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7 Tips On Maintaining Acne Free Skin

7 Tips on​ Maintaining Acne Free Skin
Having that nasty zit is​ sometimes quite annoying. ​
In fact,​ it​ is​ a​ great factor on​ suffering low selfesteem particularly on​ young people whose main focus at ​ puberty is​ the​ physical attribute. ​
Preventing acne breakout is​ not a​ piece of​ cake that is​ why even if ​ you​ know everything about acne control,​ the​ acne still shows up every now and​ then. ​
The lack of​ time to​ maintain acne free regimen daily contributes to​ the​ breakout. ​
So how do you​ maintain your acne free skin? Here’s how
1. ​
Do not prick the​ acne affected area. ​
Touching it​ with bare hands can cause further irritation. ​
Unclean hands carry undesirable microorganism that can cause acne. ​
So it​ is​ rather safe to​ keep your hands or​ any other object from your face to​ impede the​ inflammation of​ the​ acne and​ scarring of​ the​ skin as​ well.
2. ​
Avoid using oilbased products on​ your hair. ​
Guys and​ girls wear hair products to​ improve their appeara…

7 Little Known Acne Skin Care Secrets

7 Little Known Acne Skin Care Secrets
An acne problem is​ not a​ problem,​ so long as​ you​ know wise acne skin care tips. ​
One does need much money to​ get that healthy glowing skin,​ with the​ natural acne skin care methods,​ acne shouldnt be treated like monsters under your bed. ​
Here are some acne skin care methods we can practice.
The power of​ water. ​
Oil,​ they say is​ thicker than water. ​
But water is​ the​ plainest,​ most natural substance we can use for acne skin care. ​
In washing your face,​ do it​ gently. ​
Rubbing and​ scrubbing your face does not clean the​ skin gently. ​
For best acne skin care effects,​ using a​ mild cleanser or​ toner once in​ the​ morning,​ noon and​ evening,​ and​ after doing a​ heavy work out,​ will help you​ achieve a​ clear skin.
Pick that zit. ​
People who prick pimples and​ blemishes as​ if ​ pricking a​ bubble only aggravates the​ risk of​ skin inflammation and​ acne scars. ​
Avoid hand contact with your face for better acne skin care result…

The Main Causes Of Acne

The Main Causes of​ Acne
Medically speaking,​ an acne sufferer has a​ combination of​ elements working in​ unison,​ often causing inflammation to​ our skin otherwise known as​ acne.
These elements include
• Trapped bacteria under the​ skin
• Increased oil
• Keratosis retention
Increased oil within the​ skin can be caused by makeup,​ but is​ usually produced by the​ sebaceous glands. Sometimes these glands produce an increased amount of​ oil,​ resulting in​ acne and pimples. Retention of​ Keratosis can also cause excess oil and this happens when skin cells that are not shed block the​ sebaceous ducts. the​ role of​ the​ sebaceous ducts is​ to​ get rid of​ excess oil.
Commonly,​ outbreaks of​ acne occur during teenage years,​ but can occur with some people at​ any age. Acne is​ more common in​ teenagers,​ because of​ the​ marked increase in​ hormone activity processes within the​ skin. Whether it​ is​ a​ teen affected by acne,​ or​ an adult,​ it​ is​ a​ fact that hormones pla…

6 Tips On How To Clear Up Acne

6 Tips on​ How to​ Clear up Acne
Although having acne breakouts is​ normal,​ especially for teens,​ people can’t still help but search for ways on​ how to​ clear up acne. ​
Some are finding ways on​ how to​ treat it​ inexpensively while others really saves enough money so that they can pay for the​ soothing expensive facial skin care which can be availed in​ most beauty salons. ​
But for those with hectic schedules,​ and​ can’t find time to​ visit any facial salons or​ dermatologist’s clinic,​ here are some ways that could help in​ clearing up your acne.
1. ​
Avoid squeezing or​ popping your pimples and​ as​ much as​ possible prevent yourself from touching your outbreaks especially with unclean hands. ​
The more you​ touch or​ squeeze the​ puss out of​ your acne,​ the​ more sebum your skin will produce. ​
it​ will take more time before your pimples and​ blackheads clear up because of​ the​ inflammation and​ irritation that can possibly occur.
2. ​
Wash your face thoroughly at ​ least two…

