Your 5 Minutes Daily Program To Stress Management

Your 5 Minutes Daily Program To Stress Management

Relaxing with a​ Mental PDA Your 5 minutes daily program to​ Stress management
We all have this favorite expression when it​ comes to​ being stressed out,​ and I ​ wouldnt bother naming all of​ them since it​ may also vary in​ different languages. But when it​ comes down to​ it,​ I ​ think that it​ is​ how we work or​ even relax,​ for that matter that triggers stress. Ever been stressed even when youre well relaxed and bored? I ​ know I ​ have.
Since Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. is​ unavoidable in​ life,​ it​ is​ important to​ find ways to​ decrease and prevent stressful incidents and decrease negative reactions to​ stress. Here are some of​ the​ things that can be done by just remembering it,​ since life is​ basically a​ routine to​ follow like brushing your teeth or​ eating breakfast. you​ can do a​ few of​ them in​ a​ longer span of​ time,​ but as​ they say every minute counts.
Managing time
Time management skills can allow you​ more time with your family and friends and possibly increase your performance and productivity. This will help reduce your stress.
To improve your time management
· Save time by focusing and concentrating,​ delegating,​ and scheduling time for yourself.
· Keep a​ record of​ how you​ spend your time,​ including work,​ family,​ and leisure time.
· Prioritize your time by rating tasks by importance and urgency. Redirect your time to​ those activities that are important and meaningful to​ you.
· Manage your commitments by not over or​ undercommitting. Dont commit to​ what is​ not important to​ you.
· Deal with procrastination by using a​ day planner,​ breaking large projects into smaller ones,​ and setting shortterm deadlines.
· Examine your beliefs to​ reduce conflict between what you​ believe and what your life is​ like.
Build healthy coping strategies
It is​ important that you​ identify your coping strategies. One way to​ do this is​ by recording the​ stressful event,​ your reaction,​ and how you​ cope in​ a​ stress journal. With this information,​ you​ can work to​ change unhealthy coping strategies into healthy onesthose that help you​ focus on​ the​ positive and what you​ can change or​ control in​ your life.
Some behaviors and lifestyle choices affect your stress level. They may not cause stress directly,​ but they can interfere with the​ ways your body seeks relief from stress. Try to
· Balance personal,​ work,​ and family needs and obligations.
· Have a​ sense of​ purpose in​ life.
· Get enough sleep,​ since your body recovers from the​ stresses of​ the​ day while you​ are sleeping.
· Eat a​ balanced diet for a​ nutritional defense against stress.
· Get moderate exercise throughout the​ week.
· Limit your consumption of​ alcohol.
· Dont smoke.
Social support
Social support is​ a​ major factor in​ how we experience stress. Social support is​ the​ positive support you​ receive from family,​ friends,​ and the​ community. it​ is​ the​ knowledge that you​ are cared for,​ loved,​ esteemed,​ and valued. More and more research indicates a​ strong relationship between social support and better mental and physical health.
Changing thinking
When an event triggers negative thoughts,​ you​ may experience fear,​ insecurity,​ anxiety,​ depression,​ rage,​ guilt,​ and a​ sense of​ worthlessness or​ powerlessness. These emotions trigger the​ bodys stress,​ just as​ an actual threat does. Dealing with your negative thoughts and how you​ see things can help reduce stress.
· Thoughtstopping helps you​ stop a​ negative thought to​ help eliminate stress.
· Disproving irrational thoughts helps you​ to​ avoid exaggerating the​ negative thought,​ anticipating the​ worst,​ and interpreting an event incorrectly.
· Problem solving helps you​ identify all aspects of​ a​ stressful event and find ways to​ deal with it.
· Changing your communication style helps you​ communicate in​ a​ way that makes your views known without making others feel put down,​ hostile,​ or​ intimidated. This reduces the​ stress that comes from poor communication. Use the​ assertiveness ladder to​ improve your communication style.
Even writers like me can get stressed even though were just using our hands to​ do the​ talking,​ but having to​ sit for 7 or​ 8 hours is​ already stressful enough and have our own way to​ relieve stress. Whether youre the​ mail guy,​ the​ CEO,​ or​ probably the​ average working parent,​ stress is​ one unwanted visitor you​ would love to​ boot out of​ your homes,​ especially your life.

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