San Antonio Schools Address Nutrition Problem

San Antonio Schools Address Nutrition Problem

Every day children show up to​ school tired and hungry. I’m not talking about homeless or​ abused children. But kids from loving homes near the​ San Antonio Schools whose parents don’t understand the​ impact of​ nutrition and a​ good night’s sleep on​ a​ student’s ability to​ focus and learn. Good nutrition is​ a​ necessity of​ life. a​ healthy diet enables the​ body to​ work more efficiently,​ improves mental health,​ and makes learning possible. a​ person who does not eat well tends to​ be more sedentary,​ depressed,​ and uninterested in​ learning. San Antonio Schools are not only providing their students with good,​ healthy meals,​ but also offer various opportunities and tips for students and parents to​ learn more about healthy eating.

Thousands of​ students enrolled in​ San Antonio Schools depend on​ free breakfast and lunch at​ school as​ their main source of​ nutrition. in​ the​ summer months,​ San Antonio Schools students can continue to​ enjoy these meals at​ no charge. as​ part of​ the​ Texas Department of​ Agriculture’s “Seamless Summer Nutrition Program”,​ San Antonio Schools campuses that are hosting summer school programs will offer anyone 18 years old and younger one breakfast and one lunch through Aug. 9,​ free of​ charge,​ regardless of​ ability to​ pay.

The “Seamless Summer Nutrition Program” is​ required by law in​ San Antonio Schools where large numbers of​ students receive free meals during the​ school year,​ such as​ those who attend San Antonio Schools. Participants are eligible regardless of​ whether they are enrolled in​ a​ summer program and no application is​ required.

How many children would have better focus if​ they ate a​ healthy breakfast,​ and stopped living on​ a​ sugar high? the​ mission of​ the​ San Antonio Schools Food and Child Nutrition Services is​ to​ enhance the​ learning and health of​ children by nourishing their bodies and minds through healthy,​ nutritious meals that meet or​ exceed the​ Federal requirements set forth by the​ National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs. It’s about time that districts recognize that holistic health impacts learning.

The San Antonio Schools nutrition department partners with the​ USDA in​ offering these tips for healthy eating:

1. Make half your grains whole
2. Vary your veggies
3. Focus on​ fruits
4. Get your calcium-rich foods
5. Go lean with protein
6. Change your oil
7. Don’t sugarcoat it

Tips offered for San Antonio Schools students who want to​ get active:

1 Set a​ good example: Be active and get your family to​ join you.

2 Take the​ President’s Challenge: as​ a​ family,​ track your activities at

3 Establish a​ routine: Adults need at​ least 30 minutes of​ activity most days of​ the​ week; and children should exercise 60 minutes everyday or​ most days.

4 Have an​ activity party,​ such as​ skating or​ bowling.

5 Set up a​ home gym; use canned foods for weights and the​ steps as​ a​ stairmaster.

6 Move it! Instead of​ sitting through TV commercials,​ get up and move.

7 Give activity gifts

San Antonio Schools are working hard to​ give their students good nutrition when they are on​ campus and good education about nutrition,​ healthy eating habits and exercise tips for when they are off campus. Go San Antonio!

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