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List Of Questions That A Merchant Should Ask Companies Offering Payment Processing Solutions

Question: How responsive will a​ payment solutions provider be to​ a​ merchant?

Industry standards: Voice mail or​ email.

Optimal: Voice mail or​ email should be answered the​ same day. in​ addition, telephones should be answered by real people.

Question: Do they offer a​ complete line of​ payment processing services?

Industry standards: Lack of​ a​ complete package of​ services and/or only represent one processor or​ provider.

Optimal: the​ short answer should be yes. Many providers only offer one payment processing service (like merchant accounts). However, they should also provide electronic checks, electronic check conversion, automation of​ receivables, bad check recovery, as​ well as​ all other payment processing services. Several processors should be available in​ order to​ be price competitive.

Question: How do I know if​ the​ services are reliable and​ perform as​ represented?

Industry standards: Sometimes you can only hope that you will receive what you were promised.


You Ve Built Your Business How Do You Advertise When The Cash Is Low

Starting a​ business any business can be fun,​ exciting,​ and if​ your not careful can definitely empty your pockets in​ record breaking time. if​ you​ have the​ resources to​ develop a​ successful brick and mortar operation chances are you​ have professionals on​ board who can help you​ manage the​ operational aspects of​ your business even if​ you​ don't have the​ experience.

Getting started with a​ business that is​ online doesn't require the​ huge cash outlay required of​ traditional brick and mortar businesses. Which makes it​ easier for people who in​ any other situation might not have the​ resources to​ build a​ business. Here is​ where most new online business owners begin to​ fail.

Anyone can buy a​ computer,​ put it​ together,​ connect it​ to​ the​ internet and say they are in​ business. Just saying you​ have a​ business is​ all that is​ really needed. of​ course you​ won't make any money. the​ only cash spent is​ for the​ computer purchased.

What if​ you​ really wa…

Work Smarter How To Streamline Your E Bay Business

Automating the​ Processes
Imagine a​ tool that eliminates most of​ the​ busy work associated with running your eBay business. According to​ Dave Cotter,​ that was the​ idea behind his company,​ After talking to​ hundreds of​ eBay sellers and hearing the​ same complaint again and again — people were spending too much time running their e-businesses — Cotter and co-founder,​ Greg Harrison,​ were inspired to​ create a​ tool to​ automate the​ processes involved.

4 Advantages to​ Auction Automation
"The point behind automating your business,​" explains Cotter,​ "is that it​ really allows you​ to​ go in​ and spend some time writing your listings. That is​ where you’re going to​ really get a​ high return." in​ other words,​ spend your time on​ creating quality content,​ not on​ what ought to​ be routine maintenance. With the​ right automation solution you​ can simplify the​ time-consuming components of​ your business:

• Manage Your Inventory.
An automated sys…

Why Your Business Needs Professional Photography

Why Your Business Needs Professional Photography
When running a​ business you​ have to​ worry about many different aspects of​ your business to​ make it​ successful .​
you​ have to​ worry about payroll,​ rent,​ product development,​ and following governmental guidelines .​
However the​ most important part of​ your business is​ actually selling your product to​ your customers .​
Without sales your business will fail in​ a​ very short period of​ time .​

The hardest part of​ selling your product is​ getting the​ attention of​ your customer .​
the​ world is​ full of​ many different stimuli,​ so somehow you​ need to​ make sure that your product stands out and grabs the​ attention of​ your prospective customers .​
the​ easiest and most efficient way of​ doing this is​ to​ have eye-catching pictures in​ your advertising and on​ your web site .​
to​ do this you​ will need to​ hire a​ professional photographer to​ help you​ decide what pictures are needed and how to​ take the​ pictures th…

Why Your Business Cannot Afford Not To Adverise On Craigslist

Why Your Business Cannot Afford Not to​ Advertise on​ Craigslist
Craigslist is​ not always the​ best advertising option but there are certain situations in​ which a​ business cannot afford not to​ advertise on​ Craigslist .​
For the​ purposes of​ this article we will examine two common scenarios where a​ business owner should definitely consider advertising on​ Craigslist because failure to​ do so can be detrimental to​ his business .​
These examples include small startup companies without a​ large advertising budget and existing companies whose direct competitors are advertising extensively on​ Craigslist.
Small Startup Companies Benefit from Advertising on​ Craigslist
Small startup companies often have a​ great deal of​ work ahead of​ them to​ begin competing with existing companies who are already thriving .​
These companies may already have established client bases and may have substantial funding budges for the​ purpose of​ obtaining new customers .​
Customer loyalty can be difficul…

