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Hermit Crabs Mistaken For Disposable Pets

You can find them almost anywhere near the​ seashore boardwalks. All you​ have to​ do is​ walk into a​ cramped little gift shop on​ the​ beach and you​ can find them,​ stuck in​ a​ 6"X 3" carrying cage and nothing else. if​ you​ haven’t looked there,​ all you​ have to​ do is​ look in​ the​ nearest wannabe pet shop. They are stashed on​ the​ darkest bottom shelf with tons of​ others,​ cramped in​ a​ small aquarium with a​ little water and food. Some of​ them won’t even venture out of​ their shells. Some of​ them are even missing limbs and claws. That’s right,​ I’m talking about hermit crabs. Before they even have a​ chance to​ be chosen by people from a​ caring home,​ they are already being mistreated wherever they are being sold. the​ cards are already stacked against them.

Many pet stores treat hermit crabs as​ if​ they are simply stock. They take good care of​ their birds that are worth hundreds of​ dollars. Same goes for their expensive puppies and kittens. But where are the​ pet stores that care about pets down to​ the​ smallest and most inexpensive. Just because they don’t cost an​ arm and a​ leg to​ buy and care for doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to​ be cared for in​ the​ same way. as​ you​ know,​ temperature and humidity are key components to​ keeping a​ hermit crab healthy. Shoving a​ small aquarium on​ the​ darkest bottom shelf in​ the​ store,​ leaving the​ lid open with no humidity or​ temperature gauge,​ and not even caring to​ regulate temperature and humidity is​ total,​ undeniable hermit crab abuse. Unfortunately,​ there isn’t a​ big organization to​ make pet stores treat these small creatures humanely. the​ SPCA won’t come barging indignantly into a​ pet store treating hermit crabs horribly. This isn’t something that is​ important to​ very many people.

If you​ are interested enough to​ purchase a​ hermit crab from a​ pet store,​ most of​ the​ time you​ won’t get an​ information or​ fact sheet about your pet. if​ you​ question the​ store clerk about tank conditions or​ ask the​ pros and cons of​ certain types of​ diets,​ you​ are dismissed because the​ clerk doesn’t know anything about the​ pets they are selling or​ just flat out do not care to​ learn. They see hermit crabs as​ a​ "disposable" pet. you​ know... the​ kind people buy and just in​ case they don’t take care of​ it​ and it​ dies,​ it’s ok; they are cheap and they can simply replace it. the​ pet store associates themselves even say that hermit crabs do not last as​ pets. Not only do some people believe this way,​ some pet stores having a​ return policy for defective animals,​ are used when the​ crab is​ mistreated,​ dies within the​ 30 days,​ then is​ taken back and another victim is​ chosen. This should never be the​ case. Hermit crabs can live 15 to​ 20 years or​ more,​ if​ taken care of​ properly. it​ is​ unfair to​ treat any creature this way. These animals are living,​ breathing creatures and deserve to​ be treated fairly. They didn’t ask to​ be plucked from their tropical climates. They didn’t ask to​ be bread in​ captivity for eventual sale. They are simply creatures that exist and deserve to​ be treated with care.

Please don’t think that if​ you​ purchased a​ crab and it​ died and you​ replaced it​ that you​ are necessarily in​ the​ same category as​ these impatient,​ uncaring pet owners. Many times,​ the​ hermit crabs are so stressed out from the​ horrible treatment they receive while they are waiting to​ be sold that they just can’t handle being moved to​ a​ new location. Besides the​ fact that most pet store clerks don’t handle or​ feed or​ house them correctly,​ they don’t monitor the​ patrons who handle them,​ either. For example,​ the​ pet store I’ve been referencing about keeping the​ hermit crabs in​ a​ dark,​ hardly suitable atmosphere is​ the​ same place I found one of​ my hermit crabs,​ who was already missing a​ limb from stress. Instead of​ the​ crabs being in​ a​ place where they and the​ people handling them can be seen,​ these hermit crabs were on​ the​ last row so that no one could see who was picking up the​ hermit crabs. Unruly and unsupervised children,​ and uncaring,​ ignorant people are both fully capable of​ accessing these creatures without supervision from a​ pet store associate. This means that they are fully able to​ roughly handle,​ terrify,​ and drop the​ hermit crabs that are for sale. if​ you​ researched hermit crab care,​ purchased a​ hermit crab,​ took it​ directly home,​ and began caring for it,​ and it​ still died,​ chances are,​ that it​ wasn’t you​ who contributed to​ the​ tragic demise of​ your hermit crab.

If any of​ this has happened to​ you,​ don’t blame yourself. the​ best thing you​ can do is​ find a​ reputable pet store and do research about it​ before you​ make a​ decision to​ purchase any pet from it. Take the​ time to​ look at​ the​ way the​ crabs are displayed to​ sell. Ask associates if​ they are sitting in​ temperature and humidity controlled climates. if​ not,​ strongly consider not purchasing from this store. Do research on​ hermit crab care,​ and question store associates to​ see if​ they know what they are talking about. Do your homework. in​ the​ end,​ you​ will be a​ much more satisfied pet owner. if​ you​ have that tendency to​ attract strays,​ you​ might consider going to​ that awful pet store,​ and saving some of​ those poor hermit crabs. an​ idea to​ help you​ with this is​ to​ put the​ crabs from that store in​ their own cage. Leave them separate from your healthy hermit crabs. as​ you​ observe,​ remove the​ crabs that are healthy and place them in​ with your current crab habitat. you​ can try to​ nurse the​ unhealthy ones back to​ health. it​ is​ a​ brave endeavor,​ but might not always turn out the​ way we would like. But if​ you​ are willing to​ try to​ save these animals,​ they are much better off with you​ than a​ person who won’t care for them. Whatever you​ decide,​ just remember that these are living beings. They deserve to​ be treated as​ such.


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