Uk Mortgages Need To Know Information

UK Mortgages - Need to​ Know Information
Whatever stage of​ the​ mortgage game you’re at,​ unless you​ happen to​ be a​ qualified financial advisor,​ solicitor and broker all rolled into one,​ you’ll need professional help to​ find and arrange your loan .​
This guide presents some basic information on​ mortgages,​ but you’ll need to​ take specialist advice for your individual circumstances .​
Having a​ general awareness of​ the​ processes involved and an​ idea of​ what’s available to​ you​ should help you​ to​ make the​ right decision when you​ choose your mortgage.
You should be aware,​ too,​ of​ the​ difference between ‘information’ and ‘advice’ .​
Anyone can give information,​ and a​ survey of​ the​ web will offer literally thousands of​ pages about mortgages .​
Be aware of​ the​ legal aspects of​ mortgages and finances – any agreements should be in​ writing,​ and you​ should check all documents carefully before signing .​
Verbal agreements and information should always be backed up by written copies .​
Below are some useful starting points for you​ to​ explore .​
Good luck!
The web offers any amount of​ information on​ mortgages – check that the​ pages are recent as​ rules and offers change constantly .​
Good sources of​ official information are:
The Financial Services Authority – includes a​ guide to​ money,​ mortgages and debt,​ plus details of​ regulatory bodies and ombudsmen
Direct Gov – general information on​ finances and benefits
Inland Revenue – check the​ tax rules that apply to​ you
Anyone offering you​ advice should be a​ qualified professional .​
They should be registered with an​ appropriate independent regulatory body,​ and you​ can ask to​ see copies of​ their qualifications .​
There’s a​ lot of​ free advice out there,​ that should help you​ without obligation,​ and it’s worth taking advantage of.
Independent Financial Advisors
Find an​ advisor at​ and a​ mortgage specialist at​
Often family or​ friends will recommend a​ solicitor,​ otherwise look for one that specialises in​ conveyancing and house buying .​
Check for professionals in​ England and Wales,​ and for Scotland.
If you​ have a​ query or​ complaint
The FSA are now the​ body that regulates financial professionals and lenders – the​ Financial Ombudsman can investigate complaints or​ disputes and usually resolve them .​
Contact the​ professional or​ lender first – they should have a​ complaints procedure .​
If you​ are still not satisfied,​ you​ can ask the​ ombudsman to​ consider your case:
(The websites of​ the​ respective law societies of​ England & Wales and Scotland are the​ place to​ find out how to​ make a​ complaint about a​ solicitor or​ firm,​ see above.)

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