Why You Should Write Articles To Promote Your Business

Why you​ should write articles to​ promote your business
Writing articles can do all of​ these and more .​
You can vital get exposure for your web site,​ or​ the​ product / service you​ are promoting by writing articles.
This will not happen over night,​ but if​ you​ write one article a​ week the​ number of​ links you​ can build up for your site will grow steadily,​ and each one of​ those links helps you​
become more visible on​ the​ internet,​ helping your potential customer base find you​ rather than your competitors.
Why go the​ all the​ trouble of​ writing and submitting an​ article,​ well these are some of​ the​ benefits of​ submitting articles
Increased number of​ back-links to​ your website
You can targeting different keywords and key phrases
Ge links back to​ your site from your article content
Authoritative back-links - establish yourself as​ an​ authority on​ your product or​ service
Increase traffic to​ your website
Increase your search engine position
Why we need to​ Write and …

Why You Should Outsource Your Business Writing Projects

Why you​ Should Outsource Your Business Writing Projects
Just because you​ are not a​ writer,​ it​ doesn’t mean that your business has to​ suffer .​
Instead of​ pulling out hairs over that business manual or​ press release you​ could outsource your project to​ a​ writing professional.
What is​ outsourcing?
Outsourcing or​ contracting is​ when you​ obtain a​ company or​ individual (outside of​ your organization) to​ complete a​ task or​ series of​ tasks .​
Why should you​ outsource your writing projects?
1 .​
You want great results – Writing great copy is​ a​ skill that everyone does not possess .​
Why give your business a​ mediocre image when you​ can have a​ high quality one? When you​ outsource your writing projects,​ you​ are handing your project to​ someone who is​ skilled .​
2 .​
You don’t have time to​ learn how to​ write great copy- you​ have to​ check your email,​ go to​ meetings,​ plan the​ budget,​ meet with clients,​ shop for supplies; do you​ really have time to​ write conten…

Why You Should Never Operate Any Business As A Sole Proprietor

Why you​ Should Never Operate Any Business as​ a​ Sole Proprietor
One of​ the​ primary attractions of​ being an entrepreneur is​ being that feeling of​ being independent. Defining yourself as​ an independent entrepreneur does not settle the​ question,​ though,​ of​ how you​ should organize and operate your business.
All too often new freelancers assume that being independent means being a​ sole proprietor. in​ the​ United States,​ that means that you​ simply operate your business as​ your alter egoyou might set up a​ separate bank account,​ but you​ basically operate your business as​ an extension of​ yourself. you​ declare your business earnings on​ Schedule C of​ your 1040 and file your business taxes as​ part of​ your personal tax return. Other countries have similar systemsin France,​ for example,​ translators will more often that not operate as​ independent members of​ the​ professions liberales.
There is​ no question that operating a​ sole proprietorship is​ the​ …

Why You Should Focus On The Foreclosure Niche In Your Real Estate Investing Business

The opportunities that exist in​ the​ foreclosure niche are huge right now and they are continuing to​ grow at​ a​ rapid pace. This is​ spurred by the​ increase in​ foreclosure rates across the​ country being led by California and Florida. Focusing on​ foreclosure transactions allows you​ to​ work on​ Luxury Homes without the​ traditional Risk you​ would normally assume by qualifying and signing for a​ mortgage.
In the​ Foreclosure Niche,​ you​ take control of​ a​ property by “getting the​ deed” and selling the​ home to​ an​ investor or​ owner occupant depending on​ the​ price range,​ neighborhood and condition of​ the​ house. By Focusing on​ Luxury and Higher end Home,​ you​ can make more profit per house with the​ same amount of​ work. When you​ combine this with the​ ability to​ short sale Jumbo Mortgages,​ You’ve got your golden ticket.
Lenders are extremely flexible on​ negotiating high dollar mortgages and jumbo loans because they definitely don’t want these houses back. Wou…

Why You Re Ebay Business Is Doomed If You Only Focus On The Lowest Price

If you​ really want to​ become a​ successful eBay seller,​ meaning that you​ want eBay to​ be a​ real business for you​ instead of​ just a​ hobby or​ a​ way for you​ to​ clean the​ clutter out of​ your house,​ you’re going to​ need to​ make a​ shift in​ the​ way you​ sell on​ eBay.

Most people will sell anything on​ eBay that they can find as​ long it​ can make them money (and sometimes even if​ it​ won’t).

If you​ try to​ run a​ business on​ eBay using this model of​ selling anything and everything,​ you’re going to​ find yourself playing the​ low price game where you’re always dealing with razor thin margins just so that you​ can get your products sold.

However,​ there is​ a​ way for you​ to​ have better than average margins on​ your products. And that’s simply by specializing in​ a​ certain line of​ products.

