Understanding Intense Emotions How To Manage Todays Heightened Levels Of Stress

Understanding Intense Emotions How To Manage Todays Heightened Levels
Of Stress

Today's world is​ changing at​ the​ most accelerated rates ever,​ and our bodies,​ minds,​ emotions and spirits are all being affected by these larger changes. Have you​ noticed recently that you're experiencing more intense emotions? Many people are feeling a​ heightened sense of​ emotional intensity,​ so we are seeing more incidents of​ disruptive outbursts and behaviors,​ and also more positive emotions related to​ expanding love,​ that are inspiring people to​ take more risks within their interpersonal relationships,​ and in​ relation to​ important life choices.

The human heart is​ growing larger on​ a​ spiritual level,​ expanding beyond its perceived small boundaries of​ focus on​ the​ self. the​ growth of​ technology and the​ process of​ spiritual evolution on​ the​ Earth have created unprecedented levels of​ communication between people,​ and also between humanity and the​ planet Earth that we live upon. it​ has become clear that our previously self oriented behaviors have created multiple planetary crises that must be addressed. Each of​ us is​ being called by the​ time we live in,​ to​ step forward into greater self responsibility and a​ greater willingness to​ join with others to​ find solutions to​ our common problems.

As the​ spiritual evolutionary impulse continues to​ transform us and to​ open the​ hearts of​ humanity,​ we are also seeing increased incidences of​ the​ worse of​ humanity as​ well. We see shocking examples of​ negativity expressing itself in​ large and small ways,​ which seem even more abominable as​ we become more spiritually aware and more sensitized to​ the​ world around us.

This process which seems so harsh and difficult is​ known as​ the​ process of​ purification. as​ greater levels of​ spiritual light manifest on​ the​ Earth,​ the​ light acts both to​ open the​ heart and open spiritual awareness,​ and it​ also acts to​ illuminate what has been hidden and separated from the​ light of​ spiritual oneness. When the​ negativity is​ released,​ it​ floods our awareness and feels like it​ will never end. This is​ the​ most difficult part of​ the​ process,​ which we are in​ the​ midst of​ right now on​ planet Earth.

Once the​ flood of​ negativity has subsided,​ we can begin to​ be able to​ feel the​ greater love,​ light and freedom that results from being cleansed at​ a​ deep level. the​ end result of​ the​ process of​ purification is​ a​ life that exists in​ harmony with oneself,​ with God,​ and with all of​ life. This process is​ happening both individually and on​ a​ global level,​ so that humanity can live at​ peace,​ in​ harmony with God and with all of​ life.

Most of​ us carry within ourselves pain which we endured in​ our younger lives,​ or​ that we are aware of​ from within our hearts. as​ the​ spiritual atmosphere of​ the​ Earth becomes more illuminated,​ we may feel these emotions in​ a​ more heightened way. it​ could be a​ constant sense of​ anger,​ or​ despair or​ grief,​ that seems to​ pervade our consciousness no matter what is​ happening in​ our daily lives. it​ may be that little has changed in​ our outer lives,​ but suddenly we are beset by all these feelings which seem to​ emerge from an​ endless well. Or,​ we may have endured unexpected life crises which trigger deep and painful wounds that feel like they will never be healed.

These intense emotions that are surfacing right now are a​ part of​ this larger movement happening on​ the​ Earth. Your inner being is​ a​ pure and divine child of​ light which carries within itself the​ inner knowing of​ what needs to​ be healed within you. if​ you​ can hold the​ awareness that the​ emotions you​ are feeling are a​ part of​ a​ natural healing process,​ then it​ becomes easier to​ breathe,​ and to​ remember that you​ are feeling the​ emotions but you​ are not your emotions.

You are a​ precious and beautiful soul,​ created in​ God's image with infinite care,​ to​ share something special with the​ world that only you​ can offer. Allow your emotions to​ pass through you​ like water,​ with trust that they will pass. on​ the​ other side of​ the​ storm is​ a​ new tomorrow with infinite possibilities that exist within God's loving embrace of​ spirit. you​ are deeply blessed with the​ gift of​ God's life,​ for a​ divine purpose. Trust this and follow your innermost hearts calling. Your body,​ mind,​ emotions and spirit will find a​ new harmony and alignment,​ and a​ new level of​ peace and inner fulfillment.

Understanding Intense Emotions How To Manage Todays Heightened Levels
Of Stress

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