Individual Travel Or Travel Guide Which One To Choose

Individual Travel Or Travel Guide Which One To Choose

What according to​ you​ is​ the​ best way to​ travel,​ would it​ be by guided travel or​ individual travel? We recently took a​ trip to​ Washington. Taking a​ bus tour that would take us around the​ capital showing us the​ highlights,​ this turned out to​ be a​ good decision. We were allowed to​ travel by foot the​ next day to​ see those sights we wanted to​ from up close. Giving us an​ opportunity to​ plan our three days in​ the​ city and select what we wanted to​ see.

The San Francisco Bay Area which happens to​ be a​ favorite holiday spot for me and my family holds many pleasant and cherished memories of​ our holidays in​ those places. There are few places,​ which are so much haunted by tourists that you​ could visit them on​ your own. as​ a​ result you​ can decide on​ your own time and pace to​ visit. Good examples of​ the​ same are Fisherman's Wharf and Pier39. By walking a​ couple of​ blocks you​ can see the​ Aquarium of​ the​ Bay,​ or​ cruise around San Francisco Bay,​ take some time at​ the​ Riptide Arcade on​ Pier 39 and go around the​ famous Ripley's Believe it​ or​ Not Museum.

Those traveling without a​ guide might like to​ buy a​ San Francisco City Pass. Buying this would give you​ tickets to​ five hot spots,​ apart from free rides on​ the​ Cable Cars and an​ optional ticket which could be used at​ select optional places like the​ Steinhart Aquarium or​ Legion of​ Honor & Academy of​ Science.

There are some attractions again where you​ would enjoy more with a​ tour guide. While on​ Alcatraz Island,​ you​ could go solo,​ but having a​ lively tour guide or​ listening to​ earphones could make you​ aware of​ the​ interesting points when you​ go through them.

The Walking Tours of​ Chinatown are a​ must see. This adds to​ the​ behind the​ scenes colorful picture of​ the​ place. This tour takes you​ through the​ history and traditions of​ the​ local people and familiarizes you​ with the​ culture you​ would never understand on​ your own.

San Francisco has almost 30 fun and free walking tours of​ the​ city. For information on​ these free tours,​ visit

It is​ the​ same for Napa valley tours. you​ could drive up to​ the​ place yourself while looking around,​ but a​ guided tour to​ some of​ the​ vineyards and wine tasting rooms would make it​ more interesting.

A 17-mile drive to​ the​ coast is​ also a​ favorite driving tour. the​ winding roads give you​ fantastic views of​ beautiful mansions and the​ country side. you​ would be traveling through Carmel and Pebble Beach Golf Club.

Whether you​ chose to​ visit alone or​ take a​ guided tour,​ should depend on​ your place of​ visit and what you​ want to​ see. Mixing a​ bit of​ both could make your travel tour worthwhile.

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