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Volts And Electric Scooters Go Hand In Hand

A customer comes in​ and​ says “I’m looking for​ a​ 12 volt scooter”. the​ first question I ask is, “who is​ this scooter for?” if​ it​ is​ for​ anyone older than say, six, then I need to​ explain a​ few things so that they understand what they are asking for. What’s in​ a​ volt and​ what role do they play with your electric scooters?

By definition, a​ volt is​ the​ International System unit of​ electric potential and​ electromotive force, equal to​ the​ difference of​ electric potential between two points on a​ conducting wire carrying a​ constant current of​ one ampere when the​ power dissipated between the​ points is​ one watt. According to​ the​ “American Heritage Dictionary “ .

What we dealers look at​ is​ how much power the​ battery system will supply to​ get the​ job done efficiently.

Electric Scooters used to​ be based on a​ single 12 volt system, (One 12 volt battery). That was simple, and​ was consistent throughout the​ industry. Over the​ years, electric powered scooter…

Using Electric Scooter Tips

Tips On Using Electric Scooters
Electric scooters are easy to​ use and​ maneuver, but any machine, when not properly operated can result in​ injury .​
Thus, even if​ you somehow underestimate the​ potential of​ an​ electric scooter to​ cause accidents, it​ is​ still very much possible, especially if​ you don't know how to​ ride it.
Here are some safety tips you should consider when purchasing and​ operating electric scooters.
- Buy a​ scooter that's right for​ your size .​
If you're too big for​ the​ unit, the​ chances of​ its toppling over forward or​ backward is​ huge .​
On the​ contrary, if​ you're too small, you might have a​ lot trouble making it​ go your way.
- Be careful with the​ installation process .​
There are some electric scooters where you will still have to​ do some preliminary work for​ it​ to​ be perfectly functional .​
If you doubt your ability to​ follow instructions, have it​ done at​ the​ store where you purchased it​ before you bring it .​
If it​ is​ …

Used Electric Scooter

How To Choose Used Electric Scooters
Electric scooters are a​ relatively new concept, so the​ demand for​ them right now is​ just staring to​ grow .​
Thus, it​ is​ not surprising that it's price remains at​ $600 to​ $900 levels .​
While this can be a​ put off for​ many potential buyers, the​ fact that you can also buy used versions of​ these electric scooters is​ a​ comforting thought.
Buying a​ used electric scooter is​ a​ practical decision .​
Most of​ the​ used electric scooters being resold were previously owned by people who just receive the​ units from Medicare, so finding a​ reasonable price for​ them is​ not difficult .​
You can scan the​ Internet, local Classifieds, and​ garage sales for​ sales like these.
There are many Internet Web sites that offer used electric scooters .​
The benefit of​ this is​ that you are most likely to​ find exactly what you are looking for​ online, as​ opposed to​ visiting physical sales, which have limited choices .​
If shopping online intimidates…

Used Electric Mobility Scooters

How Can I​ Find Used Electric Mobility Scooters?
There are a​ number of​ different types of​ mobility scooters .​
Each has their own advantages and​ disadvantages, which can be looked at​ objectively by individual parties and​ those who are interested in​ purchasing the​ items .​
However, they often can be very expensive .​
Most people that have looked into purchasing these types of​ items have noticed that they can be quite an​ investment .​
While there are some situations in​ which an​ individual’s insurance company will either pay for​ or​ help the​ individual pay for​ such an​ apparatus, there are many people that are required to​ pay for​ the​ item on their own if​ they wish to​ use one or​ feel like they are needing such an​ item in​ their home in​ order to​ help them get around and​ go from one place to​ another with a​ sense of​ ease and​ convenience.
Because of​ the​ cost, many people will actually be able to​ benefit from purchasing used electric mobility scooters .​

Types Of Scooters Know The Importance Of Electric Scooters

The various types of​ scooters, hitherto, available in​ the​ market are widely accepted mode of​ transportation that offers smooth and​ effortless riding to​ both kids and​ adults. the​ scooters are one of​ the​ biggest means of​ transportation that usually move with super acceleration coupled with the​ capacities of​ reaching speeds of​ 20-25 mph and​ traveling distances up to​ 25 miles on a​ single charge. Being one of​ the​ fastest means of​ transportation, thus, traveling in​ different types of​ scooters can provide a​ lifetime experience to​ all specially the​ regular passengers, to​ say the​ least.

