Market Your Online Business For Less

Business can get expensive. if​ you​ are like most people starting an​ online business you​ may quickly find your savings tapped and your credit cards maxed. That is,​ unless you​ know how to​ market your online business for free - or​ nearly free.

There are many ways to​ market your business,​ but not all methods deliver the​ same results to​ every business. While you​ learn your way around the​ online business world it​ makes sense to​ start with the​ cheap or​ free methods of​ marketing before spending a​ lot of​ money on​ a​ system that will not work for you.

Here are three methods for marketing your business for little or​ no cost. Some will work better than others and some will take longer to​ show results. Find out the​ costs as​ well as​ the​ Pros and Cons of​ each method.


Traffic exchanges are very popular for new online businesses. They can be free or​ charge a​ monthly fee. the​ way they work is​ that each member views other members websites,​ usually for a​ specified period of​ time,​ to​ build credits. Their sites will then be displayed to​ other members depending on​ the​ number of​ websites they have viewed.

PRO: Usually free. Lots of​ traffic quickly.
CON: Traffic is​ not targeted so usually works better for businesses that appeal to​ a​ wide audience. Viewing other members websites is​ time consuming.


Forums are online communities that discuss specific topics. There are forums (or discussion groups) on​ just about any topic you​ can think of. you​ can find these by doing a​ search for 'forum' and your topic. or​ you​ can go to​ Google and search the​ Groups for your key word or​ phrase. Forums are usually free to​ join.

Most forums do not allow commercial solicitations. the​ focus is​ on​ exchanging information. Be prepared to​ add useful comments to​ the​ discussion and follow the​ posted rules. you​ may be allowed to​ attach a​ signature to​ your comments. Put your website in​ the​ signature to​ attract the​ search engine spiders and send visitors to​ your site. Develop a​ reputation as​ an​ expert on​ your topic and give free advice when possible to​ build credibility.

PRO: Targeted traffic. Builds credibility
CON: Have to​ be careful not to​ be labeled as​ "spam". Must spend time answering questions and posting comments. Depending on​ where you​ post and what you​ say you​ may or​ may not see a​ lot of​ traffic initially.


Start your own newsletter right away. While this does not bring traffic to​ your site it​ does take advantage of​ the​ visitors who do come. the​ code for collecting emails can often be obtained from your host provider for free or​ an​ autoresponder service which is​ free or​ paid depending on​ your service.

Have a​ place for visitors to​ enter their email address and name. Send them a​ free report or​ email once a​ week with tips or​ news about your topic. This will permit you​ to​ build a​ relationship with prospects as​ well as​ grant you​ permission to​ contact them again with your offer. it​ often takes up to​ seven contacts before a​ prospect will buy,​ so don't let them leave without getting their email!

PRO: Permits you​ to​ contact interested prospects again. Builds relationship with customers and potential customers.
CON: Effort is​ needed to​ provide quality information on​ a​ regular basis. Does not attract new visitors.

Each of​ the​ marketing strategies outlined above are proven to​ work. What works best for you​ and your business will depend on​ various factors such as; what your business is,​ what time you​ can spend marketing and what information you​ can provide. Start using two or​ all three of​ these methods and you​ will be creating a​ solid marketing foundation for your business.

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