Why My Muscles Won T Grow Cortisol Stress Hormone Destroy Muscle Tissues

Why My Muscles Wont Grow? Cortisol Stress Hormone Destroy Muscle Tissues
There are many reasons why your muscles won’t grow or​ why your muscle growth is​ retarded. ​
One main culprit for your muscle tissue to​ in​ a​ catabolic and​ not in​ an anabolic state is​ the​ stress hormone called cortisol. ​
This stress hormone,​ cortisol,​ is​ produced by your body when you​ are under stressful situations. ​

Yes,​ any type of​ stress,​ whether they are mental stress,​ physical stress or​ just emotional stress will trigger off an increased in​ the​ production of​ cortisol hormones. ​
a​ high level of​ cortisol is​ always a​ bane for bodybuilders and​ that in​ itself,​ is​ creating more stress.
When you​ exercise or​ especially weightlifting body building exercises,​ you​ are placing a​ tremendous stress on​ your body. ​
This in​ turn will cause the​ cortisol hormone in​ your body to​ rise to​ unacceptable level which may destroy your muscle tissues,​ bone density and​ causes weight gain especially abdominal fat. ​
Ohhh...that abdominal fat that would not go away.
This hormone hates your muscles and​ wants you​ to​ grow fat. ​
it​ takes away protein from the​ muscles. ​
However to​ be fair to​ this hormone,​ the​ cortisol hormone has its positive functions. ​

Cortisol is​ produced by the​ adrenal cortex and​ is​ commonly known as​ a​ stress hormone because the​ level of​ cortisol in​ your body rises sharply when you​ are under stress. ​
This hormone plays an important role in​ your body’s metabolic function,​ it​ facilitates cardiovascular function,​ carbohydrate metabolism and​ controls inflammation. ​
After all,​ it​ is​ a​ steroid hormone.
As more cortisol is​ being produced,​ your muscle tissue breaks down further since the​ amino acids from your muscle protein is​ being converted into glucose for energy. ​
This hormone also blocks new muscle tissues from growing because it​ interferes in​ protein synthesis in​ your muscles.
How to​ lower cortisol level?
• Get enough sleep Let your body recuperate from the​ day’s stress and​ let the​ body rebuild its wears and​ tears. ​
a​ lack of​ sleep will put your body under further stress and​ thus increasing cortisol levels.
• Avoid stress Take up yoga,​ read a​ book,​ take a​ break from whatever you​ are doing. ​
Learn meditation and​ breathing techniques to​ reduce everyday stress. ​
Take a​ week or​ so break from your exercise routine after 68 weeks of​ regular training. ​
as​ your body learns how to​ relax,​ the​ level of​ cortisol hormone will fall correspondingly.
• Do not over train Over training is​ a​ common issue amongst athletes of​ all types. ​
This is​ especially so in​ bodybuilding and​ weight lifting. ​
You are already damaging your muscles when you​ lift weights,​ don’t let cortisol hormones rob your muscles of​ the​ much needed proteins and​ preventing muscle repair and​ growth.
Once your body and​ mind is​ free from stress,​ your cortisol production will be at ​ a​ healthy level and​ you​ will once again see your muscles growing,​ provided that you​ are doing other things that are conducive to​ getting your muscles to​ grow.

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