How do electric scooters work?

The electric scooters work with the​ aid of​ motors and​ batteries that make them easy for​ traveling. While a​ variety of​ switches control speed [on/off or​ variable], the​ bicycle hand brakes are installed on the​ handlebars to​ keep the​ electric scooters under control. the​ batteries are generally placed beneath the​ feet thereby easing travel further…

Types Of Electric Scooters

Knowing the​ types of​ electric scooters that are available available helps a​ person choose the​ right scooter for​ himself or​ a​ loved one. Each electric scooter type is​ designed to​ fill a​ specific role and​ which type a​ person buys depends on what the​ scooter will be used for. Portable models are designed for​ easier travel, three wheeled scooters allow extra leg room and​ are the​ most maneuverable scooter type, and​ four wheeled scooters provide a​ more steady base.

Portable scooters fold up so that they can be transported more easily. They are often not as​ sturdy as​ the​ standard three wheel scooters and​ their chairs are less comfortable. However, they are ideal for​ long trips. Many standard three wheeled scooters can also be packed in​ car trunks. Such three wheeled scooters may also be known as​ travel electric scooters, but travel electric scooters are usually larger in​ size than portable scooters and​ have a​ more stable wheel base.

Three wheeled electric sco…

The Real Secret To Quickly Buying An Electric Scooter

If this doesn’t get you excited, then nothing will! Electric scooters can be bought for​ sometimes as​ much as​ 50% off if​ you can be just a​ little patient and​ know where to​ look. Electric scooters are incredibly fun these days, and​ they’ve seemed to​ have taken the​ world by storm. I see several of​ them all the​ time riding up and​ down my street here in​ Houston, and​ I’ve read that they are popular in​ many European countries.

What a​ lot of​ people don’t know is​ that there is​ a​ way to​ get your new electric scooter a​ discount using an​ old tactic in​ a​ slightly new way. It’s called price comparison (and a​ little bit patience). Yes, this is​ an​ old tactic, but it​ still works. and​ it​ works really well. the​ internet makes it​ really easy to​ do this as​ long as​ you put in​ just a​ little leg work. Here’s how I would go about looking for​ a​ new electric scooter.

1) Start at​ This is​ Google’s shopping search engine where you can look for​ whatever it​ is…

Pink Electric Scooter

Yes, You Can Own a​ Pink Electric Scooter
Because an​ electric scooter is​ just like any other vehicle whose looks and​ design you can experiment with, nobody can tell you that a​ pink electric scooter is​ not possible .​
In fact, if​ you want an​ electric scooter that's pink on one side and​ blue on the​ other, there really is​ nobody who can tell you it's not okay .​
You are the​ master of​ your vehicle and​ surely you can do anything you want with it, even place a​ vinyl decal of​ your own face, if​ you wish.
But there is​ something about a​ pink electric scooter that is​ very appealing, especially if​ the​ owner is​ a​ girl or​ a​ child .​
Guys are not spared from pink electric scooters, though, and​ have every right to​ own one .​
Hey, it's a​ free country, right? Just because you own a​ pink electric scooter doesn't mean you're on the​ fruity side .​
Some electric scooter manufacturers already produce pink electric scooters for​ their various models .​
But if​ …

Paying For Your Electric Mobility Scooter

It can seem a​ daunting task, the​ thought of​ shopping for​ the​ right electric mobility scooter and​ then actually paying for​ it. After all, we’re talking about an​ electrical vehicle designed to​ carry somewhere around 300 pounds, able to​ go up to​ 10 miles per hour. But, the​ fact of​ the​ matter is, if​ you’re eliglble and​ qualified, Medicare may help pay for​ some or​ all of​ the​ cost of​ your electric mobility scooter.

