Top Five Mortgage Companies In Houston

Top Five Mortgage Companies in​ Houston
There are many reputable mortgage companies in​ Houston,​ Here are the​ top five:
• 1st Texas Mortgage Company
This full service mortgage lenderoffers hundreds of​ programs for mortgage loans .​
Their websites and local offices provide services mortgage clients .​
Whether you're a​ first time buyer or​ an​ experienced investor,​ the​ 1st Texas Mortgage Company has programs that will suit you​ .​
They specialize in​ helping those with lower than average credit.
a)First time buyers – they offer a​ 100% financing loans even for those with less than perfect credit,​ also refinancing loans,​ cash out loans,​ debt consolidation loans and home equity loans.
b)Short term loans – they offer fixed loans,​ adjustable loans,​ construction loans,​ no documentation loans,​ buy downs loans and zero point loans.
• BMC Capital
BMC Capital is​ the​ country’s leading provider of​ $500,​000 to​ $10 million apartment building loans,​ multifamily loan,​ NNN loans,​ 1031 loan and commercial mortgage loan financing .​
In over ten years,​ BMC has funded more than 2,​000 transactions,​ resulting in​ billions of​ dollars.
Specializing in​ small and medium-sized properties,​ BMC’s services include multifamily loan and NNN loan origination,​ real estate advisory and servicing .​
They also provide professional services for smaller commercial mortgage financings,​ often ones that were ignored by other providers.
BMC has extensive resources,​ and its funding network includes insurance companies,​ banks,​ REITs,​ conduits,​ Wall Street and its own direct lending division .​
Whatever kind of​ loan you​ need -- apartment building,​ commercial,​ NNN,​ or​ even help with your 1031 loan -- BMC has the​ expertise to​ meet your needs.
• City Mortgage
City Mortgage’s principles have been helping people buy or​ refinance homes using conforming or​ non-conforming mortgage money for years .​
Because of​ City Mortgage’s dedication and personal touch,​ many people have been able to​ invest who couldn’t have been done it​ otherwise.
The goal at​ City Mortgage is​ to​ provide first-class service and have account representatives who are always available to​ assist their clients,​ and their Lending Centers handle all every phase of​ the​ lending process .​
They offer a​ variety of​ loan programs and a​ large lender network,​ providing clients with the​ best loans to​ suit their needs at​ a​ competitive rate .​
They offer conforming,​ non-conforming and government loan programs.
• Classic Mortgage Company
Classic Mortgage Company is​ a​ privately held Texas Corporation which was chartered in​ September of​ 1992 .​
It's located in​ Sugar Land,​ Texas,​ in​ the​ heart of​ Fort Bend County,​ and are dedicated to​ originating and processing your mortgage application in​ a​ timely and accurate manner .​
They offer personalized customer service,​ competitive interest rates and innovative home loan programs .​
The experienced and knowledgeable staff is​ always ready to​ answer any questions about your loan .​
They use the​ most advanced technology to​ process and close loans quickly,​ combining the​ use of​ the​ Internet along with advanced processing software and automated underwriting systems to​ take the​ mystery out of​ approving and closing home loans.
• Cornerstone Mortgage Company
President and CEO Marc N .​
Laird founded Cornerstone in​ 1968 .​
Corporate headquarters are in​ Houston,​ with branch offices all over Texas,​ Colorado,​ Georgia,​ Nevada and North Carolina .​
Cornerstone is​ affiliated with First National of​ Nebraska Inc.,​ one of​ the​ largest bank holding companies west of​ the​ Mississippi .​
This affiliation is​ the​ foundation for Cornerstone’s Customer for Life strategy.
Cornerstone Mortgage company can make mortgage loans in​ all 50 states and has a​ complete line of​ mortgage loan products,​ including relocation and jumbo loans,​ conforming and non-conforming loans,​ FHA,​ VA,​ community homebuyer,​ construction and improvement loans,​ and second-lien loan programs.

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