Understand Work Stress Burnout And Take Control Today

Understand Work Stress Burnout And Take Control Today

You may be experiencing the​ symptoms of​ work stress burnout even if​ you​ are as​ young as​ 25- 30 years of​ age,​ though most people affected are in​ their early 40’s.

Some people experience a​ sudden grief and loss,​ while others perceive that something is​ changing but it​ may take several years to​ manifest.

Are you​ feeling a​ lack of​ personal achievement and satisfaction at​ work? This is​ one of​ the​ early warning signs.
Is going to​ work a​ time-consuming drudgery and work itself a​ day-long bore?
Do frustration levels increase exponentially as​ you​ grapple with life issues - which could show that you​ are not in​ control?
if​ so,​ you're not alone. You're on​ the​ downhill slide to​ work stress burnout.

Don’t expect your spouse or​ boss to​ understand what you​ are going through,​ as​ burnout is​ extremely personal in​ nature – you’re having the​ crisis,​ not them! you​ may be led to​ blame your spouse or​ boss for the​ way you’re feeling,​ as​ they seem to​ be the​ closest source of​ your pain and angst.

However if​ your condition is​ true work place burnout then you​ will need professional help to​ shift your perceptions into a​ more realistic balance.

There are emotional and physical symptoms associated with what you​ are going through.

Emotional symptoms of​ stress at​ work…

The emotional symptoms usually show up as​ the​ first sign of​ burn out. you​ may often feel an​ unrelenting stress,​ lack enthusiasm,​ have a​ sense of​ loss of​ control as​ well as​ experience an​ unexplainable grief.

You may want to​ blame those around you​ for the​ way you​ feel,​ but this rarely resolves the​ inner turmoil that you​ are experiencing.

In severe cases of​ work stress burnout people experience thoughts of​ suicide,​ and even in​ mild cases the​ thought of​ total detachment through this means may seem to​ be a​ way out.

Many people who experience the​ emotional symptoms often show up at​ the​ doctor seeking help with a​ loss of​ spark in​ their personality. “Nothing I do is​ worth it​ anymore,​” they say.

This feeling often results in​ a​ loss of​ productivity and creativity. it​ also fuels negativity and cynicism,​ with a​ quickness to​ get angry and blame others. Over time you​ may find solace in​ detaching yourself from others,​ however this rarely resolves the​ issue.

Physical Symptoms that accompany job stress…

Work stress burnout also affects your body. the​ feeling of​ “never being able to​ do enough” may drive you​ to​ work extensively long hours in​ an​ effort to​ catch up.

Physical exhaustion may take the​ form of​ headaches,​ physical shaking from head to​ foot,​ inability to​ think clearly and being unable to​ relax.

Physical exhaustion also causes you​ to​ lose your natural communication ability,​ so communication between your spouse and children,​ your boss or​ co-workers may sometimes become explosive.

There is​ also the​ possibility of​ experiencing gastrointestinal problems as​ your body is​ unable to​ cope with extensively long hours of​ work.

Is there a​ solution?

Yes there is. you​ need to​ gather information and make a​ lifestyle change. Here are 3 resources you​ can use:

1. the​ American Institute of​ Stress: Many studies have proven beyond any doubt that stress affects your mind AND body. This site is​ "Dedicated to​ Advancing Our Understanding of: (1)The Role of​ Stress in​ Health and Illness,​ (2) the​ Nature and Importance of​ Mind-Body Relationships,​ and (3) Our Inherent and Immense Potential for Self-Healing." http://www.Stress.org

2. the​ Job Stress Network: Everybody gets stressed at​ work. Although there are many good methods for quick stress relief (see resource #1),​ sometimes it​ is​ important to​ get information on​ work stress in​ particular. This can help you​ cope with your job better. as​ stated on​ the​ website,​ "The purpose of​ this site is​ to​ bring together,​ for public dissemination,​ information about and related to​ Job Strain (specifically) and Work Stress (in general)." http://www.WorkHealth.org

3. Free 50 page report with stress relief tips and techniques: This site has not only free quality information on​ dealing with stress but several free online books which can help you​ set up proper mental attitudes to​ deal with stress. Take a​ peek at​ http://InstantStressManagement.com/stress.htm

You can add few simple tips for managing your work stress from the​ 50 page free report and in​ no time you​ will feel better. Whatever you​ choose to​ do. Practice regularly and you​ will feel a​ major difference in​ your relationship with work and stress.

Understand Work Stress Burnout And Take Control Today

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