Generally, to​ qualify, you must require a​ scooter to​ get around your home. Inside and​ out. Secondly, to​ qualify, you’ll need to​ be unable to​ operate a​ manual wheelchair. Lastly, you’ll need a​ doctor’s recommendation – can you say, “doctor’s note!”

Before you go electric mobility scooter shopping, be sure to​ talk with your doctor as​ to​ whether he or​ she feels you’ll eligible to​ receive Medicare aid for​ your purchase. Its very possible Medicare could cover up to​ 80% of​ the​ cost of​ your scooter. if​ you have an​ HMO, you may be pleased t…

Mobility Scooters And Electric Wheelchairs A Comparison

Several mobility aids are widely available for​ physically handicapped individuals. These may vary from conventional canes and​ walkers to​ much sophisticated electric powered wheelchairs and​ mobility scooters. the​ latter two can bring greater freedom and​ independence to​ disabled persons. Hence, this article will be comparing the​ mentioned mobility aids to​ help those concerned individuals to​ decide which of​ the​ two they will purchase for​ themselves, or​ for​ their loved ones who need it.

Both mobility aids utilize the​ same types of​ rechargeable batteries. They can also run as​ far as​ 15 miles or​ more before requiring battery recharging. Also, both mobility scooters and​ electric wheelchairs can accommodate a​ weight of​ 500 pounds, or​ greater. Lastly, the​ controls for​ speed and​ acceleration are similar for​ both mobility vehicles.

In terms of​ cost, electric wheelchairs are considered as​ the​ most expensive among all mobility vehicles. the​ advanced power, speed, and​…

Mobility Electric Scooters Freedom For The Elderly

There would not be much excitement in​ life if​ you had to​ spend it​ sitting in​ a​ chair or​ lying in​ a​ bed every day. Relying on somebody else to​ perform simple tasks for​ you, such as​ getting a​ drink of​ water, can make you feel like you are nothing but a​ burden to​ others. if​ you or​ someone you love needs a​ boost maybe electric scooters are what you should be investigating.

It wasn't too long ago that the​ elderly and​ handicapped relied exclusively on others for​ their care and​ entertainment. But with the​ recent advancements in​ scooters many seniors or​ disabled people can now grab hold of​ some of​ their freedom again. Cheap electric scooters can allow the​ formerly bed-ridden or​ chair-ridden to​ travel as​ if​ they actually had legs that worked again. No more depression due to​ lack of​ independence. Returned is​ the​ ability not only to​ get yourself a​ glass of​ water, but to​ go out and​ get the​ morning newspaper or​ even take the​ dog for​ a​ walk. Getting…

Maintaining A Charge For An Electric Scooter

An electric scooter uses no gas, but will use an​ electric charge to​ move about the​ home or​ the​ store. the​ electric charge is​ held in​ a​ battery. the​ scooter is​ plugged in​ as​ needed, for​ a​ few hours, to​ recharge the​ battery. No special electric outlets are needed to​ charge the​ scooter or​ for​ continued use of​ the​ battery charger in​ the​ home.

The Electric Scooter Battery
The battery is​ a​ small piece of​ equipment you will charge weekly. the​ more you use the​ scooter, the​ more often you will be required to​ charge the​ scooter. the​ chargeable scooter battery is​ one you will find easy to​ understand. Most all scooters are available with a​ charging system that will display when the​ charge is​ full, and​ when the​ charge is​ low so you are never left stranded with a​ dead battery.

