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Your Guide To Successful Forex Trading

Your Guide To Successful Forex Trading
If you were wondering; forex trading is​ nothing more than direct access trading of​ different types of​ foreign currencies .​
In the​ past, foreign exchange trading was mostly limited to​ large banks and​ institutional traders however; recent technological advancements have made it​ so that small traders can also take advantage of​ the​ many benefits of​ forex trading just by using the​ various online trading platforms to​ trade .​
The currencies of​ the​ world are on a​ floating exchange rate, and​ they are always traded in​ pairs Euro/Dollar, Dollar/Yen, etc .​
About 85 percent of​ all daily transactions involve trading of​ the​ major currencies .​
Four major currency pairs are usually used for​ investment purposes .​
They are: Euro against US dollar, US dollar against Japanese yen, British pound against US dollar, and​ US dollar against Swiss franc .​
Right now I​ will show you how they look in​ the​ trading market: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, …

Your Forex Trading Philosophy

Your FOREX Trading Philosophy
Easy money is​ the​ allure that captivates many beginning FOREX traders .​
FOREX websites offer risk-free trading, high returns, low investment .​
These claims have a​ grain of​ truth in​ them, but the​ reality of​ FOREX is​ a​ bit more complex .​
Mistakes of​ the​ Beginning Trader
There are 2 common mistakes that many beginner traders make: trading without a​ strategy and​ letting emotions rule their decisions .​
After opening a​ FOREX account it​ may be tempting to​ dive right in​ and​ start trading .​
Watching the​ movements of​ EUR/USD for​ example, you may feel that you are letting an​ opportunity pass you by if​ you don't enter the​ market immediately .​
You buy and​ watch the​ market move against you .​
You panic and​ sell, only to​ see the​ market recover .​
This kind of​ undisciplined approach to​ FOREX is​ guaranteed to​ lose money .​
FOREX traders must have a​ rational trading strategy and​ not make trading decisions in​ the​ heat of​ the​ mo…

You Dont Pay Commissions In Forex Trading

You Don't Pay Commissions In Forex Trading
The Foreign Exchange market is​ the​ largest financial market in​ the​ world .​
In the​ US alone, it​ has a​ daily trading volumes of​ $1.2 trillion dollars, which outshines the​ stock, bond, and​ other commodity markets .​
But just what is​ currency trading or​ Forex trading, as​ it​ is​ more commonly known?
Forex trading is​ where you will buy one currency and​ sell another, or​ it​ may be a​ combination of​ a​ few different currencies in​ total .​
Your trading involves matching one currency against another .​
That is, you buy the​ Euro hoping it​ will rise against the​ U.S .​
Dollar .​
Which also means you hope the​ U.S .​
Dollar will fall against the​ value of​ the​ Euro .​
This does not mean you wish the​ U.S .​
Dollar bad tidings, it​ is​ just you are trading using economic information about the​ two currencies .​
You can do the​ same for​ the​ Swiss franc against the​ Japanese yen .​
Most people probably call this form of​ trading sp…

Yes You Can Start Trading Forex For Free

Yes, You Can Start Trading Forex for​ Free!
Yes, it’s true, you can trade the​ forex markets for​ free and​ using the​ same state-of-the-art software packages that professional Forex traders, around the​ world, are currently using to​ make real-time, live currency trades.
And you can also experience the​ same dynamic market action and​ go through the​ same process of​ making decisions based on breaking news, reacting to​ charting patterns, and​ tracking ones performance the​ same way professional Forex traders do.
And all this can be done even if​ you don't put any real money into your account, you won’t see any difference in​ how the​ market behaves and​ how you react to​ the​ market .​
In short, at​ some point, every new forex trader needs to​ start Demo-trading.
Once you start placing demo trades, you will learn a​ lot about how Forex transactions are placed .​
I​ can’t emphasize you enough, that this is​ a​ very important step for​ you in​ order to​ be able to​ learn how to​ beco…

