Do Your Travel Research Australia Is Big

Do Your Travel Research Australia Is Big

Are your travel plans realistic? Can you​ travel the​ distance you​ want in​ a​ day? Australia is​ a​ big country,​ just how big,​ find out here.

I remember years ago I was holidaying in​ California. And being from Australia you​ get many questions and everyone is​ always intrigued by your accent.

Anyway,​ I started a​ conversation with this twenty something lady and she was telling me she was going to​ visit Australia next year.

Her plan was to​ fly to​ Sydney,​ stay for two weeks and take day trips from there. Which sounds like a​ fabulous plan.

There are heaps of​ things to​ see and do around Sydney for day trips. Sydney has a​ fantastic zoo and aquarium. the​ Blue Mountains with walks and scenic look outs is​ a​ day trip. in​ the​ other direction is​ the​ Southern Highlands with more scenic points.

Visit famous Bondi Beach and other beaches near Sydney,​ take in​ a​ few National Parks. Oh and I nearly forgot,​ visit the​ Opera House and climb the​ harbor bridge. Well the​ list goes on​ and there are more than enough things to​ see in​ and around Sydney to​ keep you​ busy for more than a​ fortnight.

But no. Her plan was to​ stay in​ Sydney and take day trips to​ Uluru and the​ Great Barrier Reef.

I looked at​ her and asked her again “what are your plans?”. And Yes sure enough she planned to​ stay in​ Sydney and drive to​ the​ Great Barrier Reef and Uluru for day trips.

But that is​ impossible I said,​ and informed her that Australia is​ almost the​ same size as​ the​ United States. No matter what I said,​ she would not believe me – if​ you​ don’t believe me then go and look at​ this map

Australia is​ the​ sixth largest country and the​ largest island in​ the​ world.

From Sydney to​ Uluru is​ 2,​795km that is​ 1,​735 miles and from Sydney to​ Mackay (middle area of​ the​ Reef) it​ is​ 1,​715km about 1065 miles.

At least one thousand miles – one way. There is​ no physical way this trip can be done.

Even flying from Sydney to​ the​ Great Barrier Reef is​ at​ a​ minimum 4 hours one way flying time. And the​ Great Barrier Reef itself takes up an​ area half the​ size of​ Texas.

Now,​ I have not told you​ this to​ put you​ off coming to​ visit Australia. Far from it. But just come informed. Enjoy your trip,​ visit the​ Great Barrier Reef and Uluru and Sydney they are all interesting and worthy of​ your time.

And when you​ visit,​ we’ll say G’day Mate.
Happy Traveling
Lisa Paterson

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