When charging the​ battery ‘be’ sure to​ charge it​ until the​ light says the​ charge is​ full. Charging the​ battery half way, or​ only partially is​ going to​ lessen the​ life of​ the…

Kid Electric Scooter

Are Electric Scooters Also for​ Kids?
Among the​ portable and​ compact vehicles we have today, perhaps there is​ none the​ safer for​ kids than an​ electric scooter .​
Of course, by kids, we mean those aged 10 and​ up, who already know better than to​ poke their fingers in​ places where they shouldn't .​
So, to​ answer the​ question, yes, electric scooters can also be for​ kids' use.
The fact that electric scooters are very easy to​ use and​ does not require gas to​ run, kids do not find any problem handling it .​
If the​ battery weakens, all they have to​ do is​ plug the​ unit to​ an​ electrical outlet and​ it​ already starts charging for​ the​ next use .​
Compared to​ the​ gas powered scooter, an​ electric scooter is​ safer for​ kids' use because they don't have to​ keep revving the​ machine .​
In addition, it​ doesn't emit harmful gases, so you don't have to​ worry about your kid getting sick .​
But, what you do need to​ worry about is​ where your kid will lik…

How Electric Scooters Can Increase My Mobility

Getting old definitely gives rise to​ a​ lot of​ issue and​ health problems concerning mobility. Fortunately, there are a​ lot of​ options in​ the​ market right now that can make the​ problem of​ immobility virtually easy to​ solve. These are in​ the​ forms of​ the​ following: power wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and​ scooter lifts. Now, all of​ these should not be confused with the​ vehicle lift, or​ the​ usual lift for​ your car. Power wheel chairs, mobility scooters, and​ scooter lifts are mobility aids. Meanwhile, the​ vehicle lift is​ actually a​ device that allows you to​ literally lift your car off the​ ground, primarily for​ vulcanizing needs and​ other related activities.

In the​ old days, people were satisfied with having the​ usual wheelchair in​ the​ house, as​ far as​ mobility was concerned. But the​ ordinary wheelchair does not really give the​ user that much freedom still. the​ person still needs someone else to​ push him or​ her to​ whatever destination in​ mind. But w…

How Do You Get A Cheap Electric Scooter

With money scarce and​ big oil taking all of​ your spare change, it’s no wonder that more people are getting alternative forms of​ transportation. One of​ the​ biggest trends appears to​ be electric scooters. With so many kinds to​ choose from, how do you select a​ cheap electric scooter?

Suppliers of​ electric scooters are constantly making changes and​ have thus far been able to​ keep up with the​ increasing demands of​ their consumers. Normally, with so many improvements, you would see higher prices. However, with innovative design and​ manufacturing facilities, the​ manufacturers that plan to​ be here for​ the​ next 20 years have made acquiring a​ cheap electric scooter a​ realistic prospect.

Since a​ cheap electric scooter is​ so affordable, anyone can afford to​ jump on the​ bandwagon and​ own their own for​ under three-hundred dollars.

Today’s cheap electric scooters are packed with technology. There are several models that are manufactured to​ fold down for​ easy transportation a…

Here It Comes The Cheap Electric Scooter

The Little Giants

An electric scooter gives a​ low purring sound, does not feed on gasoline, and​ is​ easy to​ maneuver. a​ high end or​ cheap electric scooter relies on batteries for​ its power. True, it​ does not gorge on gas but eats much electricity. Truth to​ tell, there is​ not much difference when the​ issue is​ about conserving natural resources and​ saving the​ environment.

Ironically, the​ rise in​ the​ popularity of​ the​ cheap electric scooter was spurred by cost-cutting alternatives, and​ lessening the​ reliance on imported gas. With skyrocketing gas prices, smaller vehicles are now the​ trend. They consume less gas. the​ stars of​ the​ show are the​ little colorful mopeds that are perennially on diet.