Would You Like To Forex Or Daytrade

Would You Like To Forex or​ DayTrade?
Online trading is​ great way for​ serious investors to​ make money, but inexperienced traders often wind up with big losses .​
a​ good set of​ instructions can minimize the​ risks and​ save months of​ expensive trial-and-error learning .​
Day Trading
Day Trading had its heyday during the​ bull market of​ the​ 1990's .​
All the​ amateurs have since dropped out, but day trading is​ still being practiced by professionals .​
There are fewer opportunities in​ the​ current market, but skilled investors can still find them if​ they know what to​ look for​ .​
FOREX Trading
The Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX), the​ world's largest financial exchange market, originated in​ 1973 .​
It has a​ daily turnover of​ currency worth more than $1.2 trillion dollars .​
Unlike many other securities, FOREX does not trade on a​ fixed exchange rate; instead, currencies are traded primarily between central banks, commercial banks, various non-banking international c…

World Events And Wise Forex Trading

World Events and​ Wise Forex Trading.
Forex trading has the​ great potential of​ becoming a​ profitable and​ fulfilling career that will let you have a​ lifestyle that few other lucrative activities in​ the​ world can offer to​ people from many roads in​ life and​ without asking any of​ those men and​ women for​ a​ diploma or​ some special certification .​
But Forex trading is​ not easy; it​ may be simple to​ enter and​ place your first trade but becoming a​ profitable trader is​ a​ different thing .​
You will need to​ acquire the​ right knowledge and​ techniques in​ order to​ understand and​ know when to​ enter or​ leave a​ trade always fulfilling the​ main objective every trader must have; making money.
There are two kinds of​ analysis you can perform on the​ Forex markets .​
They are known as​ technical analysis and​ fundamental analysis .​
It is​ common that traders tend to​ divide themselves into technical and​ fundamentalists .​
Each group devoting themselves to​ the​ main tools e…

Winning Strategies With Forex Charts

Winning Strategies With Forex Charts
As you read forex charts, remember that the​ two fundamental approaches for​ online forex trading: fundamental analysis and​ technical analysis.
Fundamental analysis doesn’t rely on forex charts .​
It scrutinizes political and​ economic indicators to​ determine trades .​
Charts here are deployed as​ used as​ a​ secondary reference.
Technical analysis on the​ other hand, attempts to​ predict price swings by analysis of​ historical price activity .​
Those who use technical analysis study the​ relationship between price and​ time.
The most actively traded pair of​ currencies is​ the​ Euro and​ the​ US dollar, so we will use them in​ our example .​
The dollar is​ on the​ right hand side of​ the​ chart and​ the​ Euro is​ on the​ left hand side .​
The currencies are expressed in​ relationship to​ each other in​ pairing .​
Forex charges will always display how much of​ the​ currency on the​ right hand side is​ necessary to​ buy a​ unit of​ the​ currency on th…

Will Forex Trading Be Right For You

Will Forex Trading Be Right for​ You?
When it​ comes to​ Forex currency trading, there are some basic character traits and​ lifestyle elements that need to​ be in​ place in​ order to​ make a​ go of​ this type of​ trading.
Here are some examples of​ traits and​ conditions that should exist in​ your life before you embark on a​ round of​ currency trading.
Many people are looking for​ a​ way to​ get rich overnight.
That there are many scams out there that continually lure people in​ with wild promises of​ instant wealth is​ easily demonstrated by watching television or​ checking the​ bulk folder of​ your email account.
While there are some people that attempt to​ make ridiculous promises about the​ money to​ be made in​ currency trading, the​ fact is​ that for​ many it​ is​ just like any other type of​ work.
You must be prepared to​ put in​ your time, have some success and​ also experience some failures now and​ then.
If you are looking for​ instant success and​ have visions of​ spending the​ r…

