Tips To Help Your Child Cope With Stress

Tips To Help Your Child Cope With Stress

You think you're stressed?

Understanding newfangled math concepts and learning unfamiliar vocabulary words are just part of​ your child's day. With the​ rest of​ the​ day devoted to​ juggling homework,​ extracurricular activities,​ friends and chores,​ it's clear that you​ may not be the​ only one who is​ stressed in​ your household.

Stress is​ a​ natural part of​ a​ child's life. However,​ when it​ becomes overwhelming,​ it​ can become more than just mentally draining. it​ can be harmful to​ your child's health.

To help your child cope with stress,​,​ maker of​ Vital StressX,​ a​ supplement designed to​ help your body cope with stress,​ offers the​ following tips.

* Help a​ younger child understand a​ stressful situation by explaining what is​ going on​ in​ simple,​ reassuring language. Offer understanding,​ support and lots of​ affection.

* Don't push your child too hard. Offer praise and encouragement as​ often as​ you​ can.

* Help your child find healthy ways to​ relieve stress by taking part in​ physical activities or​ writing in​ a​ journal,​ for example.

* Set a​ good example by demonstrating self-control and coping skills. Encourage cooperation rather than competition.

* When efforts at​ home fail,​ seek outside help from a​ pediatrician or​ a​ child psychologist.

* Ask the​ doctor about supplements that might help your child cope with stress. Vital StressX,​ for example,​ contains a​ unique combination of​ seven of​ the​ most researched "adaptogens." This combination of​ herbs regulates cortisol,​ the​ "stress hormone,​" and helps the​ body's natural defenses fight against the​ results of​ poor diet,​ lack of​ sleep,​ pollutants and other elements that can contribute to​ stress.

"Vital StressX facilitates focus and concentration,​ reducing stress and promoting success,​" said Dr. Robert D'Amico,​ a​ specialist in​ osteopathic medicine in​ Tarpon Springs,​ Fla.

Tips To Help Your Child Cope With Stress

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