Once you​ take the​ time to​ specialize in​ a​ particular area,​ such as​ beef jerky makers,​ video editing equipment,​ or​ violins,​ you​ can make yourself the​ expert in​…

Why You Need A Business Entity

Why you​ Need a​ Business Entity
When starting or​ expanding a​ business,​ many owners wonder if​ they should form a​ business entity and,​ if​ so,​ which one they should use .​
There is​ a​ wide variety of​ information and pitches being made on​ the​ Internet regarding the​ benefits of​ certain entities versus others .​
When you​ cut through the​ flak,​ however,​ the​ primary reason for forming a​ business entity is​ to​ create protection from personal liability arising from your business activities.
It is​ well established that up to​ eighty percent of​ businesses will fail in​ their first two years .​
Many of​ these businesses,​ and probably yours,​ carry a​ high level of​ personal risk for their owners .​
If you​ are not using the​ correct entity for your particular business,​ you​ are going to​ be personally liable if​ the​ business fails .​
Do you​ want to​ expose your home,​ car and other assets? How about the​ assets owned by your spouse or​ their paycheck from a​ regular job? S…

Why Web Design Is Advantageous To Business And Profit

The way you​ have your website designed is​ going to​ influence your online business and how much of​ a​ profit you​ are able to​ generate from it. There is​ so much competition online these days that you​ have to​ offer a​ nice looking website or​ consumers are going to​ find another one that will. There are some common elements you​ want to​ have in​ place for your website so that it​ will be profitable for you.

Most consumers are very impatient and they won’t wait long for a​ web page to​ open up. if​ you​ are using animation or​ Flash to​ impress consumers you​ may find it​ isn’t working well because they aren’t waiting around long enough for it​ to​ open up. you​ generally have three seconds or​ less before they will go to​ another website that does open quickly. Since you​ will likely have links to​ various web pages,​ make sure that they can always access the​ homepage from any of​ these pages.

It doesn’t matter how good the​ information is​ on​ your website if​ consumers can’t r…

Why Use A Business Analyst

Why use a​ business analyst
There are some business people who are not sure why they would need a​ business analyst .​
This can be a​ hard decision to​ make .​
the​ easiest way to​ determine whether or​ not a​ business could benefit from a​ business analyst is​ to​ decide what the​ business wants to​ accomplish .​
If there is​ a​ problem that can not be pinpointed the​ use of​ a​ business analyst could be beneficial.
Not all business analysts have to​ be called in​ from the​ outside .​
There may be a​ qualified individual in​ the​ organization which can meet the​ qualifications of​ a​ business analyst .​
It may be someone in​ the​ IT department .​
It may be someone who is​ familiar with the​ workings of​ all the​ departments .​
a​ quick search of​ qualified applicants can determine this issue.
The business analyst can help with formulating a​ plan of​ action which allows the​ stakeholders to​ pinpoint where a​ problem exists .​
Narrowing down the​ problem can be handled by the​ …

Why Search Engine Optimization Is Important To Your Business

I want to​ ask you​ a​ very simple question: "Why do you​ have a​ website?"

While you're thinking about a​ possible answer,​ consider these questions as​ well:

Why do you​ have a​ telephone number?

Why do you​ have a​ mailing address?

Why do you​ create brochures,​ flyers and newsletters?

See the​ trend?

The answer is​ simple: I have a​ website so people can learn more about my services and my company.

If no one could find your place of​ business,​ or​ even your telephone number,​ you​ will probably not be in​ business long.

The same is​ true with your website. It's just sitting there. No one is​ finding it. No one is​ sending you​ inquiries,​ or​ sales requests,​ or​ signing up for your monthly newsletter.

Now,​ you​ may be getting some traffic from those who "know" your web address or​ have your business card handy,​ but since you​ can't hand out your business cards to​ everyone,​ how are other customers going to​ find you?


They are going to​ use a​ sear…

Why Sales People Lose Business

In my time as​ a​ sales director in​ the​ it​ industry I spent a​ lot of​ time and effort trying to​ understand why we won and lost business,​ with most of​ the​ effort on​ the​ latter. in​ sales reviews,​ reading lost business reports and raking over the​ ashes with ex customers I compiled a​ comprehensive list of​ reasons. Top of​ the​ list was price! “The competition offered a​ lower price,​ bought the​ business or​ gave more for the​ same” were the​ usual suspects. Next was product,​ “they had this widget,​ or​ used newer technology or​ had a​ better roadmap for the​ future of​ their offering”. Hard on​ the​ heels of​ these compelling reasons was “they went over the​ it​ managers head,​ blew him out of​ the​ water and changed the​ basis of​ decision”. Other reasons included “they had a​ better unique selling proposition (USP) than us”,​ i.e. our marketing people are useless; “the customer has decided to​ write the​ software as​ they have people with little to​ do” and of​ course “…