The Impact Of Acne

The Impact of​ Acne
Social Impact
Many acne sufferers tend to​ isolate themselves from society and purposely chose not to​ socialize with their friends. Why? Because acne sufferers are plagued with feelings of​ depression,​ embarrassment and have a​ poor body image. This then leads to​ frustration,​ anger and severe depression. These negative psychological effects can have a​ very crippling impact on​ an individuals social life,​ which in​ turn will discourage them from pursuing life’s opportunities socially,​ scholastically and even in​ the​ work force. Depression caused by acne can lead to​ low self esteem,​ causing sufferers to​ purposely miss dates,​ social gatherings,​ classes,​ job interviews and even work.
Psychological Impact
Although acne is​ not considered to​ be a​ life threatening disorder,​ its psychological effects can be quite profound as​ acne affects the​ most visible parts of​ your body. the​ psychological effects of​ acne have only come to​ light in​ recent…

6 Lifestyle Tips For Reducing Acne

6 Lifestyle Tips for Reducing Acne
Would you​ like to​ find out what thoseintheknow have to​ say about Acne? the​ information in​ the​ article below comes straight from wellinformed experts with special knowledge about Acne. ​

Here are some tips that have helped hundreds of​ people suffering from acne. ​
Hopefully,​ these will help you​ too
1. ​
Water is​ Best
Water is​ by far the​ most effective treatment for acne. ​
the​ main support for this claim is​ the​ fact that water is​ alkaline pH 7.3 and​ can be considered as​ a​ natural treatment or​ an almost free acne treatment. ​
Thus,​ it​ is​ best that you​ drink at ​ least eight glasses of​ water per day 10 to​ 12 is​ better. ​
This will help your body in​ getting rid of​ oil,​ waste and​ toxins,​ and​ water even helps to​ moisten your skin as​ it​ keeps your pores from clogging. ​
Perhaps what is​ most important is​ that,​ water helps to​ relieve stress and​ relax your body in​ the​ end,​ so you​ can have a​ better sleep. ​
Note th…

The Hope Of Acne Patients

New Laser Therapy Prevents Acne From Graduating to​ Scars

What’s a​ four letter word for a​ skin condition that affects nearly 80 percent of​ the​ population in​ various forms and can cause considerable emotional stress? if​ you​ answered acne,​ then you​ hit this hard-to-treat condition on​ the​ head. While a​ more difficult question might have been how to​ treat acne,​ dermatologists are at​ the​ forefront of​ using laser technology to​ stop acne in​ its tracks – and prevent the​ acne scars that are often a​ result.

No. 1 Skin Condition

Acne is​ the​ most commonly diagnosed skin disorder in​ the​ world,​ topping the​ list of​ reasons that patients seek out the​ help of​ a​ dermatologist. While studies show that acne is​ not caused by diet or​ stress but by physiological factors such as​ hormones,​ excess oil and bacteria,​ patients often place the​ blame on​ their own shoulders.

“Acne patients are often times truly frustrated,​ and rightfully so,​” said by a​ dermatologist. “They…

5 Tips About Your Acne Treatment How To Get The Best From Your Doctor

Doctors are extremely busy people that are often overworked,​ underpaid and​ sometimes harassed by patients that have little to​ complain about. ​ However I ​ believe they genuinely want to​ help their patients,​ and​ will take your acne condition seriously. ​ There are a​ number of​ simple steps you​ can take to​ ensure you​ maximize the​ chance of​ getting the​ right help from your doctor in​ treating your acne.
1. ​ a​ key skill in​ getting the​ best out of​ any situation is​ clear communication. ​ Your doctor can only act on​ the​ information you​ give him about your condition. ​ Not providing the​ ‘full story’ is​ the​ primary reason for misdiagnosis or​ a​ lack of​ urgent attention. ​ Make sure you​ tell your doctor,​ how long you’ve had the​ acne,​ what treatments you’ve tried,​ where does the​ acne occur and​ is​ it​ worsened by reaction to​ stress of​ sunlight.

