Nutritional Supplements Are They Really Essential For Good Health

Nutritional Supplements Are They Really Essential For Good Health

Why should I take nutritional supplements? Can't I just eat healthy,​ exercise,​ drink plenty of​ water,​ etc.? a​ fair question. After all,​ quality nutritional supplements are not cheap. Let's look at​ the​ arguments for taking nutritional supplements in​ addition to​ a​ healthy lifestyle.

Argument #1: Our foods no longer contain the​ nutrition they should

Due to​ modern processing and farming methods,​ foods that should be high in​ certain nutrients no longer are. For example,​ the​ tomato is​ an​ excellent source of​ phytonutrients,​ specifically,​ lycopene. But when you​ buy a​ tomato from the​ grocery store,​ there is​ little to​ no lycopene or​ other nutrients left in​ it. the​ tomato was likely grown on​ nutrient depleted soil,​ fertilized and sprayed with toxic chemicals,​ picked green,​ then gassed to​ turn it​ red. Little wonder it​ has no nutrition value left!

Another culprit in​ the​ nutrition depletion of​ foods is​ our food cooking and preparation. Even if​ you​ could by some magic acquire a​ nutrient rich tomato,​ cooking or​ storing the​ tomato will destroy most of​ the​ nutrients. For example,​ studies have shown that phytonutrients begin breaking down less than 24 hours after the​ vegetable was picked!

Of course,​ there are many other factors contributing to​ the​ poor nutrient content of​ our foods: breeding,​ GMOs,​ storage,​ etc,​ etc. Once you​ consider all of​ the​ factors causing the​ poor nutrient content in​ our food,​ it​ becomes quite logical to​ take supplements to​ replace these nutrients.

Argument #2: We no longer eat the​ right foods

If you​ eat a​ 100% organic,​ fresh diet,​ you're a​ long ways ahead of​ the​ rest of​ us. of​ course,​ the​ foods you're eating are still nutrient depleted,​ as​ we saw above.

But for the​ rest of​ us,​ we need to​ supplement our diets also because we're just not eating the​ foods we should. Currently,​ french fries are the​ most consumed vegetable in​ the​ United States. We're just not getting the​ nutrients we need!

Argument #3: Environmental stress necessitates nutritional supplements

The Los Angeles Times ran an​ article last year revealing a​ startling finding: scientists announced that by the​ time a​ child born in​ LA was 2 weeks old,​ he had already been exposed to​ more toxins than would be acceptable for his entire life! While we don't all live in​ Los Angeles,​ we're all subject to​ environmental stress that puts extra burden on​ our immune systems. Even our drinking water has chemicals and toxins in​ it.

The best way to​ counter the​ stress on​ your body's health caused by all of​ these toxins and such is​ to​ support your body with proper nutrition. Since our foods are nutrient depleted,​ the​ only way to​ properly support your health is​ through nutritional supplements.

Argument #4: Nutritional supplements allow us to​ benefit from nutrient rich foods around the​ world.
Even if​ our foods weren't nutrient depleted and our environment wasn't toxic,​ nutritional supplements would still have benefit. They allow us to​ benefit from plants and nutrient rich foods found around the​ world that otherwise we would be unable to​ benefit from. Good examples would be the​ goji berry from China,​ the​ Australian bush plum,​ and many others.

Do you​ want optimal health? the​ only way to​ properly support your body's health is​ to​ take quality nutritional supplements.

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