​ represent a​ person’s rank in​ society,​ community affiliation or​ as​ a​ sign of​ the​ person’s religious choice .​
This tradition began thousands of​ years ago in​ southern Italy,​ the​ Etruscans created gold jewelry that has never found an​ equal .​
While gold is​ ever popular,​ more Italian jewelry designers are turning to​ sterling silver to​ express their creativity,​ such as​ Stefani Argento,​ who manufactures beautiful designs exclusively in​ .925 sterling silver .​
In Valenza,​ the​ famous Italian city which is​ the​ undisputed world leader in​ jewelry designed with preciou…

Investing In Jewelry

To the​ serious and single-minded investor Gold,​ Platinum and Silver jewelry items are unlikely to​ come near the​ top of​ the​ potentially profitable opportunities that he or​ she will research.

It is​ reasonable to​ propose,​ that before venturing into this market,​ a​ tremendous amount of​ investigation should be carried out and knowledge assimilated that is​ not relevant to​ other investment vehicles.

Reliable contacts and dealers in​ the​ jewelry trade must be sought out and cultivated.
Perhaps most importantly the​ investor should treat jewelry as​ an​ all-consuming hobby so collecting aesthetically pleasing items that may,​ or​ may not,​ show a​ profit will still give pleasure.

This is​ as​ good a​ reason as​ any to​ explain why many savvy female investors take an​ interest in​ this market.

Silver jewelry as​ an​ investment,​ unless in​ the​ specialized antique market,​ is​ unlikely to​ provide serious investment opportunities unless sufficient volume can be purchased to​ produce a…

Indian Jewelry

Indian Jewelry
The first step in​ creating a​ beautiful custom jewel is​ creating an​ exciting design .​
Thomas Edison said that
invention is​ 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.When it​ comes to​ custom-designed jewelry,​ the​ numbers are reversed -
designing a​ beautiful,​ personalized jewel is​ 99% creativity and fun and,​ maybe,​ 1% labor .​
Most custom-designed jewels celebrate a​ special person or​ event: thus,​ the​ design of​ the​ jewel should carry a​ special meaning
for both the​ creator and the​ wearer .​
There are many ways to​ add personal touches to​ a​ custom jewel .​
Here are several ideas:
Brooches and pendants have long been showcases for miniature portraits of​ loved ones and special places .​
Sometimes the​
portraits are prominently painted,​ enamelled or​ etched of​ the​ surface of​ the​ jewel; other times they are hidden in​ a​ secret
Or,​ in​ the​ last century a​ style known as​ acrostic jewelry was popular .​
In acrostic jewelry a​ phrase or​ name…

Increase Loose Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Sales For The Holiday Season

Increase Loose Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Sales for the​ Holiday Season
During the​ holiday season,​ loose cubic zirconia jewelry sales usually increase as​ people buy jewelry as​ gifts for their loved ones .​
Jewelry makes a​ great gift because it's beautiful enough to​ be given to​ almost anyone but yet small enough to​ put in​ a​ Christmas stocking .​
If you​ own a​ jewelry store,​ here are some easy ways to​ increase loose cubic zirconia jewelry sales during the​ holiday season.
Advertising for the​ Holidays
Your holiday season advertising should begin in​ early fall if​ possible .​
This is​ so you​ can grab sales from early holiday shoppers .​
You might dress your jewelry display windows and showcases in​ autumn colors or​ Thanksgiving decor and have an​ After Thanksgiving Sale for Christmas shoppers .​
Then decorate for Christmas immediately after Thanksgiving.
Send Christmas sales postcards to​ your customer base during October with ideas about cubic zirconia jewelry gifts for the​…

Importing Jewelry Wholesale 214

Importing Jewelry Wholesale
If you​ are considering importing jewelry wholesale,​
you might want to​ see what your other options are .​
When jewelry is​ imported,​ there are additional
costs,​ such as​ high shipping costs,​ that you​ may
not be prepared to​ pay .​
There are also other issues
to consider as​ well.
Customs is​ a​ major issue,​ because some materials
that come from endangered animals are outlawed in​
the United States – ivory for example .​
importing jewelry,​ you​ need to​ be sure that all of​
the materials that make up the​ jewelry can be
legally imported .​
The possibility of​ not getting what you​ paid for is​
another consideration that you​ must think about .​
you order from someone outside of​ the​ United
States – where the​ United States has no legal
jurisdiction – there won’t be anything you​ can do if​
you are ripped off .​
If you​ are importing jewelry
wholesale,​ make sure that you​ are dealing with a​
reputable company.
Usually,​ if​ you​ can find the​ s…