Why You Should Trade Forex Over Other Investments

Why You Should Trade FOREX Over Other Investments
Everyone has heard of​ stocks and​ shares, probably even the​ futures market, but trading the​ FOREX (Foreign Currency Exchange, or​ FX) market is​ a​ relatively new phenomenon .​
Until recently, FOREX was the​ domain of​ the​ banking fraternity (large banks can trade billions of​ dollars daily), and​ the​ elite in​ financial and​ business circles .​
But now it​ is​ possible for​ the​ average person to​ be a​ part of​ this incredible – and​ very profitable – way of​ making a​ living, thanks to​ the​ personal computer and​ an​ internet connection .​
All done electronically and​ considered an​ over-the-counter (OTC) market, trading is​ far easier and​ less risky than either the​ futures or​ the​ stock markets .​
Money can be made both on a​ rising and​ falling market, unlike the​ stock market, which relies on shares increasing in​ price to​ create profit.
More and​ more astute internet entrepreneurs are shunning the​ traditional financial …

Why You Should Be Trading The Forex

Why You Should Be Trading the​ Forex
Have you heard of​ the​ forex market before? the​ forex market is​ a​ term that is​ often used to​ describe the​ foreign exchange market .​
If you are unfamiliar with the​ forex or​ the​ foreign exchange market, you are urged to​ take the​ time to​ familiarize yourself with it .​
After a​ close examination, you will see that there are an​ unlimited number of​ reasons why you should be trading the​ forex, if​ you aren’t already doing so.
The foreign exchange market was first established in​ 1971 .​
It revolves around the​ exchange or​ the​ trading of​ foreign currencies .​
Forex traders, or​ foreign exchange market participants, exchange one nation’s currency for​ another nation’s currency .​
The foreign exchange market grew in​ popularity as​ it​ was learned that the​ exchange rates for​ foreign currencies regularly floated or​ changed .​
This is​ where the​ potential of​ making a​ profit came in .​
Fast forward to​ today and​ a​ number of​ developme…

Why Trading The Forex Is A New Trend

The foreign exchange market, otherwise known as​ the​ forex, was first established in​ 1971. Despite being in​ existence for​ over 35 years, the​ forex just recently started to​ become a​ new and​ popular trend; a​ popular trend that many are hoping to​ become a​ part of.

Around the​ late 1990’s, the​ forex market reached a​ critical point in​ its history. it​ was then that forex brokerage firms first opened to​ the​ general public. This opening gave everyone the​ opportunity to​ trade the​ forex. Before that point, the​ foreign exchange market was only for​ large financial institutions, corporations (particularly those that did business overseas) and​ central banks. Since the​ opening of​ forex brokerage firms to​ the​ public, a​ large number of​ individuals, from all walks of​ life, have started trading the​ forex. This alone has made trading the​ forex one of​ today’s “hottest” trends.

In conjunction with brokerage firms opening to​ the​ general public, the​ low-cost of​ trading on t…

Why Trade The Forex

Why Trade the​ FOREX?
My purpose for​ writing this article is​ to​ demonstrate to​ you the​ advantages of​ trading on the​ FOREX market .​
However, there is​ one myth that I​ want to​ dispel before I​ go further .​
the​ myth is​ that there is​ a​ difference between trading and​ investing .​
To dispel that myth I​ quote from Al Thomas, President of​ Williamsburg Investment Company, who wrote if​ It Doesn’t Go Up, Don’t Buy It .​
He said Everyone who invests is​ a​ trader, only the​ time period is​ different .​
It is​ a​ lesson that I​ took seriously after taking a​ beating in​ the​ stock market in​ 2000.
So now, let’s compare features of​ currency trading to​ those of​ stock and​ commodity trading .​

Liquidity - the​ FOREX market is​ the​ most liquid financial market in​ the​ world around 1.9 trillion dollars traded everyday .​
The commodities market trades around 440 billion dollars a​ day, and​ the​ US stock market trades around 200 billion dollars a​ day .​
This ensures better t…

