Time Management The Key To A Stress Free Life

Time Management The Key To A Stress Free Life

One of​ the​ main causes of​ being stressed out in​ the​ office is​ lack of​ time for other important things outside work. Being so career-driven,​ an​ busy worker can even lose his touch with time...losing the​ ability to​ distinguish between sunrise and sunset. you​ are too busy even to​ have a​ social life and recreational activities. Eventually,​ this situation leads to​ stress and anxiety...and even burn out. it​ is​ important to​ know that you​ have control over time and that you​ can maximize to​ achieve your daily tasks,​ and still leave behind precious time for yourself and your family.

Stress Management and Time Management Principles:

KNOWING the​ TIME WASTERS - recognize which activities that waste your time. Don't concentrate anymore on​ what is​ unimportant and and irrelevant.

FOCUS on​ PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY- check your schedule,​ you​ may get clues as​ to​ where as​ you're losing more precious time. it​ could be unclear assignments or​ poor scheduling.

LOOK to​ the​ PRESENT,​ NOT STAY in​ the​ PAST- yesterday is​ gone. it​ is​ now part of​ history. you​ can't bring it​ back anymore. Life is​ meant to​ be lived in​ the​ present. the​ “Now” that we are so capable of​ changing. the​ present on​ you​ can make vital choices that affects your future.

WRITE it​ DOWN- a​ written daily schedule will aid you​ on​ how to​ budget your time. Write down your activities and include activities for your family and friends. Set a​ significant time for leisure like biking,​ watching a​ movie or​ reading a​ good book. a​ well written schedule is​ the​ way for you​ to​ have a​ more balanced life.

PRIORITIZE- write a​ list of​ things to​ do. Each task should be properly labeled in​ order of​ difficulty which is​ the​ toughest job first than the​ easier ones. Don't let others dictate your schedule. Always be on​ charge. Don't allow intrusions like a​ cellphone or​ telephone call. Schedule your appointments and create boundaries.

Turned your life around. Trying to​ do everything or​ being a​ workaholic so you​ can just be able to​ reach the​ top is​ not what success is​ all transformation will begin the​ moment you​ decide to​ change and make an​ intense personal commitment. Time Management affects your relationships,​ your physical needs,​ your attitude and your work life.

Make every minute counts. Make break apart your day into 10 minutes blocks of​ time to​ make quick re-evaluation and put it​ into practice,​ into action and not just visualizing. Time is​ the​ essence. Make it​ count and not in​ pursuit of​ things that gives you​ too much stress that may even give you​ anxiety panic attacks.

The hurdle to​ change is​ the​ first step—but taking action is​ another. After that,​ anything is​ possible. So manage your time so you​ can set achievable goals,​ strive for excellence,​ break bad habits,​ use money wisely,​ control your fears and anxieties,​ be more enthusiastic and gain more personal growth.

Life is​ a​ continuous process of​ learning something new. There are times that maybe even twenty four hours is​ not enough because if​ you​ look more closely in​ the​ bigger picture is​ like putting together a​ piece of​ the​ puzzle. That life is​ what we make. Working too hard and not spending quality time for others will determine if​ you​ have really been a​ success. Failure starts the​ moment that you​ made unnecessary pursuits and next thing you'll know how you​ wished you​ can turn back time.

Time Management The Key To A Stress Free Life

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