What Are The Negative Effects Of Stress

What Are The Negative Effects Of Stress

Stress is​ the​ "wear and tear" our bodies experience as​ we adjust to​ our continually changing environment; it​ has physical and emotional effects on​ us and can create positive or​ negative feelings. as​ a​ positive influence,​ stress can help compel us to​ action; it​ can result in​ a​ new awareness and an​ exciting new perspective. as​ a​ negative influence,​ it​ can result in​ feelings of​ distrust,​ rejection,​ anger,​ and depression,​ which in​ turn can lead to​ health problems such as​ headaches,​ upset stomach,​ rashes,​ insomnia,​ ulcers,​ high blood pressure,​ heart disease,​ and stroke.

Negative Effects of​ Stress

In prehistoric times,​ the​ physical changes in​ response to​ stress were an​ essential adaptation for meeting natural threats. Even in​ the​ modern world,​ the​ stress response can be an​ asset for raising levels of​ performance during critical events such as​ a​ sports activity,​ an​ important meeting,​ or​ in​ situations of​ actual danger or​ crisis. if​ stress becomes persistent and low-level,​ however,​ all parts of​ the​ body's stress apparatus (the brain,​ heart,​ lungs,​ vessels,​ and muscles) become chronically over- or​ under-activated. This may produce physical or​ psychologic damage over time. Acute stress can also be harmful in​ certain situations.

Stress-related conditions that are most likely to​ produce negative physical effects include:

1. an​ accumulation of​ persistent stressful situations,​ particularly those that a​ person cannot easily control (for example,​ high-pressured work plus an​ unhappy relationship).

2. Persistent stress following a​ severe acute response to​ a​ traumatic event (such as​ an​ automobile accident).

3. an​ inefficient or​ insufficient relaxation response.

4. Acute stress in​ people with serious illness,​ such as​ heart disease.

Relieving Stress with a​ Stress Ball!
Stress balls are wonderful for relieving tension and pent up frustration. Many people will find that when they are going through a​ period of​ stress they feel the​ need to​ do something with their hands.

For example some people play with the​ loose change in​ their pockets while others make patterns and shapes with their fingers or​ tap them rhythmically on​ the​ tabletop.

Stress balls are a​ cheap alternative to​ the​ incessant hand movements that some people find annoying. They can be squeezed over and over again until you​ feel your nerves calming down because most are made from materials that regain their original shape when they are not being squeezed.

So what are you​ waiting for? We urge you​ to​ find out more about how Stress Balls can benefit you​ today!

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