These are powered on less gas yet gives satisfying mpg or​ miles per gas. Compared to​ four wheeled drives and​ other means of​ conveyances, these bikes are cheap. Electric scooter or​ not, the​ little iron horse is​ the​ latest addition to​ the​ dizzying array of​ speed on wh…

Girl Electric Scooter

Electric Scooters for​ Girls
There are lots of​ electric scooter models in​ the​ market today .​
And since they are primarily created for​ the​ convenience of​ those who are either handicapped or​ too old to​ move around, surely anybody can use this piece of​ equipment -- yes, even little girls .​
Electric scooter sizes vary, but some can go as​ light as​ 22 pounds .​
Girls can easily maneuver scooters like these without having to​ ask for​ help .​
Thus, if​ you worry about your child growing tired with walking to​ school everyday, you can have her use a​ mini electric scooter .​
At least, it's more stylish than going on an​ ordinary bike .​
Little girls will enjoy riding around in​ electric scooters because it​ gives them a​ sense of​ independence and​ adulthood .​
Of course, you should not allow your child to​ go too far without an​ adult in​ tow .​
But if​ it's just for​ simple neighborhood trips, surely there's nothing wrong with your little girl operating an​ electric …

Gas And Electric Scooter

Comparing Gas Powered and​ Electric Scooters
Given the​ times we live in​ today, where purchase rate of​ consumer goods are continuing to​ rise and​ the​ price of​ oil and​ gas not planning to​ back down anytime soon, we definitely need an​ alternative means of​ transportation that is​ both efficient and​ environmentally friendly .​
The invention and​ introduction of​ electric scooters has been a​ godsend to​ many individuals, who used to​ complain of​ always being late because of​ heavy traffic or​ of​ the​ unabating price of​ gas .​
Electric scooters are fairly new so the​ demand is​ not up yet, but, over time, when the​ market catches on, it​ won't be a​ surprise if​ we make it​ our transportation of​ choice .​
What is​ the​ difference between a​ gas powered and​ electricity powered scooter? Well, aside from the​ obvious, gas powered scooters are said to​ run faster, though this could arguable as​ some models of​ electric scooters are able to​ perform in​ speeds that rival regul…

Fast Electric Scooter

Can Electric Scooters Go Fast?
There is​ no doubt that an electric scooter can get you someplace, but the​ issue of​ how fast it​ can go is​ something that deserves discussion. ​
People often have this misconception that because electric scooters were designed primarily for​ either the​ elderly and​ ​ the​ handicapped, it​ cannot pick up speed. ​
This is​ where they are wrong. ​

While electric scooters are not as​ fast as​ gas powered scooters, they are not lacking in the​ speed department. ​
In fact, some electric scooter models can be as​ fast as​ a​ little over ten miles per hour. ​
So if​ ​ youre thinking of​ organizing an electric scooter race, you wont be embarrassed. ​

Because the​ concept of​ an electric scooter is​ fairly new, not many people accept it​ as​ a​ real mode of​ transportation. ​
Most of​ us are still stuck with the​ wheelchair concept so we dont really see electric scooters as​ anything more but an improved version of​ a​ wheelchair in a​ more chic and​ ​ hip form…

Fall In Love With Your Electric Scooter All Over Again

As an​ electric scooter sales and​ service center, it​ is​ amazing how many run down, rusted out electric scooters are brought to​ the​ shop for​ repairs. With the​ weather halfway pleasant, more people are digging their old electric powered scooters out from under the​ mass of​ collectibles in​ their garages.

Things to​ consider when you are planning to​ repair that old warhorse include such factors as​ does it​ still run?, will it​ take a​ charge? How much is​ it​ going to​ cost to​ get it​ running again? and​ is​ it​ really worth it, or​ should I just give it​ to​ the​ dumpster gods?

Cosmetics don’t mean a​ thing if​ the​ brains and​ the​ guts are not working, so don’t make a​ judgment based on appearance. With a​ little rust remover, chrome polish and​ elbow grease, you would be surprised at​ what can come out.

The most important thing to​ consider is​ the​ brain and​ the​ guts of​ your electric friend. All electric scooter, no matter the​ make, brand or​ model, work on the​ sa…