The Ultimate Canadian Travel Guide To An East Coast Adventure

The Ultimate Canadian Travel Guide To An East Coast Adventure

Making the​ decision to​ visit any one of​ Canada’s beautiful provinces or​ territories is​ easy,​ especially if​ you​ decide to​ spend your time on​ the​ East Coast. Canada’s East Coast is​ made up of​ Newfoundland,​ Nova Scotia,​ New Brunswick and precious Prince Edward Island which exudes island hospitality and charm.

Your trip will be packed full of​ exciting activities when visiting any number of​ the​ East Coast festivals,​ cultural events,​ heritage sites as​ well as​ a​ ton of​ indoor and outdoor attractions. There is​ definitely no shortage of​ things to​ do on​ the​ East Coast. When visiting here is​ a​ list of​ the​ top 5 things you​ must see and do.

When in​ Newfoundland,​ Gros Morne National Park is​ a​ must see. Either for a​ day trip or​ for a​ week long camping trip,​ Gros Morne National Park has been designated a​ UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987. you​ can hike through mountains,​ camp by the​ sea,​ visit freshwater fjords,​ waterfalls,​ and sandy beaches. as​ an​ area with vast natural beauty and a​ variety of​ scenery,​ wildlife and recreational activities,​ there are a​ million and one things to​ do.

The next stop on​ your east coast vacation has to​ be beautiful New Brunswick. if​ you​ are searching for some indoor activities your next stop is​ the​ traditional farmers market in​ St. John – this market offers patrons the​ best New Brunswick has to​ offer in​ terms of​ fresh food,​ produce,​ meats and seafood. the​ St. John City Market also hosts the​ maritime craft show and offers hundreds of​ hand crafted items for you​ to​ enjoy. It’s a​ wonderful place to​ visit and stop in​ for a​ bite.

If outdoor adventure is​ more your speed visiting the​ Fundy Trail in​ St. Martin’s New Brunswick will be most enjoyable! the​ Fundy Trail is​ an​ area of​ true importance as​ it​ is​ a​ sensitive ecological area,​ previously inaccessible to​ people. Untouched coastal areas with unmatched beauty and eco-diversity offer its visitors the​ opportunity to​ hike,​ bike or​ drive through portions of​ the​ park to​ take in​ the​ view.

When in​ Nova Scotia shellfish is​ the​ dish dejour,​ particularly if​ you​ enjoy Lobster! Nova Scotia offers lobster tours for sea lovers of​ all ages. Tours are a​ great way to​ become familiar with the​ fishing methods used to​ catch these delicious creatures as​ well as​ to​ learn about the​ marine habitat of​ the​ many sea creatures that frequent the​ waters off Nova Scotia. a​ day on​ the​ water will reveal whales,​ seals,​ dolphins,​ seabirds,​ porpoises and other exciting species.

The final stop on​ your east coast adventure must be Prince Edward Island,​ the​ gentle Island. Offering annual cultural and artistic events,​ numerous sights and attractions,​ PEI is​ fun for the​ whole family. you​ can learn to​ deep sea fish,​ do some afternoon birding,​ or​ golf on​ one of​ over 30 island golf courses . Be sure to​ visit Prince Edward Islands' beautiful lighthouses,​ the​ home of​ Anne of​ Green Gables,​ and historic Province House,​ the​ Birthplace of​ Canada. or​ if​ the​ idea of​ putting your feet up on​ one of​ PEI’s beautiful red sand beaches is​ more your speed,​ the​ gentle island has many places for you. Surrounded by the​ sound of​ waves coming ashore,​ birds flying overhead and nothing but peace and quite,​ this are definitely the​ place for you. Rejuvenate your spirit,​ Love Prince Edward Island!

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