Travel Bermuda Your Complete Information Guide To This Quintessential Island

Travel Bermuda Your Complete Information Guide To This Quintessential

In the​ middle of​ the​ Atlantic Ocean,​ 570 miles east of​ Cape Hatteras,​ North Carolina,​ lies an​ island filled with pink sand beaches,​ pastel cottages and quintessential British traditions. With a​ landmass of​ only 21 square miles,​ it​ is​ one of​ the​ smallest territories in​ the​ world. Bermuda actually consists of​ around 140 islands,​ of​ which 8 of​ these are linked by bridges to​ form a​ continuous fishhook shaped area of​ land that runs 22 miles in​ length and only 2 miles across at​ its widest point. This is​ the​ Bermuda that most everyone knows because the​ other islands are uninhabited and some are only rocks.

Bermuda is​ a​ different island in​ many ways from those that you​ generally think about such as​ the​ Caribbean. it​ is​ very polite and slightly restrained in​ the​ sense that you​ won’t find laid-back locals wandering around barefoot and offering you​ piña coladas. it​ is​ somewhat formal in​ dress,​ as​ you’ll see the​ female residents in​ stockings and heels and the​ men in​ jackets,​ ties,​ Bermuda shorts,​ and knee socks despite the​ beautiful weather. Golf and tennis are popular pastimes and you​ will find that most visitors,​ as​ well as​ Bermudians,​ are over 40. it​ is​ a​ wonderful and charming island that offers many things to​ see and do with great places to​ go.

Bermuda weather is​ very temperate,​ not too hot and not too cold. it​ is​ a​ semi-tropical island that doesn’t have a​ rainy season and there is​ no one month that receives an​ excess of​ rain. Showers can be heavy at​ times but you’ll find that the​ skies clear quickly and that it​ doesn’t usually affect your outdoor plans. the​ temperature rarely rises above 85 F,​ (29.5 C) perfect for sun bathing,​ swimming and all water sports and there is​ always a​ cool breeze at​ night. May to​ October are the​ warmest months with an​ average high of​ 82 F and an​ average low of​ 74 F. the​ coldest part of​ the​ year runs from January to​ March with average highs of​ 69 F and lows 60 F.

The Department of​ Tourism promotes 2 seasons for Bermuda weather; summer’s "beach and sizzle" and winter’s "golf and spa.” in​ summer,​ the​ island is​ filled with activities; hotel barbecues and evening dances to​ set off your daytime sightseeing trips,​ and the​ public beaches never close. During the​ off-season which runs from Nov-Mar,​ you’ll find that the​ pace slows down significantly. Some of​ the​ sightseeing,​ dive,​ snorkeling,​ and water-skiing boats are dry-docked and only taxis operate tours of​ the​ island. There are also a​ few hotels and restaurants that will close,​ although having said that,​ most hotels in​ Bermuda do stay open and you’ll find the​ prices slashed up to​ 40%. This is​ a​ great time to​ travel with perfect weather for golf and tennis,​ you​ can still rent boats,​ tour the​ islands and the​ best part? you​ can travel Bermuda and take full advantage of​ the​ uncrowded beaches,​ shops,​ restaurants,​ and walking tours and totally enjoy the​ beautiful sunny days.

If you’re looking to​ rent a​ car while you​ travel Bermuda,​ you​ are going to​ be out of​ luck,​ as​ there are no car rentals available there! you​ can get around with public buses,​ ferries,​ rent a​ moped or​ scooter,​ you​ can use taxis - or​ even hire a​ horse and carriage. the​ bus system is​ fantastic,​ running on​ schedule all day,​ although there is​ no late system. Exact change,​ tokens or​ tickets are required. Tokens can be purchased at​ some hotels and guest houses,​ sub-post offices,​ and at​ the​ Central Terminal in​ Hamilton on​ Church Street. you​ can also get multi-day Transportation Passes for three or​ seven days that allow for unlimited bus trips which will save you​ some money. Metered taxis can be found at​ the​ airport and most large hotels and they can also double as​ tour operators if​ you​ want to​ put together your own sightseeing tour of​ the​ island. Bermuda taxi operators are among the​ world's finest and their knowledge and commentary can make for an​ unforgettable tour. you​ can rent them by the​ day,​ hour or​ mile. All taxis are metered and the​ tariff is​ fixed by law so rates are the​ same for all: $4 for the​ first mile,​ $1.40 for each additional mile and higher rates after 10 pm. Ferries are a​ scenic way to​ get around and can sometimes be much faster than the​ bus. They connect Hamilton with Paget,​ Warwick and the​ Somerset/Dockyard area. Moped rentals are available by the​ 1/2 day,​ day,​ week and long-term. the​ cost varies according to​ length of​ rental and type of​ cycle. Horse and Carriage tours are a​ nice way to​ see Bermuda. By day the​ drivers will point out the​ sights,​ and for the​ evenings it​ is​ very romantic.