2. ​ Ask questions about any aspect of​ your acne that you​ want to​ clarify. ​ a​ good tip is​ to​ write down the​ qu…

5 Tips To Cure Your Acne

5 Tips to​ Cure Your Acne
Here are 5 tips to​ help with acne prevention and​ treatment and​ skin maintenance. ​
They are listed in​ no particular order of​ importance.
1. ​
Get plenty of​ fresh air and​ sunshine for vitamin D,​ ingredients for healthy skin. ​
Not only will your skin appreciate the​ vitamin D,​ your body and​ mind will enjoy the​ oxygen and​ stress reducer of​ a​ daily jaunt outdoors. ​
But dont overdo it​ and​ get a​ sunburn! Remember to​ use sun protection / tanning lotions if ​ youll be out long. ​
You dont want to​ get caught up in​ that cycle of​ burned,​ dead skin cells blocking pores,​ resulting in​ acne scenario. ​

2. ​
Remember,​ even good stress can trigger internal chemical responses that result in​ acne,​ too. ​
So plan ahead to​ deal with extra stress when planning a​ wedding,​ graduation,​ a​ move,​ a​ new job,​ a​ job transfer,​ a​ new baby,​ etc. ​
Journal a​ little extra,​ focusing on​ the​ upcoming issue or​ issues and​ plan in​ some extra rest use rela…

5 Natural And Nonnatural Acne Treatments

5 Natural and​ NonNatural Acne Treatments
At one point all of​ us have been trying to​ find ways on​ how to​ be completely acnefree. ​ Here are some natural and​ not so natural acne treatments that are proven to​ be effective.
1. ​ Witch Hazel Astringent
This astringent comes from the​ plant with the​ same name. ​ it​ is​ widely spread from Nova Scotia in​ Canada down to​ Texas and​ Florida. ​ Simply steam the​ twigs of​ this plant and​ voila! the​ extract you​ get from it​ serves as​ your astringent. ​ Remember to​ cool it​ though. ​ What’s good about this is​ that it​ occurs naturally and​ even the​ process it​ has undergone is​ all natural. ​ You can be assured it​ is​ less harsh compared with commerciallyproduced astringents.
2. ​ Commercially Produced Astringents
There is​ no doubt that astringents we can buy overthecounter are also effective. ​ There are lots of​ variants to​ choose from with additional ingredients that promote better skin. ​ The only downside is​ it​ can be a​ …

5 Easy Tips For Treating Acne

5 Easy Tips For Treating Acne
If you​ have even a​ passing interest in​ the​ topic of​ acne,​ then you​ should take a​ look at ​ the​ following information. ​
This enlightening article presents some of​ the​ latest news on​ the​ subject of​ acne.
1. ​
Avoid Scrubbing and​ Abrasives
Scrubbing and​ abrasives should be avoided. ​
Experts have said that they irritate the​ skin,​ which should be left intact as​ a​ natural barrier against the​ acnecausing bacteria.
2. ​
Sun for Beautiful Skin
As you​ may know,​ sun does kill bacteria,​ but it​ doesnt mean that it​ wont harm the​ skin. ​
Note that the​ sun also acts as​ an astringent that dries,​ tightens and​ clogs the​ skin pores. ​
Thus,​ you​ should just spend limited time under the​ sun. ​
at ​ least 15 minutes to​ the​ face and​ arms daily is​ enough.
3. ​
Avoid Extremely Cold Weather
If extreme heat causes clogging of​ the​ pores,​ extremely cold weather causes it​ as​ well. ​
So,​ avoid extremely cold weather so you​ dont freeze and​ clog p…

5 Acne Treatment Tips You Can Use Today

5 Acne Treatment Tips you​ Can Use Today
Luckily,​ there are a​ number of​ things you​ can do everyday to​ make sure your skin is​ less prone to​ flare ups. ​
Here are five tips for taking control of​ your acne starting today.
1. ​
Exercise Keeping in​ shape can help fight acne by fighting off negative stress levels that can come from negative selfesteem and​ depression. ​
However,​ some safeguards need to​ be in​ place to​ ward off acne that can result from your workout routines. ​
Watch what you​ put on​ your body with regards to​ clothing,​ sports gear and​ equipment.
For example,​ tight lycra and​ nylon exercise outfits might look great in​ the​ movies and​ on​ magazine models,​ but if ​ you​ are susceptible to​ acne problems,​ avoid these synthetic fabrics that tend to​ trap in​ body moisture and​ heat resulting in​ a​ bacteria frenzy. ​
Instead,​ choose loose clothing made of​ cotton or​ natural blends to​ allow more air to​ get to​ your skin.
And when you​ are finished with your w…

4 Tips On How To Treat Adult Acne

Lots of​ people are unaware of​ the​ fact that adult acne exists and they seem not to​ know how to​ treat adult acne. People have this misconception that acne only happens during teenage years and gradually wears off as​ they age. For most people,​ this fact may be true but it​ is​ important to​ note that acne does not start during teenage years only. However,​ it​ is​ important to​ note that there are a​ significant number of​ adults that experience such condition.

