Do You Need A Golf Travel Bag

Do You Need A Golf Travel Bag

When driving the​ short distance to​ your favorite local golf course,​ a​ golf travel bag isn't necessary. But when traveling by airplane or​ long distance driving,​ a​ regular golf bag won't offer the​ protection your clubs need.

How much are your golf clubs worth to​ you? Some of​ us have expensive custom made clubs,​ while others own a​ more affordable set. Whatever the​ retail value--our own clubs are what help us play our best game,​ so they are valuable to​ us. That's why the​ Pros always bring their own clubs on​ tour.

Enjoy playing golf on​ that holiday trip by doing what you​ can to​ protect your clubs from damage while traveling. Here are a​ few tips when trying to​ choose the​ best golf travel bag for your situation.

Hard Travel Cases

The case is​ a​ hard plastic shell that provides the​ most protection from drops and falls. These are the​ ideal choice when traveling by air. you​ won't be able to​ carry your clubs on​ the​ plane with you,​ so you'll want the​ best protection you​ can get with the​ baggage handling process involved. it​ can get rough down there!

Soft Travel Cases

Made from more pliant fabric,​ these are more car friendly since the​ outer shell is​ more flexible. Look for bags that use double stitching as​ this provides a​ sturdier hold.


Carry your golf travel bag around for a​ bit and you'll be wishing it​ had wheels. Imagine walking what seems like miles through a​ busy airport while carrying your golf clubs--inline wheels are a​ must.

Handles & Straps

Look for sturdy,​ double stitched handles and straps that will easily hold the​ weight against pulling and lifting.


Watch that the​ bag has some amount of​ foam padding. This will absorb much of​ the​ shock from a​ drop or​ from heavy banging.

Traveling and playing with our own golf clubs beats renting clubs hands down! By using a​ golf travel case,​ you'll be protecting your clubs from damage and ensuring you​ have them when you​ need them most--on the​ golf course!

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Do You Need A Golf Travel Bag

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