The currency here is​ the​ Bermuda dollar and it​ has a​ 1-1 ratio to​ the​ US dollar. Both currencies are equally accepted at​ all establishments but the​ US dollar is​ the​ currency of​ choice because unlike the​ Bermuda dollar,​ it’s exchangeable everywhere in​ the​ world. Average room prices vary as​ such: Low - $100/120 Mid - $120/180 High - $200+,​ average meal prices are: Low - $5/10 Mid - $10/25 High - $25-30. All hotels in​ Bermuda are subject to​ a​ 7.25% hotel tax which is​ added to​ your bill at​ check-out and there is​ also a​ departure tax but this is​ included in​ the​ price of​ your air ticket. When it​ comes to​ tipping,​ most restaurants add a​ 15% service charge to​ your bill,​ so just check to​ see if​ it​ is​ there so that you​ don’t end up tipping twice and of​ course,​ if​ it’s not there,​ this is​ the​ average. Hotels also generally add a​ service charge and this is​ 10%. For taxis,​ a​ tip of​ around 10% is​ average.

Bermuda has more sights to​ see than you​ will be able to​ visit in​ a​ single vacation,​ here are a​ just a​ few of​ the​ highlights. Visit the​ awesome underground of​ Bermuda,​ with one of​ the​ highest concentrations of​ limestone caves in​ the​ world,​ it​ offers a​ dream world that has even been the​ inspiration for many creative achievements including Hensen Associates "Fraggle Rock" muppets. Make sure to​ take a​ visit to​ the​ Crystal Caves or​ Leamington Caves,​ both are along the​ Harrington Sound Road. the​ Royal Naval Dockyard which began in​ 1809,​ can be seen today restored as​ an​ entertainment and shopping complex,​ with restaurants,​ crafts market,​ arts centre,​ Bermuda Maritime Museum,​ historic Commissioner's House,​ cinema,​ and the​ Clocktower shopping mall. the​ Botanical Gardens which feature over 1000 varieties of​ plant life spread out over 36 acres of​ landscape and are open all year from sunrise to​ sunset. Take time to​ visit the​ Bermuda Aquarium,​ Natural History Museum and Zoo where you​ can take self guided tours if​ you​ choose and learn about Bermuda's beginnings,​ whaling industry,​ captivating undersea exploration,​ and fragile environment. the​ aquarium,​ museum and zoo are internationally recognized as​ a​ centre for the​ preservation and reintroduction of​ threatened species.

If diving and snorkeling are your thing,​ you​ will find some 350 shipwrecks that are scattered among the​ reef formations,​ making it​ an​ ever changing,​ living museum under the​ sea. Another great way to​ see this amazing world is​ through a​ Glass Bottom Boat Tour,​ offered during the​ days and nights. And let’s not forget the​ endless array of​ the​ beautiful Bermuda beaches. With their pink sand and limestone dunes,​ you​ will find that the​ beaches on​ the​ south-shore are more scenic than those on​ the​ north-shore. the​ most popular,​ also the​ most crowded by tourists and locals is​ Horseshoe Bay Beach. Your best bet is​ to​ pick up "Bermuda's Guide to​ Beaches and Transportation,​" a​ free publication available at​ most hotels and in​ all Visitors Service Bureaus. it​ combines map and bus/ferry schedules,​ showing you​ the​ locations of​ the​ beaches and how to​ reach them.

Whether you​ are looking to​ visit a​ bustling city like the​ capitol of​ Hamilton,​ which offers plenty of​ shopping and sightseeing during the​ day; dinner,​ drinks and dancing by night to​ a​ lazy day on​ the​ beach,​ to​ the​ World Heritage Site and historic Town of​ St. George; Bermuda will cater to​ all of​ your needs. it​ can be a​ relaxed vacation destination or​ an​ international business center. it​ is​ a​ mix of​ ancient and new worlds,​ friendly people and there are so many things for you​ to​ take part in​ and enjoy. Whatever your desire,​ Bermuda is​ sure to​ welcome you."

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