Nutrition Improvements For Lunchtime Make The Grade For Mom And Kids

Nutrition Improvements For Lunchtime Make The Grade For Mom And Kids

Nutrition Improvements For Lunchtime. Make the​ Grade For Mom and Kids
Busy parents often face the​ daily challenge of​ packing a​ school lunch that meets their nutrition standards while keeping the​ taste kids love. the​ good news is​ that there is​ an answer to​ this lunchtime dilemma. Lunchables is​ taking steps to​ make its products better,​ so theyll always be a​ lunchtime option both kids and moms can love.
Mom and registered dietitian Bridget Swinney supports the​ idea that a​ childs lunch should be nutritious,​ delicious and fun. Lunchtime is​ often a​ highlight of​ your childs day so its important to​ pack something that theyll look forward to​ eating and youll feel good about serving,​ says Swinney. I ​ think the​ Sensible Solution Lunchables products are a​ perfect example that better for you​ doesnt have to​ be boring. the​ Kraft Sensible Solution Program identifies products that meet betterforyou nutrition criteriajust look for the​ green flag on​ the​ front of​ the​ box.
Swinney has a​ few simple tips to​ pack a​ lunch for your child that will make the​ grade come lunchtime.
• Talk to​ your child and find out what he likes to​ take for lunchand what he likes about his friends lunches,​ too.
• Plan the​ weeks lunches together,​ giving your child choices that you​ can approve. When your child helps pack his own lunch,​ hell be more likely to​ eat it​ instead of​ trading!
• Make it​ easier for your child to​ enjoy a​ nutritious lunch. Pack fresh fruits and vegetables in​ easytoeat options like grapes,​ baby carrots,​ apple slices,​ orange slices,​ or​ half a​ kiwi with a​ spoon.
• Write a​ note on​ your childs napkin to​ let him know youre thinking about him. Its a​ small gesture that goes a​ long way!
Parents want the​ best for their kids,​ especially when it​ comes to​ what they eat,​ and food manufacturers are helping provide the​ tools moms need to​ make more informed decisions. This is​ where lunchtime products such as​ those carrying the​ Sensible Solution flag can help,​ since all of​ these options have less than 30 percent of​ calories from fat,​ less than 10 percent of​ calories from saturated fat and many are either a​ good or​ excellent source of​ calcium. These products are more fun to​ eat than ever,​ so while kids wont notice the​ changes,​ you​ will.
For those parents looking for a​ convenient,​ betterforyou lunch option,​ there are now nine items that meet the​ Sensible Solution criteria,​ with the​ three newest being Mini Hot Dogs,​ Mini Pizza and Maxed Out Extra Cheesy Deep Dish Pizza.

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