Unusual Places To Tee Up The Next Time You Travel

Unusual Places To Tee Up The Next Time You Travel

Golf--it's been called the​ ultimate travelers' sport. More than 17 million people hit the​ links while they are away on​ vacation or​ a​ business trip. While Arizona,​ Hawaii and California are typically known for their expansive,​ breathtaking greens,​ there are many top-rated courses that can be found in​ the​ most unexpected of​ places.

According to​ travel expert and Travel Channel host Tracy Gallagher,​ "It's all in​ the​ research. Before taking a​ trip-whether traveling on​ a​ family vacation,​ for a​ weekend getaway or​ on​ business--a great nearby golf course can easily be found with a​ little advance planning."

So why not hit the​ links the​ next time you​ hit the​ road? Some of​ Gallagher's favorite U.S. golfing destinations may surprise you.

• Albuquerque,​ N.M.-With spectacular scenery and desert climate,​ Albuquerque is​ a​ superb place to​ golf. in​ fact,​ over the​ past few years,​ developers have capitalized on​ the​ area's beauty and,​ as​ a​ result,​ many new courses have opened throughout the​ city.

• Washington,​ D.C.-For a​ stroke of​ something different,​ try golfing in​ our nation's capital. One wouldn't think there would be room for a​ golf course in​ the​ immediate 68-square-mile area of​ Washington,​ D.C.; however,​ the​ proximity of​ some of​ the​ courses to​ the​ downtown area makes golfing an​ easy addition to​ a​ sightseeing trip. in​ fact,​ you​ can even see many of​ the​ historic monuments from several of​ the​ nearby fairways.

• Portland,​ Ore.-The Pacific Northwest certainly doesn't have typical golfing weather,​ but the​ frequent showers give the​ golf greens a​ shade of​ emerald you​ won't find anywhere else. if​ Oregon is​ on​ your travel itinerary,​ be sure to​ check out the​ courses in​ the​ Portland area.

Whether heading to​ the​ West Coast,​ Midwest,​ Deep South or​ the​ Eastern Seaboard,​ keep the​ following in​ mind as​ you​ plan your next trip:

• Check with local courses--many offer a​ special family package rate.

• For a​ more affordable golfing experience,​ check prices for playing at​ "twilight."

• if​ you​ can't get a​ tee time at​ one of​ the​ courses near your destination,​ many of​ the​ locations have driving ranges so you​ can at​ least practice your swing.

• Look for hotels,​ such as​ the​ Hilton Garden Inn,​ that offer a​ golf package. "Golf Amenity #18" is​ the​ largest golf promotion available at​ Hilton Garden Inn hotels throughout North America,​ which offers guests whose stay includes a​ Thursday,​ Friday,​ Saturday or​ Sunday night,​ from June 1-Oct. 22,​ 2018,​ a​ complimentary green fees voucher (good for two people) that's valid at​ more than 330 golf courses in​ the​ U.S. and Canada. Guests also receive a​ complimentary golf tips booklet,​ written by Golf Digest instructors,​ filled with pointers to​ improve your game. It's a​ one-of-a-kind deal that travelers-both business and leisure-can take advantage of​ this summer.

Unusual Places To Tee Up The Next Time You Travel

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