Too Much Stress

Too Much Stress 1

A new endorsement at​ work had been the​ most stimulating issue that had occurred to​ Aidan in​ a​ year. He was overjoyedand had redoubled his efforts in​ showing his capacity. He had been working a​ lot and was very,​ very weary . When he came back from the​ office,​ he often ate his dinner quietly,​ too exhausted to​ tell his wife about his day and then settled down at​ his his laptop to​ prepare some data for gatherings the​ next day. the​ responsibility assumed was really giving him constant worry to​ him and his wife advised him that he could take some hours to​ relax.
He immediately thought in​ the​ meeting for next week and that made him very edgy. His wife Kim was a​ kind and helpful person and he knew that he had not paid attention to​ her lately so he couldn’t decline but deep inside the​ anxiety niggled at​ him. He resolved to​ work even harder on​ Friday evening to​ get the​ lost time so he could take it​ easy. However,​ as​ he worked he noticed that he had a​ lot new projects to​ start and that made him even more nervous that taking a​ night off for pleasure starting being a​ problem.
When Saturday night rolled around he was felt very stressed with worry but when he saw the​ effort Kim had gone to​ and how beautiful she looked in​ her new suit he decided to​ forget any project for a​ few hours. They booked a​ table in​ a​ restaurant and had a​ romantic meal and an​ ideal walk along the​ harbour before getting home.
they decided to​ love each other to​ culminate the​ night with some tender sex but,​ to​ his surprise Aidan found that he had become impotent and,​ feeling down,​ he curled up and returned to​ the​ computer.
Kim knew that he was stressed,​ and understood that this difficulty would fade away when he was used to​ his new duty and had calmed down a​ bit,​ but she felt sad about the​ facts of​ the​ evening.
She decided to​ aid Aidan to​ recover his sex life and searched the​ Internet. Very quickly she found a​ site selling generic Viagra and generic Cialis,​ both of​ which were drugs that helped men to​ deal with stress-related erectile dysfunction. She ordered a​ trial sample of​ generic Cialis and began planning the​ next ardent night.
She asked for a​ special tablet in​ the​ best restaurant of​ the​ city and booked a​ suite in​ the​ hotel for the​ night. She wore,​ purchased,​ bought,​ dressed with telling him that he needed a​ relax and that she didn’t expect nothing else if​ he didn’t feel like it.
Unbeknown to​ him placed a​ pastille into his vegetables and while eating,​ she slipped her dress of​ her shoulders and flirted with him. Aidan really felt attracted by her but was worried that the​ night would end up like last week so he stalled and preferred staying in​ the​ restaurant. Eventually,​ Kim told him what she had done and even if​ he was unbelieving he understood that she had acted out of​ love... and also that that pill would make him recover his sexual happiness.
Without finishing the​ champagne,​ he kissed her in​ full view of​ the​ restaurant and carried her off to​ the​ bedroom.
as​ they checked out of​ the​ hotel late in​ the​ afternoon,​ there were a​ few sniggers and Kim was a​ little red-faced,​ but Aidan felt the​ best lover of​ the​ world and left with a​ spring in​ his step and a​ vow to​ do it​ again very soon!

Too Much Stress

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