Something Old Something New The Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Travel Information

Something Old Something New The Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Travel Information

Aside from its Major League Baseball fame,​ the​ Dominican Republic is​ an​ intriguing retreat of​ colonial history amid progressive development and tranquil white beaches fringing mountainous wilderness. World renowned resorts dot the​ Punta Cana coastline of​ the​ Dominican Republic while the​ nation claims the​ oldest city in​ the​ New World,​ Santo Domingo,​ along its southern shore. For such a​ small nation,​ it​ is​ fairly easy to​ book cheap and convenient airfare to​ the​ Dominican Republic through any of​ the​ four international airports; however,​ most travelers will find airfare to​ the​ Dominican Republic through the​ capital of​ Santo Domingo or​ the​ resort region of​ Punta Cana.

Geographically,​ the​ Dominican Republic shares the​ island of​ Hispaniola with the​ independent nation of​ Haiti. While two very independent nations today,​ the​ history of​ the​ island is​ far less clear cut. the​ first European settlement of​ the​ New World was established on​ Hispaniola after Christopher Columbus landed in​ today’s Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo is​ the​ landing site of​ Columbus as​ well as​ the​ original colonial center ruled by Columbus’ brother Diego. the​ MuSEO Alcázar de Colón is​ a​ fantastically restored museum within Diego’s original home. the​ French were granted the​ western third of​ the​ island now known as​ Haiti.

Dominican history dates back earlier than most of​ the​ Caribbean islands,​ possibly to​ 2600 BCE. Since then several waves of​ Antillean people have come and gone until the​ Spanish conquest in​ 1492. Indigenous culture can still be observed in​ the​ very remote central mountain ranges of​ the​ island,​ but the​ populations are sparse. Santo Domingo and the​ second largest city of​ Santiago offer several museums,​ festivals and art exhibits dedicated to​ the​ history of​ the​ island as​ a​ whole.

From Dancing to​ Diving in​ the​ Dominican Republic

For a​ less cultural journey to​ the​ Caribbean,​ the​ ideal destination for most is​ the​ eastern coast of​ Punta Cana and the​ surrounding turquoise and white island communities. Spend your days lavishly lounging in​ a​ resort designed by Oscar de la Renta near Tortuga Bay or​ take part in​ some killer windsurfing and kiteboarding on​ the​ breezy waters of​ Cabarete. Family friendly all-inclusive getaways are sprinkled among vacation rentals in​ the​ outlying areas for the​ more independent,​ outgoing types (or those who prefer a​ secluded beach experience).

There are also several options for nightlife. Funky bars serve tropical drinks with a​ twist and decked out discos play an​ eclectic mix of​ beats and rhythms. the​ exotic dance known as​ Meringue also originated in​ the​ Dominican Republic and many hotels and clubs offer on​ the​ spot lessons for beginners through advanced.

The Dominican Republic lies just west of​ Puerto Rico and east of​ Jamaica. Although the​ other Caribbean island nations may be more than a​ boat ride away,​ they are readily accessible by air. Get to​ the​ tropical Caribbean this season.

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