Milton Keynes Tourist Information And Travel Guide

Milton Keynes Tourist Information And Travel Guide

Milton Keynes is​ one of​ the​ best places to​ live,​ work or​ visit in​ England. the​ planners dream comes true in​ this new city!It’s young,​ clean vibrant,​ safe and affluent,​ with a​ range of​ great attractions in​ and around it.

Milton Keynes is​ the​ culmination and perhaps the​ perfection of​ the​ “Garden City” devolopments in​ Britain that followed the​ Second World War. the​ foundation was laid in​ 1967 when Milton

Keynes was officially designated a​ new town.
Milton Keynes capitalised on​ the​ earlier lessons of​ towns like Welwyn Garden City and Stevenage and has successfully blended modern life and commerce to​ make it​ one of​ the​ best places to​ live and work in​ Britain.

The twentieth century is​ so often heralded as​ the​ planners dream gone wrong. Whereas those that know Milton Keynes,​ feel its very much a​ case of​ the​ planner dream came true! Part of​ the​ reason for this is​ the​ significant architectural and planning talent assembled for the​ job in​ the​ early 70’s.

Milton Keynes is​ no laughing matter!

Milton Keynes gained prominance in​ the​ nations psyche through the​ gags of​ 70’s comedians like Jasper Carrott,​ that made fun of​ the​ roundabouts and the​ infamous concrete cows. Later we found out that few of​ the​ comedians had even been to​ MK,​ but most people were left with a​ false impression of​ the​ city that has taken 25 years to​ shake off.

Great location

Milton Keynes enjoys a​ great location for commerce and for the​ traveler looking for a​ base. Going north it’s 45 miles from London on​ the​ way to​ Birmingham. Looking east to​ west it’s midway between Cambridge and Oxford.

Easy access

It’s the​ perfect base to​ explore the​ country with most major cities within 2 hours. it​ has direct rail connections to​ London (35mins),​ Manchester,​ Liverpool,​ Birmingham,​ Chester,​ Stoke on​ Trent,​ Coventry,​ the​ Lake District,​ North Wales,​ Glasgow and Scotland.

If you​ need to​ fly London Luton International airport is​ about 15 miles to​ the​ south and regional airports at​ Coventry,​ Donnington and Birmingham also offer international and national flights.

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