Its Great To Travel With Southwest Airlines

Its Great To Travel With Southwest Airlines

Air southwest was incorporated on​ the​ March 15 of​ 1967 by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher and has received this recent name in​ the​ year 1971 with its headquarters located in​ Dallas,​ Texas.
Traveling is​ much easier and fun because of​ the​ facilities provided by Southwest airlines.

Southwest Airlines Special

1. The fare offered by southwest airlines are much less because it​ uses Boeing 737 aircraft that uses low maintenance costs and enables quick turnaround times for flights.

2. it​ provides service with frequent flights through short routes.

3. Many of​ the​ cities across America get the​ benefit of​ the​ air service by southwest airlines that provide discounted frequent air flights.

4. it​ has an​ open seating arrangement where passengers are boarded with cards “A” first,​ followed by “B” and then the​ “C”.

5. There are facilities such as​ infants under the​ age of​ 2 are allowed to​ travel for free if​ they are on​ the​ adults lap. the​ fares for youth between the​ age of​ 12 and 22 and can be booked at​ the​ reservation centers. Children who are between the​ ages of​ 5 to​ 11 and are not accompanied by their elders could travel after a​ form is​ being filled which is​ available both online and at​ the​ reservation center.

6. There are special senior citizen fares for those above the​ age of​ 65. These prices could vary from city to​ city and are easily refundable or​ exchangeable.

7. Refunds can be made online where you​ need to​ cancel the​ reservation or​ you​ can do so by calling the​ reservation number.

8. There are several flights that are at​ least of​ two hours long whereby you​ are served with peanuts and pretzels. if​ you​ are on​ a​ non stop flight,​ then a​ packaged snack will be served. Other complimentary tea,​ coffee,​ non alcoholic drinks are also available but some product such as​ beer,​ wine may be charged.

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Its Great To Travel With Southwest Airlines

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