Why Not Forex Trading System

Why not Forex trading system?
The foreign exchange markets are all about Forex trading systems .​
If you are interesting in​ expanding your investments and​ learning more about how you can make money in​ the​ foreign markets, Forex is​ what you should be looking to​ understand and​ learn more about .​
Just as​ there are all types of​ investment strategies in​ your own country, in​ products and​ companies that are sold near where you live and​ work, you can also get involved in​ the​ companies and​ products that are sold abroad .​
Foreign exchange markets are some of​ the​ hottest markets that you can find to​ make money in​ your investment portfolio .​
The exchange rate from country to​ country can be just one step in​ where you are going to​ make money .​
For the​ dollar, changed to​ another currency can equal more opportunities to​ purchase additional stocks .​
The companies you are going to​ be investing in​ will be based in​ that other currency so you will need to​ exchange your mo…

Why Learning The History Of Forex Can Help You Today

Why Learning the​ History of​ Forex Can Help You Today
Back in​ the​ days when kings thought they had a​ divine right to​ rule, they often wanted more money than their parliaments granted them .​
But most parliamentary bodies didn’t consist of​ fools; they certainly knew better than to​ leave the​ powerful tool of​ taxation solely in​ the​ king’s hands.
Without being able to​ tax to​ his heart’s content, the​ king’s other financial weapon was to​ devalue his country’s currency: recall all gold and​ silver coinage, melt it​ down, then reissue it​ in​ a​ lighter weight or​ with base metals mixed in, pumping up the​ royal treasury with the​ extra .​
Because the​ currency was backed more by the​ citizens’ confidence in​ the​ stability of​ their country than with anything else, many people never even noticed, and​ the​ king got his way in​ the​ end.
But sometimes people did notice, and​ sometimes they weren’t all that confident of​ the​ stability of​ their country, say, if​ a​ powerful enemy …

Why Is A Mentor Necessary To Succeed At Forex Fx Currency Trading Part Ii

Why is​ a​ Mentor Necessary To Succeed At Forex (FX) Currency Trading? (Part II)
A Forex mentor is​ by far the​ best way to​ go when attempting to​ learn Forex trading .​
This particular type of​ trading is​ becoming increasingly popular and​ there are many sources of​ help and​ information widely available .​
Some of​ this information is​ contradictory so it​ is​ understandable that a​ novice would have a​ hard time sifting through it​ all in​ order to​ find what will work best for​ him and​ how he should go about getting started in​ the​ fine art of​ Forex trading.
By engaging the​ services of​ a​ Forex trading mentor rather than purchasing a​ one-size fits all course, you are providing yourself with a​ jump-start to​ your Forex trading education .​
If your overall goal is​ to​ learn Forex trading, a​ mentor is​ a​ great way to​ go, mentors have years of​ their own trading experiences to​ share with you in​ addition to​ methods of​ learning that may deviate from the​ general courses t…

Why Is A Mentor Necessary To Succeed At Forex Fx Currency Trading

Why is​ a​ Mentor Necessary To Succeed At Forex (FX) Currency Trading?
Forex (foreign exchange) trading, which is​ buying one currency while concurrently selling another, is​ getting a​ considerable amount of​ press as​ an​ attractive alternative to​ trading on the​ stock exchange .​
Among the​ reasons of​ Forex trading becoming a​ popular alternative is​ that Forex provides a​ 24-hour market, lower transaction fees, and​ no one entity can corner the​ market because of​ its sheer vastness .​
The drawback is​ that it​ is​ not easy to​ learn Forex trading on your own .​
While it​ can be done, the​ lessons can be relatively expensive.
A Forex mentor will help you learn the​ ropes of​ Forex currency trading .​
With so many people out there offering the​ same service with different methods of​ delivery, how do you determine which method of​ learning is​ best for​ you?
With all the​ e-courses, videos, books, and​ seminars that are easily available online and​ offline for​ a​ price, it​ is​ dif…

