Eating The Right Food And Maintaining Good Eating Habits Is Essential
To Enjoying Proper Nutrition On The Road

Eating The Right Food And Maintaining Good Eating Habits Is Essential To Enjoying Proper Nutrition On The Road

Eating the​ Right Food and Maintaining Good Eating Habits is​ Essential to​ Enjoying Proper Nutrition on​ the​ Road

How many times have you​ been on​ a​ business trip and just been too busy to​ have a​ proper lunch? With today’s fastpaced lifestyle,​ it​ is​ important to​ follow these essential guidelines to​ proper nutrition and good eating habits on​ the​ road.
When selecting meat,​ poultry,​ dry beans,​ and milk or​ milk products,​ make choices that are lean,​ lowfat or​ fatfree.

Eating the​ right food means consuming a​ sufficient amount of​ fruits and vegetables. Select from all five vegetable subgroups dark green,​ orange,​ legumes,​ starchy vegetables and other vegetables several times a​ week.

Consume three or​ more ounceequivalents of​ wholegrain products per day. in​ general,​ at​ least half the​ grains should come from whole grains.

As part of​ your good eating habits during your travels,​ consume three cups per day of​ fatfree or​ lowfat milk or​ equivalent milk products.

Consume less than 10 percent of​ calories from saturated fatty acids and less than 300 mg/day of​ cholesterol,​ and keep transfatty acid consumption as​ low as​ possible.

Keep total fat intake between 20 to​ 35 percent of​ calories.

For those long trips,​ choose beverages with little added sugars or​ caloric sweeteners.

Most importantly,​ eating the​ right food on​ the​ road should not jeopardize your safety or​ that of​ other drives. Do not drive and eat at​ the​ same time,​ since you​ lose track of​ the​ type and quantities of​ food you​ are consuming as​ well as​ distracting you​ from your driving.
Remember that proper nutrition can make the​ difference between feeling great and feeling just okay—especially when traveling. Proper nutrition is​ easy to​ maintain,​ even on​ the​ road. in​ fact,​ all you​ need to​ do to​ ensure your health and well being is​ to​ follow the​ simple steps,​ outlined above.

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