Independent Travel To Disney World Florida Leave The Hotel Behind

Independent Travel To Disney World Florida Leave The Hotel Behind

Independent travel used to​ conjure up ideas of​ backpacking around unheard of​ destinations and staying in​ remote hostels,​ sharing your room,​ and the​ one functioning toilet with twelve complete strangers.

Well,​ not any more.

Orlando,​ Florida is​ still considered the​ world’s number one family vacation destination. Families too are enjoying the​ freedom and choice which independent travel now offers.

When we first started visiting Orlando,​ being huge Disney fans,​ we decided to​ stay at​ one of​ the​ Walt Disney World resort hotels. There were only the​ two of​ us,​ and we thought they were great,​ which they were. But they also proved very expensive. So the​ next time we travelled we decided to​ shop around,​ and stayed in​ nearby hotels. This certainly saved us money,​ but there was still something missing. And we knew exactly what it​ was. There was no space. We had nowhere to​ relax. Even though there were only two of​ us,​ we found the​ hotel room lacked any real space. Sure there were two beds,​ and a​ small writing table,​ but that was it. And it​ appears we were not the​ only ones. When we returned home,​ we started reading reports and we found that there were an​ increasing number of​ complaints made about hotels.

So,​ what are the​ alternatives? We searched and we found them,​ and they are all over Orlando and the​ Disney area. Condos and Townhouses. the​ American’s have known about Condos and Townhouses for years,​ and they have been enjoying the​ benefits of​ independent travel and saving money too. What is​ a​ Condo? a​ Condo is​ a​ full home,​ located in​ a​ building. the​ person who owns a​ Condo owns the​ entire home,​ and also has an​ interest in​ the​ amenities and facilities of​ the​ community.

We gave them a​ go; we decided to​ travel to​ Orlando with a​ couple of​ friends,​ four of​ us in​ total. We booked a​ three bedroom Condo located at​ Villas at​ Island Club. This was the​ best move we ever made. Our Condo was over 1400 sq foot in​ size. it​ was probably bigger than our real home. it​ had room to​ relax,​ space to​ chill out,​ and every possible facility you​ could think off. the​ Condo really changed our vacation experience. We were able to​ have breakfast together in​ the​ morning and plan our day’s activities. We were able to​ come home early and discuss the​ adventures of​ our day. We were able to​ meet other people around the​ communal pool. Our friends had their own space too,​ we didn’t have to​ spend every minute of​ every day together,​ and that’s why we are still friends.

So,​ is​ this independent travel? Yes,​ most definitely. Now,​ when you​ are planning your vacation,​ you​ don’t have to​ select a​ package tour where you​ are told what hotel you​ are staying in,​ and what car you​ a​ being given. Now you​ can decide what size home you​ want. Then you​ get to​ look at​ the​ homes,​ to​ find out about their locations and the​ facilities they offer. you​ really can select the​ home you​ want. And real people own these homes,​ so they are really well looked after. Because real people own them,​ you​ get a​ personal touch from the​ start when you​ are making inquiries,​ right through until the​ end of​ your vacation.

This really is​ independent travel. you​ select you​ airline. you​ arrive right in​ the​ heart of​ your vacation location. you​ select your own vacation Condo or​ Townhouse,​ in​ your chosen location,​ with the​ facilities you​ want. Then you​ pick your car. Then you​ really start enjoying your vacations.

Give a​ Condo a​ try,​ why rent a​ single hotel room,​ when you​ can have an​ entire home??

Independent Travel To Disney World Florida Leave The Hotel Behind

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