Why I Trade Forex

Why I​ trade Forex?
Many people ask me why I​ trade Forex, Well I​ think like most people when I​ was introduced to​ Trading I​ didn’t know about the​ Forex market .​
It was just natural to​ go looking in​ the​ stock exchange for​ trades .​
However, I​ found my trading was very limited, by the​ time I​ got home from work in​ the​ evening all the​ action was over .​
I​ moved to​ Forex mainly to​ take advantage of​ the​ 24-hour opening hours, I​ would often be found at​ my computer in​ the​ middle of​ the​ night waiting for​ the​ next bar to​ appear.
Unlike Futures, there are no trading exchanges as​ such .​
Trading is​ being done from major banking establishments around the​ world, With futures you are generally limited to​ trading only for​ a​ few hours that they are open, if​ major news breaks and​ the​ price starts going against you when the​ market is​ closed, you could end up losing big time while you are forced to​ wait for​ the​ market to​ open .​
With Forex you will always have a…

Why Forex Trading Is So Popular

Why Forex Trading is​ So Popular
The Forex market is​ often more appealing to​ people that like to​ live on the​ edge .​
There is​ more uncertainty by far and​ the​ rewards of​ knowing when to​ buy and​ sell can be immense.
For those of​ you who don’t know, the​ Forex stands for, Foreign Exchange Market .​
The Forex deals in​ all different types of​ currencies and​ pits them all against each other .​
For example: the​ English pound might be worth more than the​ American dollar but if​ there is​ a​ natural disaster or​ a​ nasty political event, then the​ pound could drop below the​ value of​ the​ American dollar and​ thus would make money for​ the​ individual who had bought the​ English pound, when they sell.
The people who trade on the​ Forex market are known as​ day traders .​
The reason for​ this is​ that the​ day trader buys at​ the​ beginning of​ the​ market for​ that day and​ then sells off all that he or​ she had bought by the​ end of​ the​ day .​
This type of​ trading is​ not for​…

Why Forex Is A Great Trade

Why Forex is​ a​ great trade
The Forex market seems to​ be one of​ the​ hottest markets right now .​
Let’s take a​ look why
It takes small amount of​ capital to​ get going and​ you get leverage with it.
This is​ important because a​ lot of​ people entering the​ market are looking for​ ways to​ make money and​ not just to​ invest their spare cash .​
Leverage means that you can use other people’s money to​ make your investment bigger .​
Not to​ try to​ scare you but this also introduces greater chance for​ Loss .​
This is​ not for​ the​ faint hearted or​ people not willing to​ learn how to​ trade, understand their trading phycology and​ follow money management rules .​
Having been duly warned please keep reading about the​ great potential and​ positive aspects of​ Forex trading .​
Leverage is​ a​ very powerful tool to​ make money very quickly .​

The Forex Market is​ the​ largest in​ the​ world worth more than a​ Trillion dollars a​ day .​
This is​ important for​ many reasons:
It provides am…

Why Forex

Why Forex?
The Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX) is​ three times larger than the​ total amount of​ the​ stocks and​ futures markets combined .​
It is​ becoming more and​ more popular.
Because there is​ neither physical location nor a​ central exchange for​ FOREX it​ can operate 24 hours, moving across the​ time zones from one financial center to​ another, from Monday to​ Friday .​
There are great opportunities in​ the​ FOREX market because of​ the​ constant movements of​ the​ exchange rates .​
The currencies are always traded in​ pairs, and​ traders can make profits both when the​ prices go up and​ down .​
There is​ always good market trading opportunity for​ a​ FOREX trader in​ any economic outlook.
Everybody can learn how to​ trade in​ FOREX .​
Of course the​ importance of​ proper education and​ training before entering live trading cannot be overestimated .​
Without it​ the​ chance of​ success is​ almost zero .​
Fortunately everybody can practice with a​ demo account before entering liv…