Take Two On Cruise Travel Tips

Take Two On Cruise Travel Tips

Pay attention to​ the​ advice from frequent cruise travelers. They have seen it​ all and have the​ stories to​ tell. Using their guidance can make things a​ bit easier for an​ inexperienced cruiser. After all,​ no one wants any “surprises” to​ put a​ damper on​ your cruise enjoyment.

Got Your Paperwork?

Nothing is​ more frustrating that digging through your bags at​ airport security or​ customs on​ the​ way to​ your cruise. Have everything handy and in​ one place. Use a​ little carrying case,​ something similar to​ a​ business card holder or​ small pocket photo album to​ contain everything.

Copy several sets of​ your driver’s license or​ photo identification as​ well as​ your passport or​ visa. Your credit cards and traveler’s checks should be copied. Leave one set at​ home with a​ trusted,​ easily reachable family member. Lock one set up in​ the​ personal safe in​ your ship cabin or​ lock it​ in​ the​ ship’s main safe. Also keep your originals and another copy with you​ at​ all times,​ but in​ separate places. This will help you​ in​ case you​ lose anything or​ it​ is​ stolen.

Items that are handy:

If you​ don’t want to​ miss the​ beautiful sunrise or​ a​ particular activity,​ bring your travel alarm clock. if​ you​ are in​ an​ inner cabin aboard the​ ship,​ there are no windows so it​ will be dark and virtually impossible to​ know what time it​ is.

Take a​ mesh laundry bag with you​ to​ stow dirty or​ soiled clothing. This will keep your clean clothes separated. There is​ nothing worse than having some of​ your clothes stink like dirty,​ sweaty socks!

An extension cord or​ two comes in​ handy with those cabins that have electric outlets in​ strange places. Many times,​ they are not where you​ need them,​ so the​ cords will be helpful.

Clear Ziploc baggies are useful when packing your suitcase. Such items as​ shampoo and sunscreen could possibly leak,​ so the​ baggies would contain the​ leak and keep your clothing from being ruined. Medications can also be packed into clear baggies. Going through airport security or​ customs can be a​ hassle too,​ so baggies allow the​ security officials to​ see the​ contents of​ your suitcase at​ a​ glance and you​ won’t have to​ unpack a​ travel toiletry bag for inspection this way.

Stay Connected:

If you​ decide to​ bring your cell phone to​ stay in​ touch with friends and family at​ home,​ check with your service provider about temporarily extending your calling area or​ inquire about special rates during your travels. No one wants to​ be shocked with a​ cell phone bill that is​ a​ few hundred dollars higher. or​ should you​ leave your cell phone at​ home,​ invest in​ a​ few prepaid phone cards. This is​ a​ cheaper option than using the​ phone service on​ the​ ship.

Take extra batteries and memory sticks for your digital camera. Your battery charger might be useful too,​ depending on​ how much your camera will be used. Should you​ decide to​ use a​ camera with film,​ do not pack it​ in​ your luggage if​ you​ fly to​ your cruise port. Airport security scanners could ruin your film.

Binoculars are a​ must for sight-seeing. Sometimes,​ you​ will not be able to​ get up close and personal to​ things,​ so you’ll be glad to​ have them. you​ don’t want to​ miss anything,​ do you?

This is​ your time! Don’t spend it​ fretting about your ruined camera film or​ lamenting about the​ greasy sunscreen that leaked all over your suitcase. By heeding the​ advice from seasoned travelers,​ you​ will save yourself some trouble in​ your cruising vacation. Now prepare for some fun and adventure!

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