Imitation Diamonds Whats To Love About Faux Diamond Jewelry

Imitation Diamonds – What's to​ Love About Faux Diamond Jewelry?
Affordable: Once someone discovers imitation diamonds,​ it​ is​ inconceivable why they would not want everlasting elegance,​ saving thousands,​ or​ tens of​ thousands of​ dollars in​ the​ process,​ banking the​ difference .​
It is​ a​ fact that jewelry lovers are not acting out of​ charity when they buy diamond jewelry—endeavoring to​ make jewelers,​ mined diamond dealers,​ and the​ diamond cartel richer than they already are.
No way to​ tell the​ difference with the​ naked eye: Scientists have synthesized and created diamond alternatives that are so ostensibly close to​ a​ mined diamonds that even certified gemologists require scientific testing equipment to​ tell the​ difference .​
Breakthrough advances have made the​ latest faux diamonds closely mimic the​ properties of​ mined diamonds .​
They cut glass,​ they refract light into perfect hearts-and-arrows,​ and they have superlative fire and brilliance .​
In fact…

I Found My Niche In Making Gemstone Jewelry

I Found My Niche in​ Making Gemstone Jewelry
There are few things more satisfying than making something yourself and being able to​ proudly show off the​ finished product to​ family and friends .​
Even better is​ being able to​ sell your creations to​ others .​
When it​ comes to​ making gemstone jewelry there are a​ few steps you​ can take to​ improve your chances of​ success.
First,​ decide what type of​ jewelry you​ want to​ make,​ whether rings,​ necklaces,​ bracelets and brooches once past the​ preliminary design stage,​ the​ process is​ fairly similar .​
One of​ the​ biggest decisions you​ will have to​ make is​ the​ money you​ can spend making gemstone jewelry .​
Your personal budget will determine what type of​ stones you​ can afford and from there you​ can decide on​ the​ type of​ setting you​ should use for that particular stone.
Some people involved in​ making gemstone jewelry will buy,​ or​ make,​ the​ setting for the​ piece and then hunt for the​ proper stone for placement .​…

How To Throw The Perfect Jewelry Sales Pitch A Review Of The Basics

How to​ Throw the​ Perfect Jewelry Sales Pitch; a​ Review of​ the​ Basics
For anyone in​ the​ sales industry,​ the​ ultimate accomplishment is​ making a​ great sale .​
When it​ comes to​ a​ luxury item like jewelry,​ the​ sale can be an​ even harder goal to​ achieve .​
With the​ right approach,​ doubters and misers buy products and services everyday .​
So why not that 3-carat diamond ring? Here is​ a​ review of​ a​ few fundamental techniques used by the​ best jewelry sales people:
1. Know Your Product
Know everything about your merchandise: strengths,​ weaknesses,​ and any unique features .​
Also understand factors that influence its demand in​ the​ industry and popularity in​ fashion .​
All of​ these will strengthen your presentation and make the​ customer more willing to​ buy .​
There should be nothing that anyone can tell you​ about your own product that you​ don’t already know .​
You will definitely be asked questions and be given myriad objections,​ so be prepared to​ elaborate on​ …

How To Shop For Jewelry And Watches Online

How to​ shop for jewelry and watches online
These days it​ seems as​ if​ everyone is​ in​ search of​ the​ same thing - convenience .​
We do not want to​ get on​ the​ internet and search ten million different web sites for one simple item like the​ best Mikimoto pearl online .​
Luckily,​ the​ world of​ online jewelry shopping is​ rapidly changing .​
With so many new players entering the​ market on​ a​ regular basis,​ it​ can be hard to​ tell which site will offer you​ the​ selection,​ information,​ and features that you're searching for.
What to​ look for:
Find a​ site that has the​ convenience of​ every name brand jeweler and timepiece maker at​ your very fingertips .​
Some sites provides all the​ information that you​ need to​ search,​ learn,​ and answer any question you​ may have about luxury jewelry and timepieces.
Find site that offer an​ online search function .​
Maybe you​ are searching for a​ specific brand name,​ and you​ want to​ find a​ dealer near you​ .​
Some web site like…

How To Sell Jewelry Wholesale 401

How to​ Sell Jewelry Wholesale
If you​ are a​ creative person,​ with a​ great sense of​
style and flair,​ you​ may be able to​ start your own
business – making and selling jewelry wholesale .​
Because people are so very unique,​ they want
jewelry pieces that are unique – one-of-a-kind
pieces that nobody else in​ the​ world owns! This
desire can make you​ quite a​ bit of​ money –
simply start your very own jewelry wholesale
You can easily order wholesale supplies from
hundreds of​ companies around the​ globe online –
at really low prices .​
It is​ important to​ keep up with
how much each part of​ each piece of​ jewelry costs
you,​ and to​ get a​ total cost of​ each piece,​ including
any expenses that you​ had for having supplies
shipped to​ you​ .​
With the​ total cost figured,​ you​ can
easily set your prices by adding 15% to​ the​ cost .​
You can sell your pieces in​ a​ variety of​ ways .​
can open your own online wholesale jewelry store,​
sell to​ local jewelry stores,​ r…