There are lots of​ reasons why a​ person develops adult acne. But,​ it​ is​ important to​ take note that majority of​ the​ people that suffers from this condition are those who also experienced acne problems during their teens. it​ is​ also important to​ remember that the​ treatment for this is​ not the​ same when you​ were in​ your teens since your skin is​ already different from how it​ used to​ be. Because of​ this,​ here are some tips on​ how to​ treat adult acne.

1. First,​ buy a​ reputable over the​ counter acne tre…

4 Simple Methods To Clear Up Acne Scars

4 Simple Methods to​ Clear Up Acne Scars
Acne scars can be a​ major inconvenience to​ anybody as​ it​ gives the​ idea of​ a​ bad skin complexion and​ sometimes causes a​ blow to​ one’s self confidence. ​
That’s why it​ is​ important to​ understand and​ know the​ different ways of​ treating and​ clearing up scars left by acne. ​
Here you​ will understand the​ different methods of​ getting rid of​ acne scars. ​
Hopefully in​ the​ end your acne scars will be a​ thing of​ the​ past and​ you​ may have more good news to​ your skin’s health.
Aside from expensive acne scars treatment method which are found to​ be effective but not in​ the​ financial reach of​ most of​ the​ population,​ it​ is​ important to​ know that there are also some natural and​ much cheaper remedies in​ getting rid of​ acne scars. ​
These are acne scars treatment methods that you​ can use to​ treat your acne scars right at ​ the​ convenience of​ your home.
Natural acne scar treatment is​ the​ best solution method especially…

3 Top Acne Skin Care Tips For A Healthier Skin

3 Top Acne Skin Care Tips For a​ Healthier Skin
When dealing with acne skin care,​ most of​ the​ medical professionals commonly suggest that people affected with acne must practice certain acne skin care methods that will help improve the​ condition of​ their skin.
Acne,​ as​ you​ may already know,​ is​ a​ very severe skin disorder that affects thousands of​ people from all over the​ world. ​
it​ not only affects the​ surface of​ the​ skin but also the​ inner layers of​ the​ skin. ​
Acne usually occurs on​ the​ face,​ neck,​ chest and​ back,​ and​ it​ starts during the​ adolescence period. ​

During the​ past several years,​ a​ good number of​ acne experts and​ skin care professionals have conducted many studies on​ how to​ prevent the​ formation of​ acne. ​
And fortunately,​ these skin care specialists have come out with certain acne skin care tips that can be of​ great help for fighting acne. ​
I ​ have selected the​ three simpler yet most powerful acne skin care tips that you​ can fol…

17 Years Acne Completely Under Controlled

17 Years Acne Completely Under controlled
Only 2 months of​ using the​ Acne cure method,​ my acnes have completely under control. ​
Face cleared up twice as​ fast and​ pigmentation lighten. ​
I ​ have combined 3 steps of​ curing methods using mother nature natural resources to​ control my Acne,​ NO expensive creams,​ lotions,​ or​ prescribed medicines. ​
Sorry this is​ not a​ 1 or​ 2 days cure method but you​ will see results in​ one or​ two week’s time. ​
Usually I ​ have outbreak after SEX,​ yes after sex… Not sure whether other acne suffers have this problem,​ but after using this Acne cure methods,​ NO more outbreaks!
Here comes the​ cure…
Step 1.
Daily routine the​ NIGHT BATH
You must do this every day or​ twice a​ day if ​ not convenient for you. ​
THE NIGHT BATH ingredients you​ need are
4 Cups of​ Dead Sea Salt Normal sea salt will do but not as​ effective
4 Cups of​ Epsom Salt
Why Dead Sea salt and​ Epsom salt? Epsom salt is​ well know for expelling toxins out of​ your body and​ Dea…

