Pets The Love That Exists Between Pets And Their Owners

Pets The Love That Exists Between Pets And Their Owners

Abraham Lincoln said,​ "I care not for a​ man's religion whose dog and cat are not the​
better for it." Love between the​ pet and the​ owner has been immortalized by many a​ legends. Many novels described the​ love and trust that an​ animal and the​ owner shares. So did many movies. Why even you​ or​ me would have had a​ pet at​ some point of​ time in​ our lives and loved our association with it. it​ is​ probably one of​ the​ purest relationships to​ experience for anybody.

We talk to​ our pets and they listen. They give us unconditional love and await our attention. They amuse us and make us feel good about ourselves. as​ Samuel Butler famously said,​ "The great pleasure of​ a​ dog is​ that you​ may make a​ fool of​ yourself with him and not only will he not scold you,​ but he will make a​ fool of​ himself too."

After a​ hard day's work,​ the​ moment your dog runs to​ you​ when you​ are home wipes off the​ day's fatigue. There are innumerable incidents of​ where a​ dog saved his owner or​ a​ cat woke up her owner when there was a​ fire in​ the​ house. Do pets have psychic power? They do. They can understand when you​ are standing at​ the​ door or​ when you​ are depressed. Pets fill in​ that void in​ our lives that no human relationship can fulfill.

Medical research says that seniors who own dogs visit a​ doctor less than who do not. it​ is​ a​ proven fact that pet owners have lower blood pressure or​ that the​ companionship of​ a​ pet helps families and people cope with serious illness. Playing with your pet burns up to​ 250 calories an​ hour. There are dogs that assist blind people in​ their daily lives and there are dogs that help police force in​ their mission to​ protect people. George Salpiatro,​ Connecticut lost his vision. He received two-year old Karl,​ a​ German shepherd as​ his assistant dog. as​ Salpiatro says,​ "I like to​ tell people,​ on​ January 2,​ 1995,​ my opportunity to​ be equal to​ others came with four legs and a​ tail that wags!"

But there would probably be fewer people who would own a​ pet because of​ the​ above mentioned reasons. People who own pets simply love their pets and any and every benefit that they get because of​ the​ association is​ just a​ byproduct. And it​ is​ true that once a​ pet lover always a​ pet lover.

When a​ pet passes on​ we feel a​ huge loss that seems incomprehensible. it​ gets difficult to​ console the​ children in​ the​ family. Just as​ a​ loss of​ a​ family member pains us,​ losing a​ pet how much ever inevitable it​ might be seems difficult to​ cope with. We look for ways to​ immortalize our lost pet. it​ is​ important that we treat the​ memory of​ the​ pet with dignity. That is​ probably the​ first step that we can take in​ our grieving process.

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