Tips For The Screening Process For Travelers With Disabilities And Medical Conditions

Tips For The Screening Process For Travelers With Disabilities And
Medical Conditions

* if​ a​ personal search is​ required you​ may choose to​ remain in​ the​ public area or​ go to​ a​ private area for your screening. if​ you​ refuse either option you​ will not be able to​ fly.

* you​ should be offered a​ private screening before the​ beginning of​ a​ pat-down inspection if​ the​ pat-down will require the​ lifting of​ clothing and/or display of​ a​ covered medical device.

* you​ should be offered a​ disposable paper drape for additional privacy before the​ beginning of​ a​ pat-down.

* you​ may request a​ private area for your personal search at​ any time during the​ screening process.

* Your companion,​ assistant,​ or​ family member may accompany you​ and assist you​ during a​ private or​ public screening. After providing this assistance,​ the​ companion,​ assistant,​ or​ family member will need to​ be rescreened.

* you​ may ask for a​ chair if​ you​ need to​ sit down during the​ screening process.

* you​ should be allowed to​ raise you​ arms out during an​ inspection only as​ far as​ you​ indicate you​ can.

* you​ should be allowed to​ remain in​ your wheelchair if​ you​ indicate that you​ are unable to​ stand and/or walk through the​ metal detector.

* you​ may request a​ pat-down inspection in​ lieu of​ going through the​ metal detector or​ being hand-wanded. you​ do not need to​ disclose why you​ would like this option.

* if​ you​ have a​ disability,​ condition,​ or​ implant,​ that you​ would like to​ remain private and confidential,​ ask the​ Security Officer to​ please be discreet when assisting you​ through the​ screening process.

* you​ have the​ right to​ ask a​ Security Officer to​ change her/his gloves during the​ physical inspection of​ your accessible property,​ before performing a​ physical search (pat-down,​) or​ any time a​ Security Officer handles your footwear.

* Medication and related supplies that are carried through a​ checkpoint are normally X-rayed. However,​ as​ a​ customer service,​ TSA now allows you​ the​ option of​ requesting a​ visual inspection of​ your medication and associated supplies.

* you​ must request a​ visual inspection before the​ screening process begins; otherwise you​ medications and supplies will undergo X-ray inspection.

* if​ you​ would like to​ take advantage of​ this option,​ please have your medication and associated supplies separated from your other property and in​ a​ separate pouch/bag when you​ approach the​ Security Officer at​ the​ walk-through metal detector. Request the​ visual inspection and hand your medication bag to​ the​ Security Officer.

* in​ order to​ prevent contamination or​ damage to​ medication and associated supplies and/or fragile medical materials,​ you​ will be asked at​ the​ security checkpoint to​ display,​ handle,​ and repack your own medication and associated supplies during the​ visual inspection.

* Any medication and/or associated supplies that cannot be cleared visually must be submitted for X-ray screening. if​ you​ refuse,​ you​ will not be permitted to​ carry your medications and related supplies into the​ sterile area.

Make sure you​ check for the​ latest updates at​ the​ TSA web site.

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