Duty Free Shopping On Your Travels

Duty Free Shopping On Your Travels

For those of​ you​ who frequently travel outside of​ the​ country,​ you​ may have noticed these duty free shops. They sell a​ variety of​ products from liquor,​ to​ perfume,​ chocolates,​ souvenirs,​ etc. Actually you​ will find most of​ them in​ international airports or​ at​ select shopping locations in​ the​ country of​ destination,​ quite often at​ big five star hotels. Items sold at​ duty free are free of​ duty in​ the​ country where the​ item is​ bought in​ the​ sense that they don’t have any value added tax added. For some there is​ a​ tax but you​ are given a​ rebate form to​ claim back the​ tax before you​ leave the​ country. This is​ the​ reason why some people especially the​ foreigners would want to​ buy items in​ these shops.

Before you​ buy at​ these duty free shops though,​ it​ is​ imperative for you​ to​ compare whether the​ merchandise here are priced way much lower than what we have at​ home. you​ will come to​ realize though that duty free shops in​ the​ city will give better value than those found in​ airports where you​ can expect a​ much higher rent. if​ you​ have the​ luxury of​ time,​ visit these duty free shops before you​ leave the​ country to​ go home.

You will notice that airport duty free shops have limited choices and selections usually targeted at​ higher end goods though you​ cannot deny the​ convenience the​ airport offers for some last minute shopping of​ souvenirs and gifts that may have been forgotten. This is​ also the​ avenue where you​ can get rid of​ the​ local currency whose amount would turn out to​ be immaterial if​ we have it​ changed back to​ dollars or​ our own currency.

If you​ do intend to​ spend your remaining currency in​ the​ airport duty free shop,​ select something like a​ souvenir to​ remind you​ of​ the​ country you​ visited.

I would strongly suggest for you​ to​ reclaim back the​ tax you​ have paid if​ any at​ the​ duty free office inside the​ airport. Usually you​ will be filling up a​ rebate form that will be provided at​ the​ duty free shop or​ for some the​ office will just require you​ to​ present all the​ receipts and goods that you​ purchased at​ the​ duty free store. you​ will realize that buying in​ these duty free shops is​ way much cheaper than if​ you​ purchased at​ other shops as​ long as​ you​ make a​ visit to​ the​ duty free office prior to​ your departure from the​ country.

Duty Free Shopping On Your Travels

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