Why Is Your Job Really Stressful

In my survey conducted few weeks back I realized a​ very crucial fact pertaining to​ professional career. a​ common question Is your job really stressful? was the​ theme of​ the​ survey. What was really uncommon was the​ result of​ the​ survey. I realized that a​ majority of​ the​ survey takers were happy with their job. Every morning was a​ new challenge to​ them as​ far as​ their jobs were concerned. However this was a​ positive feedback and contradicts the​ fact that many people are unhappy with their jobs. So I researched more on​ this topic. This is​ what I found out,​ 90% of​ the​ masses are happy with their job but extremely stressed because of​ many allied factors. Let us see these factors in​ detail.

Here goes the​ boss's pet,​ a​ phrase used commonly against people that try to​ be extra friendly to​ their seniors or​ bosses. This is​ mainly done with the​ motive to​ get noticed in​ the​ eyes of​ your seniors or​ bosses. People who are called so cause unavoidable stress to​ the​ rest of​ their colleagues. Their colleagues won't just envy such people but would be worried that their contribution towards the​ company would be overlooked and decisions could be influenced by that particular person. on​ the​ other side of​ this story would be the​ fear incurred by such people,​ of​ loosing the​ attention that they got from the​ seniors. the​ co-operation level got by their colleague would constantly be reducing. Hatred and anger would be emotions constantly shown towards people with this behavior. This could be considered as​ one important factor that could cause that person to​ part ways from the​ company or​ cause their colleagues to​ do so.

Another point that was high up in​ the​ list of​ factors that cause stress in​ a​ corporate environment is​ sabotage the​ company. This can happen in​ many different ways,​ so let us see few incidents on​ this topic. This is​ what happened in​ one case scenario; a​ senior chef of​ a​ hotel got a​ better job opportunity at​ another place. He made up his mind and decided to​ leave. During his notice period at​ the​ company,​ he offered better job opportunities and remunerations to​ his junior chefs and asked them to​ quit too. They did the​ same and joined him at​ his new work place. All the​ chefs who left were happy. However this is​ not the​ end of​ the​ story,​ here we see that one person so easily sabotaged the​ entire hotel. This is​ one concern that keeps bothering many people. They keep living under the​ fear that if​ any member of​ their team quits then how do they manage the​ rest of​ the​ team,​ so that it​ doesn't affect the​ business.

Another cause of​ the​ stress element in​ everyday professional life is​ competition. in​ fact competition is​ one issue that if​ done over a​ certain limit could be harmful in​ any phase of​ life. This is​ what I once witnessed; two good friends were employed at​ the​ same law firm. They were new and the​ urge to​ impress your seniors was obviously. This led to​ mere competition between the​ two of​ them. For every small case they got they was always a​ tough battle for the​ poll position. Every case was thoroughly studied,​ well researched and amazingly presented to​ their seniors. the​ seniors were happy with both their performances. However,​ something that was ignored and later faded was their friendly and their trust in​ each other. a​ healthy competition is​ always a​ step towards success but over a​ certain limit it​ could be very harmful. This competition would make all the​ competitors stressful. it​ could cause ill health,​ mental sickness,​ employee sabotage or​ even force an​ employee to​ quit their job.

Last but not the​ least is​ back stabbing a​ colleague. This happens in​ most cases and could cause a​ lot of​ stress to​ the​ person who is​ being back stabbed and the​ person who back stabbed him. the​ first person may be extremely stressed as​ he was back stabbed once and would fear to​ trust any other employee. He might also be forced to​ quit his job due to​ bad performance. the​ back stabber on​ the​ other hand will also be stressed because he would fear the​ fact that someone else could back stab him or​ else if​ his colleagues would realize his behavior then they would avoid him and ignore him completely. People generally back stab other friends or​ colleagues with the​ intensions of​ hatred,​ envy and jealousy.

These were some conclusive factors that the​ second survey resulted in. One more thing I often see is​ people often change their jobs because they were offered more pay or​ a​ lesser hard working job. Well your work should be spiritual. So work hard and true,​ there are no short cuts in​ life. you​ may try a​ short cut but soon you​ will realize that we don't work for the​ money but we get money because we work.
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