The Travelling Itch

I have a​ passion for travel that has never been fulfilled. My childhood years were spent fantasizing about exotic cultures and faraway places: visiting the​ pyramids of​ Egypt,​ flying over the​ Nazca lines in​ the​ southern Peruvian desert,​ wandering mysterious cobbled streets in​ the​ rustic towns of​ Italy…these fantasies were always in​ my mind and formed the​ background for my college studies in​ Anthropology. Someday,​ I thought,​ I will see the​ world…

One child,​ one mortgage,​ two car payments and several revolving credit balances later I have yet to​ see more of​ our planet than the​ western half of​ the​ continental US (with a​ few forays into the​ wilds of​ Vancouver,​ British Columbia). Though the​ shores of​ the​ west coast are indisputably beautiful and my move to​ Idaho has introduced me to​ a​ different landscape of​ rugged yet pristine terrain,​ my thirst to​ roam remains unquenched. So when I recently landed on​ an​ opportunity that enabled me to​ indulge my travel yen - for life - with a​ membership offering steeply discounted trips around the​ globe,​ I seized it. This is​ what I found:

The Coastal Travel membership is​ good for a​ lifetime with just one purchase and a​ small annual renewal fee. There are two options to​ join: Domestic and International. I chose the​ International option,​ which includes all of​ the​ discounts and packages offered in​ the​ Domestic package as​ well. Included in​ the​ membership are a​ vast variety of​ discounted trips offering complimentary lodging to​ destinations from the​ islands of​ Barbados to​ those of​ Greece,​ and from Paris,​ France to​ Bangkok,​ Thailand. Also offered are 20 discount cards for dining,​ entertainment,​ roadside assistance,​ complimentary long distance calls,​ golf,​ camping and a​ long list of​ hotels and resorts,​ including domestic and international condominium rentals at​ greatly reduced prices. as​ a​ bonus,​ I found 5 complimentary cruises included in​ my purchase.

Though my first two scheduled trips are within the​ States (the discounts also apply exceptionally well to​ my normal business travel),​ I will finally see the​ Eastern half of​ my country for the​ first time and will be visiting Boston,​ Massachusetts and Orlando Florida for less than 1/3 the​ cost I would pay without my membership. But after my return,​ I will be planning my first trip overseas.

I am having a​ hard time deciding between Tahiti and Australia…

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