Travel Guide Get Ready To Travel

Travel Guide Get Ready To Travel

Traveling to​ a​ different country can be a​ superb as​ well as​ an​ intricate experience. It’s very difficult to​ be familiar with new language,​ legal systems and customs for unplanned travelers. you​ can have a​ lovely foreign experience with proper planning and guidance.

Health and safety are the​ primary issues for the​ travelers. Whenever you’re going to​ a​ trip with your family as​ well as​ alone you’ve to​ be very careful about your health because human body is​ so sensitive and can’t adjust with a​ new environment immediately.

If you’re going to​ abroad,​ certain points should be kept in​ mind like:

Check your visas & passport (if required). Fill the​ emergency information page of​ the​ passport carefully.

Study consular information sheets or​ travel warnings for the​ city where you​ want to​ visit.

Learn carefully all rules & regulations of​ foreign country.

Be familiar with local laws and customs of​ the​ country where you​ want to​ travel.

Obey U.S constitution because it​ keeps you​ safe in​ foreign country.

Make at​ least two photocopies of​ your passport to​ avoid the​ harassment in​ case your passport is​ lost or​ stolen. you​ should leave one copy of​ your passport in​ your relative or​ friends’ house where you’re live in.

Make a​ list about your journey or​ the​ places where you’ll visit during foreign travel and leave a​ copy of​ it​ at​ your home so that your family members can easily contact you​ in​ case of​ emergency.

Contact regularly with someone at​ your home.

Don’t spend time at​ unknown places.

During your foreign travel don’t accept things from strangers and don’t handover your luggage to​ a​ stranger.

Register yourself with the​ nearest U.S consulate/embassy before departure.

Don’t wear expensive jewelry or​ clothing due to​ safety reasons.

Don’t carry large amount of​ money and extra credit cards with you​ while traveling.

Try to​ deal with authorized agents only at​ the​ time of​ exchanging money.

Last but not the​ least,​ contact nearest U.S. embassy immediately at​ the​ time of​ trouble.

Here are some health related instructions that are very much important while traveling to​ another country. Carry some medicines and medical supplies that you’re using regularly because it’s very difficult to​ find certain medicines in​ other country. if​ you​ find that vary medicine it​ is​ not sure that the​ formulation will be same. it​ can easily cause allergy or​ other bad effects to​ your health.

You should be careful about your meal while traveling. Try to​ follow a​ healthy diet chart that will help you​ to​ be fit & fine. Carry a​ written copy of​ your medical history that includes all information about you​ like:

• name,​ address & phone number
• blood type
• vaccinations
• name of​ your doctor and doctor’s address & emergency phone numbers
• copy of​ health insurance that describes your policy number
• a​ list that shows your current health problems like heart disease or​ diabetes
• record of​ all allergies
• an alternative phone number instead of​ your parents’

Don’t forget to​ carry a​ first-aid kit with you. While focusing on​ these guidelines you’ll enjoy your travel and feel relax during your journey.

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