With Tour Guide Training You Can Get Paid To Travel

With Tour Guide Training You Can Get Paid To Travel

In survey after survey,​ when people are asked what they would do if​ they had more time and additional financial resources,​ the​ top answer is​ "travel." Unfortunately,​ for most people,​ the​ dream of​ seeing exotic locales and exploring the​ sights and sounds of​ distant places remains just that - a​ dream. But some people choose to​ transform their travel dreams into reality by receiving tour guide training and becoming a​ tour director or​ getting any one of​ a​ number of​ other travel jobs.

Types of​ Tour Guide Jobs

Travel and tourism training paves the​ way for any number of​ tour guide jobs. Leading tours can mean sightseeing and bus tours,​ adventure tours,​ sporting tours,​ and cruise ship excursions either near your home,​ within the​ United States,​ or​ internationally. With tour director training,​ you​ can find work as​ varied as​ being a​ cruise host to​ assuming a​ management position with a​ tour company. the​ companies you​ can work for include tour operators,​ destination management companies,​ and event planners.

Who Makes a​ Good Tour Director?

One of​ the​ wonderful things about the​ travel and hospitality industry is​ that it​ encompasses a​ diverse array of​ jobs and draws people from a​ variety of​ backgrounds. in​ order to​ succeed in​ the​ field,​ you​ simply need to​ love travel,​ enjoy working with people,​ and have the​ right travel and tourism training. Some tour guides have extensive travel experience prior to​ starting,​ while others just have natural curiosity and the​ desire to​ travel. Many take tour guide jobs on​ a​ part-time basis,​ either during vacations from school,​ after retirement,​ or​ during the​ "down time" of​ seasonal careers. Others work locally as​ full-time tour directors or​ travel the​ world on​ cruise ships. There isn't a​ single career path that leads to​ becoming a​ good tour director; indeed,​ it​ is​ tour guide training that makes all the​ difference.

Finding the​ Right Tour Guide Training

While some community colleges and universities offer tour guide training,​ you​ can also earn a​ certificate as​ a​ tour director through online courses. the​ best online courses offer the​ option of​ getting credit for the​ course through an​ accredited college or​ university in​ your community.

When looking at​ travel and tourism training options,​ look into the​ background of​ the​ instructor. Ideally,​ you​ will find someone with over a​ decade of​ extensive travel experience throughout the​ world as​ a​ cruise host and international tour director. He or​ she should also have considerable tour guide training experience.

A reputable tour director training course should last about six weeks. it​ should cover the​ expectations,​ requirements,​ and procedures involved in​ tour directing and guiding,​ as​ well as​ techniques for group management,​ creating and delivering interesting narration,​ and handling challenges that arise. the​ course should also go into depth about pre-tour planning,​ multi-day tours,​ facing emergencies anywhere in​ the​ world,​ and governmental regulations and procedures. Finally,​ a​ good tour guide training course will explore the​ career opportunities available for a​ tour director,​ which opportunities are a​ good fit for your needs and interests,​ and how to​ best write a​ resume,​ network,​ and interview for travel jobs.

Getting paid to​ travel is​ a​ dream job. And,​ with the​ right tour guide training,​ you​ can make that dream come true!

With Tour Guide Training You Can Get Paid To Travel

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