San Jose Schools Changes School Nutrition And Limits Junk Food

San Jose Schools Changes School Nutrition And Limits Junk Food

Changes for the​ 2018-2018 School Year at​ San Jose Schools

Following in​ the​ footsteps of​ both federal and state trends to​ limit junk food and provide better nutrition to​ students,​ San Jose Schools will implement new some changes starting in​ September 2018. These changes may appear sudden but actually is​ part of​ a​ long term goal for improving student nutrition. San Jose Schools have been working to​ improve student nutrition over the​ past few years. San Jose Schools have already removed fried chips and carbonated beverages from all kindergarten-eighth grade schools. a​ lot of​ the​ changes occurring in​ September are a​ result of​ new federal laws. the​ new policy states that for a​ school to​ receive federal funds for their school lunch program they must institute a​ Wellness Policy. the​ Wellness Policy is​ a​ nutrition program that is​ designed and approved by the​ school board. in​ order to​ better meet these guidelines the​ San Jose Schools have created the​ SHAPE committee. the​ SHAPE committee is​ made up of​ school food service personnel,​ a​ school board member,​ district employees,​ health care professionals,​ concerned parents,​ and community members.

The Nutrition Policy

The Nutrition Policy states that all food on​ a​ San Jose Schools campus must meet the​ state nutritional guidelines for fat and sugar and fat content. the​ biggest effect of​ this policy for parents is​ that homemade baked goods will not be allowed on​ campus. San Jose Schools will make more snakes available at​ schools that meet these guidelines and provide a​ list of​ approved store bought snakes. Fundraisers that involve the​ sale of​ food items must be planned with and agreed to​ by the​ school. the​ San Jose Schools will actively encourage fundraisers that are not based around food sale but instead are based around physical activity. All San Jose Schools,​ including high schools,​ will ban carbonated soft drinks this school year. Classroom parties with food will be limited to​ one per month.

Nutrition Guidelines for Foods Available at​ San Jose Schools

The San Jose School Board is​ planning to​ adopt a​ series of​ new guidelines covering the​ nutritional concerns of​ students. This is​ done in​ order to​ meet to​ the​ growing concerns about student health and reducing childhood obesity. the​ San Jose School Board believes that there was a​ growing disparity between the​ foods available at​ school and the​ health curriculum. Strict guidelines have been adopted all foods and beverages sold to​ students,​ including foods and beverages provided through the​ San Jose School’s food service program,​ student stores,​ vending machines,​ or​ fundraisers. the​ new policy also set guidelines for the​ San Jose School’s staff in​ using food items as​ a​ reward; the​ staff will be encouraged to​ use healthy alternatives or​ a​ different non-food choice as​ a​ reward for students’ academic performance,​ accomplishments,​ or​ classroom behavior. There is​ a​ plan to​ help parents by providing healthy foods list. the​ guidelines per food item include: No more than 35% of​ total calories from fat excluding legumes,​ nuts,​ nut butters,​ seeds,​ eggs,​ vegetables that have not been deep fried and cheese packaged for individual sale; No more than 10% of​ total calories from saturated fat; No more than 35% added sugar by weight; 175 Calories (elementary schools) and 250 Calories (middle and high schools). While an​ individually sold entrée may have no more than 4 grams of​ fat per 100 calories,​ 400 calories total.

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