Subtropical Sanctuary Of The Sunshine State Florida Travel Information

Subtropical Sanctuary Of The Sunshine State Florida Travel Information

From the​ Gulf of​ Mexico to​ the​ Atlantic seaboard,​ travel to​ Florida is​ the​ ultimate adventure and getaway for spring breakers,​ singles,​ couples,​ and the​ entire family alike. the​ Sunshine State is​ packed with amusement park extravaganzas,​ wildlife sanctuaries,​ pristine beaches,​ and cruise ship island escapades. Don’t miss your chance to​ escape to​ one of​ the​ most dynamic vacation destinations in​ the​ USA.

Florida is​ also rife with pertinent heritage before becoming the​ 27th state of​ the​ Union. Florida’s history dates back thousands of​ years,​ prior to​ any European settlements in​ the​ region. By the​ time the​ first European explorer landed in​ Florida,​ the​ Native American population was thriving,​ including the​ Seminole and Apalachee tribes. the​ region changed hands from Spain to​ Britain,​ back to​ Spain then finally to​ the​ United States in​ 1845. Several war-torn forts and battlefields from the​ Civil War era and earlier can be found throughout the​ peninsula and panhandle,​ including Dade Battlefield Historic State Park in​ the​ Southwest District and Castillo de San Marcos (Fort Marion),​ a​ National Monument.

Disney,​ Deco,​ and Diving in​ Florida

Once you​ find your airfare to​ Florida,​ you’ll be ready to​ explore the​ extensive amusements the​ state has to​ offer. Disney World,​ near Orlando,​ is​ one of​ the​ most popular destinations and is​ a​ short drive away from Canaveral National Seashore,​ home of​ the​ Kennedy Space Center and periodic shuttle launches. on​ the​ Atlantic shore,​ Miami boasts hundreds of​ historic Art-Deco buildings and hotels along the​ famous avenues of​ South Beach. Just north of​ Miami,​ Fort Lauderdale is​ the​ place to​ catch a​ cruise or​ flight into the​ Bahamas,​ the​ Caribbean,​ and the​ Florida Keys.

Popular leisure activities in​ Florida include SCUBA diving,​ snorkeling,​ yachting,​ horseback riding and exploring the​ National Parks. Everglades National Park is​ a​ stunning 1.5 million acre expanse of​ green wetlands,​ hundreds of​ endangered or​ rare species like the​ American crocodile and the​ Florida Panther,​ bird and flamingo sanctuaries,​ and numerous boat and land tours.

Dry Tortugas National Park is​ also a​ must see,​ made up of​ a​ cluster of​ islands west of​ the​ Florida Keys in​ the​ Gulf of​ Mexico. the​ park is​ teeming with exotic wildlife,​ both above and below water,​ and fantastic legends of​ pirates,​ gold and a​ history of​ military development. Grab your oxygen tank and your airfare to​ Florida for some of​ the​ most spectacular underwater photography opportunities the​ world has to​ offer.

The Finer Side of​ Florida

Many travelers make their pilgrimage to​ Florida to​ experience fine seaside dining in​ the​ major cities like Miami and luxury communities like Jupiter Island. Hotels and full-service resorts are generously scattered throughout the​ coastal regions,​ Orlando and the​ Keys,​ and bayside mansions attracts their own class of​ renters and sightseers alike.

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