Information Overload Consumers Seek Easy Ways To Understand Nutrition

Information Overload Consumers Seek Easy Ways To Understand Nutrition Information

Information OverloadConsumers Seek Easy Ways to​ Understand Nutrition Information
Low fat,​ trans fat,​ no fat; the​ health benefits or​ not of​ chocolate,​ milk,​ nuts,​ coffee,​ etc. all of​ this conflicting information is​ leaving Americans confused and mystified about how to​ take care of​ themselves. With the​ abundance of​ health and nutrition information in​ the​ news every day,​ it​ is​ no wonder that Americans are suffering from health information overload.
In fact,​ according to​ the​ Healthy Boomer Survey of​ 1,​086 baby boomers conducted on​ behalf of​ www. eatbetteramerica. com,​ more than onehalf are frustrated and confused by conflicting health and nutritional information available today. Although boomers are actively searching for simple ways to​ stay healthy,​ half of​ all boomers surveyed find it​ difficult to​ stay current on​ all the​ new health and nutritional information. Additionally,​ more than four out of​ 10 boomers are overwhelmed by all of​ the​ inconsistent health reports and they feel that they hear too much data about health and nutrition that is​ not relevant to​ them.
Americans look for simple,​ easy ways to​ answer their questions. Currently,​ threefourths of​ boomers receive most of​ their trusted health and nutritional information from doctors and nutritionists. Following closely as​ a​ trusted source are healthrelated Web sites; however,​ boomers revealed that they actually utilize these sites only about a​ quarter of​ the​ time when searching for information. the​ reason may be that most of​ the​ information on​ current sites is​ boring,​ confusing and just plain difficult to​ follow.
A new,​ innovative Web site called eatbetteramerica. com was created specifically with baby boomers in​ mind. the​ site acts as​ a​ trusted resource center to​ provide useful,​ educational and engaging food and nutrition information to​ lead a​ healthy life. the​ site allows you​ to​ set personal goals and provides recipes and suggestions to​ help you​ maintain and follow a​ successful path. the​ site also provides a​ community of​ support and offers simple changes to​ improve your health and lets you​ know that you​ are not in​ this alone.
With the​ plethora of​ information overwhelming Americans,​ we saw the​ opportunity to​ create a​ simple,​ straightforward Web site that makes eating better,​ easier and more fun,​ said Jeff Fuller,​ Health and Wellness Center of​ Excellence,​ General Mills. We feel that eatbetteramerica. com answers this need by creating a​ place where people can learn from experts,​ as​ well as​ from others like themselves,​ how healthy eating habits and easytofollow exercises can lead to​ a​ better life.

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