Travel Tips Things To Do The Day You Leave

Travel Tips Things To Do The Day You Leave

Sometimes when we are anxious to​ just get out the​ door,​ we forget some very important things that need to​ be taken care of. in​ the​ list below are some items you​ might want to​ check on​ and take care of​ before you​ leave. This could help avoid any unwanted problems when you​ return home from you​ well-deserved vacation.

Tip One: Turn your water heater down to​ the​ lowest setting.

Tip Two: Turn your air conditioner up in​ summer. you​ want to​ reduce your bills,​ but you​ may have to​ keep the​ house from getting too hot to​ protect your pets and electronics.

Tip Three: Turn your heat down or​ off in​ spring or​ fall. Be sure to​ leave the​ house warm enough in​ the​ winter. you​ may want to​ reduce your bills,​ but you​ may need to​ keep the​ house from getting too cold to​ protect your pets and water pipes.

Tip Four: Leave shades or​ drapes as​ you​ normally would if​ you​ were home.

Tip Five: Plug a​ cheap radio into a​ timer so you​ can have some noise in​ the​ house during part of​ the​ day.

Tip Six: Lock all doors and windows including the​ basement & garage.

Tip Seven: Unplug electronic items,​ such as,​ your computer to​ protect them if​ you​ have a​ storm while you're gone. Remember to​ unhook your phone line from the​ modem. Unfortunately,​ you​ may have to​ leave it​ all hooked up if​ your computer is​ your only answering machine. Make sure your surge protectors are properly installed.

Tip Eight: Pack the​ car inside the​ garage,​ with the​ door down,​ so people driving by won't find out you're leaving.

Tip Nine: Disconnect the​ garage door. Unplug it​ if​ you​ can,​ don't pull the​ fuse for the​ garage door until you​ verify the​ fuse isn't hooked up to​ something that needs to​ stay on,​ such as,​ your refrigerator or​ maybe a​ freezer in​ the​ garage.

These nine tips are a​ good start to​ a​ great vacation. They can put your mind at​ ease and increase the​ chances that you​ will return home without facing some unwanted situations.

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