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Have you​ heard the​ claims about having your own online business? "It's easy to​ do",​ they say. "You can make fantastic money" they claim. "You don't need experience to​ succeed" they boast.

But is​ that true? Are "they" right? Can you​ make serious money online without any specific experience and do it​ easily?

Yes ... and no.

The "no" part of​ my answer comes from the​ hard won experience I have earned after joining almost every program under the​ sun,​ and making nothing. Nada. Zip.

Oh,​ they sounded good but the​ reality was that I was always required to​ do something that I was not able to​ do in​ order to​ make it​ work. "Just write a​ book" or​ "just create a​ website" or​ "just make 25 sales calls a​ day" I was told after they had my money.

I'll bet you​ have been there too,​ so let's move on​ to​ the​ good stuff. I want you​ to​ meet the​ perfect online business.

The perfect online business is​ not so much one company or​ opportunity as​ it​ is​ a​ set of​ criteria you​ can use to​ find the​ perfect business for you. There are many businesses that meet all these criteria,​ and I would strongly suggest not settling for any business that does not meet them all.

Criteria 1 - a​ product people want,​ will buy and will benefit from owning

Don't miss the​ importance of​ this. There are three factors here and all have to​ be in​ place before your online business will become real and stable.

Your product must be something people want because people buy with emotion. Always have,​ always will. But more than just wanting it​ they must want it​ enough to​ take action,​ to​ buy it​ from you. I want to​ own a​ villa in​ Spain but I can't act on​ that desire ... yet!

And then of​ course the​ product must fulfill the​ promise of​ benefit. That can mean a​ variety of​ things to​ different people,​ but the​ bottom line is​ that your product must perform as​ expected.

Find a​ product or​ products that do that and you​ have taken the​ first step toward finding your perfect business.

Criteria 2 - a​ large market of​ people who will spend money on​ the​ type of​ product you​ offer

This is​ vital,​ and often missed when evaluating a​ business. if​ you​ offer a​ product people want and will buy but the​ size of​ the​ market you​ reach is​ too small success will be elusive.

This is​ just common sense,​ but it​ is​ often overlooked. Far easier to​ earn $1 from a​ million people than to​ earn a​ million dollars on​ one sale. Just ask the​ people who sell villas in​ Spain!

Criteria 3 - Absolutely no need to​ do anything you​ are not prepared or​ qualified to​ do

Here again,​ common sense that is​ often overlooked. if​ you​ are forced out of​ your comfort zone by just getting into a​ business,​ how can you​ reasonably expect to​ succeed in​ that business? Answer: you​ can't.

Now don't get me wrong - we all need to​ grow and stretch. But I'm talking about something different here. I'm talking about doing things that you​ don't want to​ do,​ like make "cold" calls,​ or​ answering questions on​ the​ phone or​ trying to​ "recruit" strangers or​ your family members.

If you​ can't hold your head high and describe your business proudly to​ your best friend,​ find another opportunity.

Criteria 4 - a​ team who will support you​ and help you​ grow in​ your success

This is​ vital as​ well. Being in​ business for yourself does not mean being in​ business by yourself. Many online entrepreneurs fail because they become isolated and discouraged.

Aligning yourself with the​ right team means encouragement when you​ need it,​ having someone to​ celebrate your successes with and having real people help you​ learn any new skills you​ want to​ take on.

Let me encourage you​ with this. There are many businesses that meet the​ criteria above and will provide you​ with the​ time and money freedom you​ want and deserve.

Don't settle for less than a​ company that offers products you​ can be proud of,​ being offered to​ a​ market large enough to​ help you​ achieve rich rewards,​ and one that supports you​ as​ you​ deserve.

Find those things and you​ will have met your perfect online business.
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