10 Tips On How To Cure Back Acne

10 Tips on​ How to​ Cure Back Acne
There are several ways on​ how to​ cure back acne. ​
Bacne a​ short term for back acne is​ just like any ordinary forms of​ acne. ​
it​ can appear as​ pimples,​ blackheads,​ pustules or​ in​ severe cases it​ would look like an acne cyst. ​
This commonly appears during puberty when the​ sebaceous gland starts to​ function aggressively. ​
Male,​ female,​ teenagers or​ adult,​ back acne does not have a​ particular range of​ age nor gender and​ practically can affect anybody. ​
Below are some ways to​ treat bacne.
1.Wear cool clothes and​ put some powder at ​ your back to​ prevent perspiration. ​
This is​ a​ vital way on​ how to​ cure back acne. ​
Change clothes if ​ you​ have perspired too much on​ it​ to​ prevent further back acne build up. ​

2.After doing a​ vigorous activity,​ you​ would probably give off too much sweat. ​
Take a​ shower immediately or​ if ​ not possible,​ wipe your perspiration using towels with soft fabric such as​ cotton. ​

3.Pat d…

Acne And Vitamin Supplements

Acne and​ Vitamin Supplements
Since the​ majority of​ the​ worlds population suffer from acne at ​ some point in​ their lives,​ there is​ no surprise that such efforts are invested in​ finding out how to​ it. ​ While there have been some definitive answers on​ whether acne is​ hormonal induced yes,​ and​ what can be done to​ prevent it​ prescription ​Drug​s,​ certain herbal remedies,​ etc,​ there are still many unknown factors that cause acne.
However,​ of​ all the​ many acne questions that science is​ yet to​ find answers to,​ the​ most controversial is​ whether or​ not diet has an effect on​ acne.

Historically,​ diet was thought to​ be linked to​ acne. ​ Doctors and​ housewives alike believed that a​ high fat content in​ ones diet would cause an oilier complexion,​ and​ this in​ turn would create acne breakouts.

However,​ as​ time went on,​ science found no directly link between a​ diet high in​ lipids fat,​ and​ acne. ​ Since acne is​ caused by a​ bacterial growth in​ sebum trapped…

Understanding Acne And Its Devastating Results

Understanding Acne and its Devastating Results
There are many days that get started off with a​ frightful scream or​ heartbreaking dismay from both men and women. the​ source of​ this shock and disappointment is​ an inflamed greasy and oily clogged up skin pore.

Acne is​ an unwelcome blemish on​ anyones face; it​ can be quite painful too. if​ left untreated,​ acne can leave an unpleasant scar on​ the​ face,​ neck or​ back. Unlike the​ common pimple,​ acne can be inflamed and possibly turn out to​ be infected.
Hormones that go into overdrive during the​ teen years of​ a​ person cause acne,​ they produce an excess of​ oil deposits in​ the​ glands resulting to​ this skin blemish. While they are not particularly life threatening or​ are they extremely painful and disturbing they can leave permanent scars in​ the​ affected area.

Acne usually happens around the​ teenage years,​ from 13 to​ 19,​ and usually disappears there after. Different people have different levels or​ seri…

Acne And The Changes In Girls During Puberty

Acne and​ the​ Changes in​ Girls During Puberty
During puberty,​ girls go through many changes some physical and​ some psychological. ​ These changes include fat distribution,​ menstruation,​ body composition,​ body and​ facial hair growth,​ growth spurts,​ skin changes and​ body odor. ​ During puberty the​ body physically changes as​ the​ fat tissue increases in​ the​ breasts,​ hips,​ and​ thighs,​ producing the​ typical female shape. ​ With all these changes in​ girls during puberty,​ what effect does acne have on​ girls during this difficult and​ emotional time?

Acne can increase the​ physical and​ emotional stress that girls experience during puberty. ​ the​ severity and​ likelihood of​ acne is​ one of​ the​ many changes in​ girls during puberty due to​ the​ increased oil secretions in​ the​ skin. ​ Mood swings,​ increased irritability and​ feelings of​ low self esteem can also be experienced by girls during puberty. ​ Even girls who have been self confident can suffer from…