Using Rhodiola To Fight Stress And Anxiety

Using Rhodiola To Fight Stress And Anxiety

The following article covers a​ topic - herbal remedies for stress and anxiety- that has recently moved to​ center stage--at least it​ seems that way. if​ you've been thinking you​ need to​ know more about it,​ here's your opportunity.

Rhodiola Rosea is​ the​ latest natural remedy to​ join the​ arsenal of​ natural anxiety and stress reducers.

Rhodiola Rosea,​ also known as​ Golden Root,​ is​ a​ native plant of​ arctic Siberia. For centuries it​ has been used by eastern European and Asian cultures for physical endurance,​ work productivity,​ longevity,​ resistance to​ high altitude sickness,​ and to​ treat fatigue,​ depression,​ anemia,​ impotence,​ gastrointestinal ailments,​ infections,​ and nervous system disorders.

The first recorded medicinal applications of​ rodia riza (renamed Rhodiola Rosea) was made by the​ Greek physician,​ Dioscorides,​ in​ 77 C.E. in​ 'De Materia Medica'. Rhodiola Rosea has been included in​ official Russian medicine since 1969.

Despite its long history,​ the​ Western world has only recently become aware of​ the​ health benefits of​ Rhodiola Rosea. it​ has come to​ the​ attention of​ many natural health practitioners because of​ studies which tested its affects on​ combating anxiety and stress.

Rhodiola Rosea is​ considered an​ adaptogen. This means it​ has an​ overall stabilizing effect on​ the​ body without disrupting other functions. Its ability to​ normalize hormones may be effective for treating depression and anxiety.

Studies of​ Rhodiola Rosea show that it​ stimulates neurotransmitters and enhances their effects on​ the​ brain. This includes the​ ability for the​ brain to​ process serotonin which helps the​ body to​ adapt to​ stress.

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Since adaptogens improve the​ body's overall ability to​ handle stress,​ it​ has been studied to​ identify it's effects on​ biological,​ chemical and physical stress.

A study was performed to​ test the​ effects of​ Rhodiola Rosea when stress is​ caused by intense mental work (such as​ final exams). Such tests concluded that using Rhodiola Rosea improved the​ amount and quality of​ work,​ increasing mental clarity and reducing the​ effects of​ fatigue.

The effects of​ Rhodiola Rosea have also been tested on​ stress and anxiety from both physical and emotional sources. a​ report by the​ American Botanical Council states that "Most users find that it​ improves their mood,​ energy level,​ and mental clarity." They also report on​ a​ study that indicated Rhodiola Rosea could increase stress tolerance while at​ the​ same time protecting the​ brain and heart from the​ physical affects of​ stress.

This report included details of​ studies which highlight the​ overall health benefits of​ Rhodiola Rosea.

The generally recommended dose is​ 200-600mg/day. the​ active properties should be a​ minimum 0.8 percent salidroside and 3 percent rosavin.

It is​ important for consumers to​ know that Rhodiola may be sold using other species that do not share the​ properties of​ Rhodiola Rosea,​ or​ at​ ineffective strengths for treatment. Anyone with depression or​ anxiety should also check with a​ health professional when treating these symptoms.

The day will come when you​ can use something you​ read about here to​ have a​ beneficial impact. Then you'll be glad you​ took the​ time to​ learn more about Rhodiola.

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Using Rhodiola To Fight Stress And Anxiety

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