Travel Tips Getting The Most Out Of Your Limited Space

Travel Tips Getting The Most Out Of Your Limited Space

The number-one rule in​ packing for a​ trip is​ to​ pack lightly because we often forget how frequently we’ll have to​ lift or​ carry our luggage during our travels. Consider how,​ you’ll be dragging your luggage into the​ trunk of​ your car and out again,​ through the​ airport,​ off of​ the​ luggage carousel,​ through another airport,​ back into the​ trunk of​ your rental car and out again until finally you​ get to​ the​ hotel where hopefully they’ll have a​ porter.

On top of​ having to​ lug your bags around,​ your airline will have strict rules on​ the​ size,​ weight and the​ number of​ bags you​ can travel with—for both carry-on and checked baggage. Make sure you​ check your airline's website for current information on​ restrictions and don’t assume that what you​ took last time will be allowed this time—especially if​ you​ are travelling on​ a​ different airline. Luggage size and weight restrictions can vary by airline or​ travel destination.

Packing lightly for your travels can save you​ money. Many airlines are now charging fees for overweight bags,​ oversized bags,​ and for checking more than the​ allowed number of​ bags per passenger.

Other great reasons for packing lightly: shorter waits around the​ luggage carousel,​ less need for porters (and tips!) and easier Customs inspections (after all,​ if​ you​ had to​ force your bags closed,​ imagine how happy the​ Customs agents will be!)

Travel tips for packing your carry-on
Your carry-on should contain all your most valuable items and must-have documentation like:

• Your wallet
• Your passport
• Your tickets
• Your traveller’s cheques
• Your emergency medical travel insurance
• Your medications (be sure to​ keep them in​ their original bottles)
• Phone numbers and addresses of​ where you’ll be staying
• A small amount of​ local currency for immediate use when you​ arrive
• The maps you’ll need to​ get where you​ are staying once you’ve arrived
• If you​ must bring valuables like jewellery with you,​ your carry-on is​ your safest bet – but leave them at​ home if​ you​ can.

Travel tips for packing your checked luggage
The following tips should help you​ keep your luggage light and leave enough room so you​ can pack souvenirs when you​ return:

• Find out if​ where you​ are staying offers laundry services or​ has facilities you​ can use. This is​ one of​ the​ major secrets of​ packing lightly.
• Coordinate your outfits around a​ central color so you’ll be able to​ mix and match.
• Plan your outfits so you​ can layer instead of​ bringing lots of​ coats.
• Take a​ solid color sweater that will match any outfit to​ use to​ keep you​ warm
• Why pack the​ rain gear if​ rain is​ nowhere in​ the​ forecast? Check the​ weather online,​ so you​ can pack weather-appropriate clothing without wasting space on​ things you​ won’t need.
• Rolling clothes rather than folding them will help prevent wrinkles and optimize your limited space.
• Take small sample sizes of​ toiletries that will last just long enough instead of​ huge bottles.
• Don’t waste an​ inch of​ your luggage space,​ pack underwear and socks inside your shoes. This will also help your shoes keep their shape. Pack your belts around the​ edge of​ the​ luggage.

A final travel tip
Although already mentioned as​ one of​ the​ items you​ should keep in​ your carry-on so it​ doesn’t get lost,​ emergency medical travel insurance is​ a​ must-have for all Canadians. Even Canada’s Consular Affairs don’t mince words when they say on​ their website “DO NOT leave Canada without supplementary medical insurance.”

Even for the​ smallest of​ accidents,​ or​ the​ most common illnesses,​ emergency medical travel insurance offers you​ protection by ensuring you​ get the​ attention you​ need,​ when you​ need it​ while not having to​ worry about how your emergency treatment will get paid.

Before you​ leave,​ get emergency medical travel insurance quotes from competing insurers online and get the​ coverage you​ need. And don’t forget to​ pack it​ with your other must-have documentation!

Compare emergency medical travel insurance today!

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