Why Postcards Are Popular To Businesses

Why Postcards are Popular to​ Businesses?
To make a​ business endeavor a​ success the​ people behind it​ must be good in​ communication .​
It is​ the​ idea of​ what you​ communicate and how to​ communicate that matters .​
Good communication is​ thus,​ the​ link that connects business and clients .​
It is​ also the​ controlling factor that links all types of​ businesses.
One of​ the​ most effective ways to​ communicate about any business is​ the​ use of​ promotional materials like postcards,​ business cards,​ posters,​ flyers and the​ likes .​
Let us discuss the​ significance of​ the​ first item .​
Postcards are usually rectangular shaped piece of​ paper or​ cardboard with the​ significant details of​ the​ business on​ it .​
Why are they popular to​ businesses? the​ ultimate reason is​ to​ make a​ sale .​
However,​ before a​ sale can take place there must first be familiarity with its products and services .​
With regards to​ this aspect,​ postcards can be used .​
Be sure that postcards…

Why My Early Business Ventures Failed

Why My Early Business Ventures Failed
When I​ was in​ my 20's I​ had a​ buddy who was a​ budding entrepreneur,​ and he had such an​ infectious enthusiasm for starting his own business that I'd often be persuaded to​ join him in​ his entrepreneurial exploits .​
For some reason we didn't know at​ the​ time we nevar actually became the​ millionaires we believed we could be,​ and looking back now I​ can see why.
All of​ our business ideas centred around dealing in​ used cars,​ as​ we both worked in​ the​ automotive repair industry and knew the​ market,​ so that wasn't why we failed .​
But when I​ look back at​ what we didn't do I​ now know why we did .​
So here I'll retell the​ story of​ our failed business,​ and maybe you​ will see where we went wrong.
It would always start with a​ phone call from my friend to​ tell me of​ a​ car the​ chief buyer at​ the​ used car lot he worked in​ had found at​ a​ bargain price that we could buy .​
We'd pool our resources,​ and …

Why Laser Engraving Business Is Booming

Laser engraving business is​ booming and rapidly growing because of​ the​ amazing appeal of​ various products that it​ can produce. the​ world of​ souvenirs,​ keepsakes and promotional or​ corporate novelty items has never been this exciting now that laser engraving technology has penetrated the​ market.

Laser engraving technology seems to​ a​ very complicated process; and the​ products and designs it​ can create seems very hard to​ do; but with the​ use of​ modern laser engraving machine,​ remarkable gift items with intricate designs can be done in​ a​ few minutes. is​ it​ unbelievable or​ too good to​ be true? No. the​ right term is​ amazing!

And who would not be captivated by the​ elegant and lasting beauty of​ laser engraved products such as​ bracelets,​ pendants,​ paper weights and key chains that look elegant and classic? Laser engraving business is​ booming nowadays because both small and huge corporations have realized the​ value of​ elegantly engraved paperweights or​ key chain…

Why Is It One Of The Most Cost Effective Ways To Advertise Your Business

Ever heard of​ affiliate programs? These are forms of​ Internet advertising that rewards the​ affiliates for driving traffic to​ the​ advertiser or​ for other transactions. the​ advertiser pays the​ affiliate to​ place a​ link on​ their website,​ and the​ affiliate sends traffic to​ the​ advertiser in​ return. Simply put,​ it's about paying commissions to​ people who help you​ make sales. It's that easy. NOT.

Affiliate marketing has its ups and downs. it​ could be draining if​ you​ are not armed with updated information and the​ technical how-tos. But this article's sole objective is​ to​ reach out to​ you​ and not to​ badmouth affiliate marketing.

Here are the​ following reasons on​ why web marketers go gaga over affiliate marketing as​ a​ form of​ Internet advertisement.

1. Low cost

Many are scared to​ go on​ a​ home based business because of​ the​ capital required. in​ affiliate marketing,​ you​ don't have to​ spend much to​ start raking in​ moolah.

2. Inventories not i…

Why Is Factoring Important In Business

Why is​ Factoring Important in​ Business?
A business venture can experience cash shortage or​ difficulty in​ being liquid even if​ it​ has receivables and steady assets that are more than its payables and other liabilities.
There are easy solutions to​ cash shortage just so a​ business enterprise can meet its short term obligations like payroll .​
Among these solutions include loans or​ short-term borrowing and factoring accounts .​
Factoring accounts can be done for accounts that are expected to​ be received by a​ company during a​ certain period.
A person who wants to​ avail of​ credit through the​ factoring of​ his accounts receivable must submit an​ application form which will then be reviewed by the​ agency concerned .​
Once approved,​ the​ applicant should consider the​ terms of​ the​ loan proposal and wait for a​ maximum of​ seven days within which the​ agency will con duct a​ credit investigation .​
The investigation will cover the​ applicant’s credit status,​ tax payments and li…