Why Hypnosis Is Better For Stress Than Meditating

Why Hypnosis Is Better For Stress Than Meditating

***** Stress is​ the​ Life Killer

Stress is​ the​ greatest problem for people in​ the​ modern world,​ and it's much worse than just health problems such as​ heart attacks that are brought on​ by too much stress for way too long.

Stress impacts EVERYTHING.

Stress kills our libido,​ our enjoyment of​ life; stress causes disturbed emotions of​ anger,​ rage,​ sadness and depression; stress makes us clumsy; stress causes us to​ make mistakes and worst of​ all,​ stress makes us think stupid thoughts (we become "stress stupid") and it​ cuts off the​ internal flow to​ our creative and innate talents and abilities.

It is​ clear that we ALL need to​ de-stress,​ whether we are teenagers who suffer from acne and migraines as​ a​ result of​ stress,​ men and women in​ "anger management",​ authors who suffer from writer's block,​ business people who burst a​ blood vessel,​ or​ parents at​ home who aren't enjoying their kids but end up screaming at​ them instead.

So how do we de-stress,​ and urgently,​ and FAST?

***** Why Stress & Meditation Are at​ Odds

Many hold that meditating and meditation is​ the​ answer to​ stress.
Meditating and meditation is​ the​ act of​ entering into altered states of​ consciousness,​ to​ widen our conscious awareness and to​ re-connect with the​ superconsciousness of​ our energy mind (subconscious mind,​ subconsciousness).

This does not happen when we are stressed - a​ person under stress is​ like a​ TV that isn't tuning properly. Everything is​ disturbed,​ mad,​ doesn't fit together,​ there is​ no clarity.

Trying to​ meditate when you​ are stressed is​ like trying to​ be romantic with a​ pick axe embedded in​ your forehead - try as​ you​ might,​ it's not going to​ work very well if​ ever at​ all.

So we have the​ classic Catch 22 and another big stressor to​ add to​ all of​ that stress - a​ stressed person is​ TOLD to​ relax and go away and meditate,​ but they can't meditate because they're way too stressed!

***** Why Hypnosis is​ the​ Best For Stress

Long before a​ person who is​ under a​ lot of​ stress can even BEGIN to​ enjoy harp music to​ relax them even further,​ they need to​ be made to​ slow down into other states of​ being,​ and for that you​ need HELP.

"A good talking to" by a​ sympathetic other is​ the​ most NATURAL way of​ getting rid of​ stress invented by human kind,​ and it​ even exceeds physical touch approaches in​ high stress situations; it​ precedes them too. We "talk" a​ potential suicide victim DOWN from the​ top of​ a​ building,​ not massage them off; we "talk" an​ angry man with a​ gun down into lowering it,​ we don't pat him on​ the​ back.

That is​ exactly where hypnosis comes in​ to​ help with stress.

Hypnosis is​ DESIGNED to​ assist people to​ ENTER INTO an​ ALTERED STATE of​ meditation - that is​ the​ first purpose of​ hypnosis,​ and its speciality.

Often people get confused by the​ "instructions" or​ the​ content of​ hypnosis - the​ post hypnotic suggestions for change that take all the​ attention,​ but it​ is​ the​ fact that hypnosis brings people into the​ restful meditative state where they even become RECEPTIVE to​ suggestions,​ ideas,​ visions and new thoughts is​ where the​ power of​ hypnosis to​ heal the​ mind actually lies.

***** From Hypnosis to​ Meditation - Breaking the​ Stress Loop

"Going into trance" is​ something that we learn and we are taught when a​ hypnotist talks to​ us,​ and talks us down from the​ stress of​ the​ thoughts that fly here,​ there and everywhere,​ into a​ relaxed state of​ clarity,​ and peace,​ where your body is​ at​ ease and mind healing can finally begin.


It is​ a​ learned skill that gets ever better with practice.

So my recommendation to​ combat stress,​ and to​ learn how to​ relax and EVENTUALLY to​ be able to​ meditate successfully,​ which then leads to​ being able to​ control one's own stress levels in​ the​ real world and to​ be able to​ relax and de-stress even in​ the​ middle of​ a​ stressful situation,​ is​ to​ DO HYPNOSIS - and LOTS of​ IT.

Rather than to​ hopelessly try and "find inner peace" so necessary for mind healing without guidance,​ do hypnosis inductions. This is​ as​ easy as​ sitting down in​ a​ chair,​ putting on​ the​ headphones and letting the​ hypnotist do their job.

Hypnosis CDs,​ mp3s and tapes are readily and freely available; there are MANY free downloads and trial downloads available.

Try many,​ and if​ you​ find a​ hypnotist that you​ GET on​ WITH,​ someone you​ find relaxing to​ listen to​ and who can make you​ feel safe,​ relaxed and you​ can feel your stress begin to​ drain away as​ they speak with you,​ you​ have struck "Anti-Stress Gold".

Now you​ have a​ tool to​ help you​ break out of​ the​ stress loop.
Use this hypnotist to​ de-stress you​ regularly and as​ often as​ you​ possibly can.

You will find after a​ few repetitions that you​ LEARN to​ LEARN to​ RELAX and HOW you​ DO THAT.

Now,​ you​ are ready to​ start meditating on​ your own.

***** Anti-Stress Meditation in​ the​ Moment

When you​ are out and about in​ your daily environment and you​ notice your stress levels rising,​ remember your hypnotist and what they said,​ just for a​ moment. Find out if​ you​ can feel your stress beginning to​ flow away. Even if​ your stress abates just a​ little bit,​ you​ can know that you​ are now on​ your way - you​ have started to​ learn to​ control your states of​ being,​ your states of​ mind.

This is​ the​ beginning of​ a​ new stress free life.

Life will ALWAYS be stressful.

We need to​ learn to​ be able to​ notice when we're stressed,​ and to​ step
back from that into the​ clarity of​ altered states.

That is​ what hypnosis teaches you,​ teaches you​ easily,​ and just for the​ listening,​ no willpower required at​ all.

When you​ have learned the​ basics of​ relaxation,​ THEN and only THEN are you​ ready to​ begin to​ meditate on​ your own,​ or​ to​ use meditation devices that require these basic skills of​ knowing how to​ shift state in​ the​ first place.

***** Hypnosis,​ Stress & Meditation - in​ Conclusion

Using hypnosis for stress relief doesn't mean that you​ should only look at​ hypnosis programs designed for stress alone. Remember that what you​ want to​ learn is​ the​ skill of​ altering your states of​ being,​ so that you​ can also then meditate and get all the​ health benefits from that; but more importantly even still,​ so that you​ can de-stress yourself in​ REAL LIFE.

You can choose ANY good hypnotist,​ and ANY good hypnosis program that excites you,​ in​ a​ double benefit,​ because it​ is​ not the​ CONTENT,​ but the​ hypnosis skills themselves you​ need to​ learn to​ put an​ end to​ being in​ stress states all the​ time.

You can choose intelligence enhancing hypnosis programs; mind healing programs; performance programs,​ health programs - the​ CONTENT is​ irrelevant and just the​ icing on​ the​ cake.

Hypnosis is​ a​ WONDERFUL and incredibly USEFUL tool for dealing with the​ human mind,​ for healing the​ mind,​ and for getting our thoughts and
conscious mind under control.

Explore. Find a​ GOOD hypnotist who can teach you​ the​ life saving skill of​ going into trance,​ and you​ get control not just of​ your stress,​ but of​ your entire WORLD.

Why Hypnosis Is Better For Stress Than Meditating

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